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BMW Car Audio Setup

BMW  Car Audio Setup

The original BMW includes five levels of audio setup, ranging from low to high:

  1. The most basic stereo system available (equivalent to the mid-range to entry-level BMW 3 Series and 5 Series)

The audio System is a straightforward audio system and the simplest sound system in the BMW line. Although Alpine's configuration host is of high quality, it lacks a storing capability. These are the speaker placements:

There are two mid-tones in the front sound field, located in the center of the left and right front doors; two bass are present in the front sound field, each under the driver's and passenger's seats; two mid-tones are present in the rear sound field, either on the left and right sides of the BMW rear panel or on the left and right rear doors; and two bass are present in the front sound field.

Sound field speaker up front:

The front door triangle position of all BMW Stereo System systems abroad features separate tweeter units and tweeter molds. However, the BMW 520Li and 523Li also started to deteriorate once they arrived in China, and were only "saved" by two plastic panels, as indicated in the red circle below:

Front Mid Range:

The front mid range consists of two mid range speakers and a 4-inch speaker that is mounted in the middle of the front doors on the left and right. (Mid range speakers are included in every BMW model.)

Two 6.5-inch midbass speakers are located under the front seats. (Those made domestically are replaced by 6.5-inch ones, while those imported are double 8-inch ones.)

Rear sound package: A set of speakers consisting of two 4-inch mid-range speakers and two 2-inch tweeters is mounted on the left and right sides of the BMW rear panel. The tweeter series was deleted, leaving only two mid-range speakers, but the tweeters were shut off, after the Stereo System system was localized.

  1. HiFi System (676), The stereo system from HIFI is comparable to the opulent BMW 3 Series and 5 Series.

According to BMW's audio classification, the HiFi System (Option 676) combination falls into the mid-range group. The main unit is also made by Japan's Alpine OEM, and the front employs a 3-way set of speakers (tweeters, mid-range speakers, and bass speakers). The 535Li main unit does, however, offer the ability to save songs, although other 5 series devices do not at the moment. The speakers of the HiFi System (Option 676) setup are described below:A. Two high pitched speakers in the rear sound field, located in the rear compartment partition; B. Two 4-inch mid tones in the rear sound field, located in the middle of the rear door panel; C. Two 6.5-inch bass speakers under the front seats of the front soundtrack; D. Two high pitched speakers in the front vocal field, located at the triangle position; E. One central speaker on the front dashboard.

  1. The Top HiFi System (Option 667), which comes with the BMW 7 Series, is the most hi-fi stereo system.
  2. Bang & Olufsen audio (available on some BMW F01, F02, F03, F07, F10, F11, F12, F13, F15, F16, and F18 models as an option)

The sound lens technology can automatically change the volume and sound to provide the greatest fidelity and perfect three-dimensional sensory delight. The output of 16 active speakers, with a combined 1200 watts of power, is of the highest caliber. You'll have the impression that you're in a gilded music hall since the high, mid, and low pitches are all placed, like in a band, in the most ideal places.

These are the speaker placements:

Four high-pitched speakers in the rear sound field, one on each side of the rear compartment partition and one on each side of the rear door; e. Four mid tones in the rear sound field, 1 o. Two high notes in the front vocal field, located at the triangle position; b. Two 4-inch mid tones in the front sound field, located in the middle of the front door panel; c. Two 6.5-inch bass speakers under the front seats of the front soundtrack; d.

Bowers&Wilkins (available for the brand-new 7 Series from BMW)

BMW has given consumers a B&W audio system on the brand-new BMW 7 series. You may be familiar with B&W, also known as Baohua Weijian in Chinese. You must be familiar with Pavarotti, Domingo, Adele, or Jacky Cheung if you enjoy listening to music. All of these musical gurus will pick the Abbey Road studio in the UK to record their own records. because the sound effects they can get from this recording studio are excellent and professional. Additionally, Baohua Wei built the monitoring speaker used in this recording studio.

The treble used by Baohua Weijian is composed of diamond treble, which is incredibly expensive and leaves a lasting impression. The baritone incorporates Kevlar, a material used for bulletproof vests that improves its deep tone. Also composed of aeronautical materials is the bass. The newest BMW 7 series sound system is also included with the most accomplished Nautilus soundpipe. There are 16 speakers and 1400W of power in its audio system.

BMW audio modification relates

You may also see from above that BMW is constrained by financial considerations. Even the tweeters from the original car have been eliminated in vehicles sold in the domestic market. The tweeter effect cannot be reflected due to the sound system's inherent absence of tweeters, the limited power of the original car's main engine, and the original speakers' low sensitivity, and the low-frequency effect also suffers from these same flaws and lacks strength. And the location of the sound field is much more disorderly and ambiguous. As a result, there is a severe loss of high-frequency sound, unclear levels, little to no detail, low frequency turbidity, which makes the human voice seem artificial, weak and murky low frequency performance, dispersed sound field positioning, and average low frequency dives. The sound performance is as bland and foggy as plain water, with a very low overall sound resolution.

As a result, many friends, particularly those who own BMW 3 and 5 series vehicles with mid to low setups, have upgraded the audio systems of their vehicles. How therefore can we effectively modify and upgrade? Here is a quick overview:

  1. Install a few additional audio speakers by themselves in accordance with the amount of streamlined speakers;
  2. It is advised to install the Harman Carton L7 audio system if you want better results;
  3. If it improves, include a B&O audio system;

Everyone should be aware that improvements and modifications are best when made gradually. Due to space allotted for the original BMW car, none of these three upgrades and modifications will harm the vehicle.


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