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Car surround sound and stereo sound or which is good

Car surround sound and stereo sound or which is good

Nowadays, many high-end cars, the original number of horns is very large, and the layout in different places, so as to achieve the effect of surround sound. So which one is better, the car surround sound or the stereo sound?

Car surround sound is better, because car surround sound is wider than the stereo field, the sound channels are more coherent, more presence, and can bring excellent sound visual experience in the car equipped with surround sound system.

The surround sound and stereo car mainly have the following differences:

Surround sound in the car stereo: the music it plays has a sense of surround, surround, can clearly distinguish the sound from all directions, can create the feeling of the cinema.Stereo in car stereo: the music it plays has three-dimensional sense and stage sense, and the same sound quality in the concert scene can create a stage sense of virtual realization.

At present, the common mainstream family car sound is stereo and surround sound function, only do not play out the sound quality is not as good as professional level sound.For example, on the car, most cars are 6,8,12,16,16,19 horns, take the common 6 horns as an example of the front door four speakers, two treble, two medium bass; and the rear door has two coaxial speakers.One of the four loudspeakers on the left of the front door is the same channel, or the left channel, as the middle bass; the same is on the right. The left back door and the left front door are also the same channel. If it is a surround sound system, it is two separate channels.

The difference between car stereo stereo and surround sound? What better way do we choose?

If it is often mixed in the forum owners, may see some owners in the discussion of stereo good and surround sound, some owners will say: my car is 5.1 system, 7.1 system or 9.1 system, and some owners say I only play stereo, hear the owners say so, are you confused?So what's the difference between them? Before talking about the difference between car stereo stereo and surround sound, we need to talk about what is stereo? What is surround sound?Stereo or surround sound.Stereo: It is a replay sound highly similar to the natural sound. Its music output is played through the dual channel, and the audience only sets the "left and right two channels" in front.

Surround sound: multi-channel cinema, at least three channels above setting, the audience can not only feel the direction of the source, and there is a sound around, surrounded by and sound source to away from the feeling of diffusion, enhance the depth of the sound, presence and space, to create a place oneself in the karaoke bar, theater acoustics.

Now on the market due to manufacturers need to the cost control of the vehicle, so the car generally only four speakers, so sound chaos, and the distance of the horn is different also, prone to sound size imbalance, in contrast, Mercedes, BMW, the number of its original horn is many, can layout in different places, this is to prevent the sound size, sound field is balance, thus easier to create around the effect.

What's the biggest difference between them? Choose that kind of good?

Stereo is about sound quality, the quality of music. Music recording has always been the mainstream, fever music and other excellent works are recorded with stereo, so for sound quality, stereo is loved by most people, and the film source is relatively rich.

Surround sound mainly presents the effect of music, as if when we listen to a concert, symphony or concert, not in the audience, but directly in the middle of the stage performance, that is, simulating a 3D sound environment, so its sound is closer to the natural sound. However, due to the lack of multi-channel recording works, the film source is limited by a certain amount.

Overall, surround sound is for movies and stereo is for music. In the whole sound surround sound also can meet the requirements of most people listening, on the car do surround sound system also has advantages, easy to do every seat listen to about, feeling is the emperor (no matter what music, the same music signal in the horn out sound), but the budget will be very high, so the high-end car will be used.

And stereo want to do is the emperor is very difficult, but if the stereo price is more expensive than a Rolls-Royce car, you will find that surround sound is not good, so in the end how to choose, or have to combine your preferences and budget, rational choice is the most suitable choice for you.

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