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News — Bluetooth MP3 in car

What are the benefits of Bluetooth MP3 in the car?

What are the benefits of Bluetooth MP3 in the car? 0

Bluetooth is an open communication technology standard for wireless data and voice transmission. It is widely used in telecommunications, computers, networks, and consumer electronics and is based on a low-cost proximity wireless connection, a specific proximity wireless technology connection for stationary and mobile devices to form a communication environment.

Open the Bluetooth pairing control page of the mobile phone, and close the media audio, so that it will not play the voice of WeChat, and of course, other things such as music will not play. Car Bluetooth MP3 is a continuation of Bluetooth technology from the cell phone, based on wireless Bluetooth technology and the design and development of the wireless hands-free system in the car, with Bluetooth technology as the main function for normal driving and cell phone connection for hands-free calls. This discussed Bluetooth connection to automobile MP3, which is an important application of Bluetooth MP3 in the car. Click here for Car Stereo Dual Bluetooth USB MP3 Player Sysem With RDS

The benefits of using car Bluetooth MP3, are to avoid answering the phone by hand, reduce traffic safety accidents, car Bluetooth MP3 and a very obvious benefit is health! We have all known the phone for a long time chat, then there must be such experience: hand-held phone against the ear to talk, a long time not only hands and neck will feel tired, but also feel a headache.

And car Bluetooth MP3 is not the same as long as it is plugged into the cigarette port above or the car itself comes with car Bluetooth. When the phone is in Bluetooth mode, whether it is in the briefcase, pocket, or car seat, any phone calls can be instantly answered. Both do not need to lift their hands and can help to lessen the effects of electromagnetic wave radiation on the human body. Because Bluetooth electromagnetic wave radiation to the human body is substantially lower than direct handheld phone electromagnetic wave radiation to the human body.

What are the advantages of a car Bluetooth player when driving?

What are the advantages of a car Bluetooth player when driving? 0

Advantages of car player:

A car Bluetooth player, also with a car phone charging USB socket, is similar to the shape and car charger but can receive a cell phone Bluetooth signal and into FM signal for sound playback of a hardware product, from use, as long as inserted into any car cigarette lighter, the owner can easily achieve the "music playback + voice navigation + call + Fast charging + car voltage monitoring" and other functions.

Connected to the automobile Bluetooth system, in-car Bluetooth players accept the Bluetooth signal from the cell phone and convert it to an FM signal for sound playback.

Car Bluetooth technology and car Bluetooth players in the car can be used together. When in use, the Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and the car Bluetooth player in the car are paired together to facilitate the car owner to automatically switch the sound and mute the audio when the call comes in. When hanging up the phone, the sound is automatically restored.

After installing the car Bluetooth system, car owners do not need to be distracted when driving to answer the phone. When answering an incoming call, the user only needs to gently press a key without staring at the phone for a long time to answer the call, which improves the safety and convenience of driving.

Car Bluetooth system supports telephone conference, MP3 playback, and other functions, simple operation, greatly improving driving safety! Click here for Audio Systems Multimedia Car Stereo Single Din MP3 Player DAB AUX AM Radio.

Use method:

First, open the phone and car Bluetooth player, then search for car Bluetooth player "809" (essentially this name), and connect. Set to automatically connect as well, so that the automobile may connect automatically.

Second, open the phone music in the car Bluetooth player settings and then return.

Third, from the beginning of the automobile Bluetooth player interface, select the cell phone music, hit play, and enjoy the music from there.

Later in the car, you only need to directly click on the phone music, and play; the phone does not need to be removed from the pocket. You can also select the song, but only one by one search, want to directly select the song, or choose from the phone.

Fourth, the car Bluetooth player can not only listen to songs but can also be used to receive calls. Car Bluetooth player phone through a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and the car device connection to achieve the call function.

Fifth, the Bluetooth car hands-free system is designed for driving safety and comfort. Its function is mainly: automatic recognition of cell phones, no cable or phone bracket can be connected to the phone; users do not need to touch the phone (hands remain on the steering wheel) can control the phone, with voice command control to answer or make calls. Users can talk through the car's audio or Bluetooth wireless headset.

Six, the operation is very simple, connected to Bluetooth, and clicking on the car Bluetooth button above the phone can be done.