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What Is an MP5 player for car?

What Is an MP5 player for car?

An MP5 player is a digital device that can play audio and video that you have downloaded onto it. It differs from MP4 players in that the format of the files that you download does not have to be changed in order to make it work on the device.

MP5 players are devices that work digitally to play audio and video and are updated versions of MP3s and MP4s. There are some important differences compared to earlier versions. The biggest is that the MP5 player can play files without having to reformat them from RM and RMVB format, which many video are in these days. This means that one may download anything without the worry or stress of it not working properly on the device. Another important difference is that the screen is usually larger than the MP3 and MP4 players, providing the user with better video quality.

Car mp5 and Android difference (car mp5 has what strategy

Many cars now use voice control function as a selling point in the trend. In fact, from the perspective of technology application, the implementation is not complicated, and it does not need to increase the hardware cost. In fact, you just need to control the joints.

Now the car voice control function on the market is generally used to control the skylight or wiper, which does not involve the operation endangering personal safety, mainly used to improve the comfort of users and the sense of product technology. Implementation requires several components on the vehicle: voice recognition system (generally the on-board multimedia MP5), vehicle control system (BCM or PEPS) and actuator components (sunroof control module or wiper control motor).

Voice recognition systems are now quite mature, and basically monopolized by several big companies. Car multimedia MP5, in fact, you can see that it is a large screen mobile phone, voice call this operation is basically quite popular, here do not do too much explanation.

Take the skylight, you can say, "I want air."After the speech recognition system recognizes the speech, it will issue a CAN communication message to inform the vehicle control system to open the sunroof. I have written a few articles about CAN communication, and I will not discuss them here.

Vehicle control system

At this time, we needed the BCM to play the field. After receiving the CAN message sent by MP5, we found that the instruction was explained that the skylight opened. Next, we would pass this instruction to the skylight control module. The BCM and the skylight control module are generally connected by the LIN bus. That is, the BCM needs to send a LIN message to the skylight control module, informing the skylight control module to open the skylight. I have also introduced the part of LIN communication, and I will not discuss it here.

execution unit

After the instruction is handed down by the first level, the key is the response execution. After receiving the skylight control module of the LIN message to open the skylight, it is the instruction to open the skylight, which can drive the skylight control motor to open the skylight. Of course, there are some logical control details, such as receiving multiple instructions or instruction conflicts. To put it simply, there is only one executor, and commands can be received multiple, who to listen to. In general, the execution are their own itself. Who responds to, who does not respond to, who can interrupt who, there is a priority problem, even considering the skylight trap. The With the seemingly simple execution parts, the design is not necessarily really simple.

In this way, the car's voice control function seems cool, but it's actually not complicated to implement. In fact, you just need to get through the joints, and then connect the existing modules. It is mainly using the voice recognition system to recognize the control instructions, and then pass through the car bus level, and finally to the execution part response execution.

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