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Interpretation of surround sound and stereo.

Interpretation of surround sound and stereo.

Further exchanges will find that many carmates do not have a basic concept of surrounding sound and stereo sound.For the rest of the talk time, I explain in the most common language, what the surrounding sound and stereo sound in the car is currently.

When we watch the singers and musicians perform under the stage, we can even close our eyes and hear where each instrument is on stage and where the singer is now standing.This is because the time to reach your right ear after each sound source is different, although the time difference is very small, but the ear is so powerful that it can judge the location of the sound source by such a small time difference. From this principle (the double-ear effect), we invented two lines to simulate this feeling.(Double sound is the lowest and cheapest option, because sounds go through a variety of reflections, the theoretically, the more the sound comes closer to the most real scene.)

But the two lines are the most sexial.)So most audio devices are 2 voice channels, or 2.1.Here.1 refers to the ultra-low-sound unit, commonly referred to as the low-sonic cannon, used to reproduce the super-low frequency. A system such as a voice channel or 2.1 voice channel can produce stereo, that is, a system with two independent voice lines, is a stereo sound system.

Here is where many people confuse stereo and surround sound:

stereo sound is the two independent vocal channels, the vocal channel, not the loudspeaker.Each speaker can be one speaker, or many speakers. For example, in the car, most cars are six loudspeakers, the front door has four load speakers and there are two highs and two lows. There are two back doors. And the four loudspeakers on the front door, one high and one low on the left, are the same sound, that is, the left sound, are two-minute frequencies.The right is equal. The left back door and the left front door are also the same sound, if it is a surround sound system, it is two separate sound lines.

That is to say, if the original car was a stereo sound system, all the loudspeakers on the left front door and the left rear door would be left-acoustic, and all those on the right front and right rear gate would be right acoustic.This is the standard two-way system.The vast majority of cars are like this.

In addition, it is the more advanced DTS5.1 surround system. 5.1 Speech respectively refers to the left front, middle, right front, right behind, and left behind. .1 still refers to the ultra-low sound unit.

Stereo sounds can give people a virtual stage sense.And 5.1 voice can put people on stage.That is the difference between the two.

But at present, the mainstream of listening to music is still stereo, and the surrounding effect of 5.1 sound is mainly applied in film.

In the car, since the vast majority of cars are not equipped with the 5.1 surround system, there is no surrounding feeling.And some people say that in the car without the 5.1 surrounding system heard the sense of surrounding, the first is that the music played stereo feeling is better combined with the concept of stereo and surrounding is not clear. And many people say don't say around in the car, I have not even the slightest sense of stereotype. This may be because many of the songs themselves are not very strong in stereo, and it would be a lot better if you used a trial disc. The second effect is that listening to music in the car is always close to one side of the loudspeaker and far from the other half.At this time, due to the double ear effect, it is always felt that the sound is oriented away from the loudspeaker near you.Because the sound of the speaker on this side will come to your own ears before the other side, and the sound will also be slightly larger.

To solve this problem, you need to add DSP (Audio Processor).Let the loudspeaker near your own ears loudly sound, so that all the louts to your ears is the same time, so in the car to appreciate the real stereo sound, with a stage feeling.

And if the original car does not have a car equipped with the DTS system, to enjoy this feeling of surrounding, you need to add the advance support DTS.For example, add a host that supports DTS, or add a DSP that can simulate 5.1 audio channels.

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