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11 Ways to Troubleshoot CarPlay Disconnection

11 Ways to Troubleshoot CarPlay Disconnection

Switch to a wired connection, clean your charging port, and turn off your VPN.Jeremy Laukkonen is a leading trade journal automobile and technology writer. He keeps up to speed on the various intricate systems that power battery electric cars when he is not studying and testing computers, game consoles, or cellphones.When Apple CarPlay keeps disconnecting, cable and Bluetooth troubles are generally at blame, but there are other solutions to consider.

How to Troubleshoot Apple CarPlay Disconnection

If you're having trouble with CarPlay connecting and then disconnecting while driving, try each of the solutions below. whether one of the repairs appears to work, you can stop, wait a few minutes to see whether the problem has resolved itself, then return to the list and try the other fixes if the problem reappears.Enable both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You may suffer connectivity troubles if Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not enabled on your iPhone.Open the Control Center, then tap the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons if they aren't already turned on.Enable the CarPlay toggle on your vehicle. You may have connectivity difficulties if you use your iPhone in wireless mode with CarPlay in more than one vehicle. When this occurs, you may resolve the issue by activating the CarPlay toggle for the appropriate car or by toggling the toggle off and back on.To enable the CarPlay toggle on your vehicle, follow these steps: Navigate to General > CarPlay on your iPhone and pick the car you're attempting to connect to. Then, to enable CarPlay, press the toggle. If it's already turned on, tap it once to turn it off, then again to turn it back on.Remember to disconnect and reconnect your vehicle. For CarPlay, your iPhone may remember numerous connections. In certain circumstances, uninstalling each car and then re-adding it can resolve issues with CarPlay disconnecting.

Here's how to forget and reconnect your iPhone to your car:

Go to Settings > General > CarPlay, choose your vehicle, and then press Forget This Car. Then, reconnect wirelessly or with a Lightning cord to determine whether CarPlay still disconnects.Change to a wired connection. Some automobiles are incompatible with wireless CarPlay, while others have connectivity concerns. Instead, try using a cable.Use an MFI-certified cable. If you already have a wired connection, try a different Lightning cable. Apple advises using a certified MFI cable for this reason, since utilizing a faulty or inferior cable will cause CarPlay to disconnect.Clean the iPhone charging port. Any dust or other debris in the charging port might cause a connectivity problem that causes CarPlay to disconnect frequently.To clean your iPhone charging port, turn it off and thoroughly clear the charging port of any dust or debris using compressed air or a toothpick.Clean the USB port in your automobile. If you're utilizing a cable connection, the USB port in your car might collect dust and other debris just as readily as your phone's charging connector. Clean the car's USB port using the same ways, taking care not to harm it.

Start your iPhone again

 Restarting the iPhone and then reconnecting CarPlay might resolve certain connectivity difficulties. It may take multiple restarts before the connection stops falling out.To restart an iPhone, hold down the side and volume down keys, or the sleep/wake button, and then use the power off slider to turn the phone off. After you've switched off the phone, turn it back on to see whether CarPlay still disconnects.Restart your car's head unit. If you haven't already, try restarting your car's head unit. Because the head unit is the component that connects to your iPhone and shows the CarPlay interface, restarting it can sometimes resolve disconnecting difficulties.To restart your head unit, switch off your car and wait for the head unit to turn off. If it does not switch off automatically, see your owner's handbook for a shutdown process. You may then restart the car, wait for the head unit to resume, then check to see if CarPlay still disconnects.Disable your VPN. Using a VPN on your iPhone might cause connectivity difficulties that prohibit CarPlay from remaining connected, so disable it if you use one.If deactivating the VPN resolves your issue, you might consider contacting the VPN provider to report the problem. They may provide an update to resolve the disagreement, allowing you to reactivate the VPN.iOS must be updated. In rare circumstances, out-of-date software on your phone might cause CarPlay to disconnect. New iOS upgrades can often bring flaws that cause issues like these, so it's critical to update as soon as Apple publishes a remedy.Here’s how to update iOS: Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install, then tap Install Now.

Can I update CarPlay separately from iOS?

Yes, but mostly no. Apple pushes out all updates, so it's not updated the way you update apps on your iPhone. If there is an update to CarPlay, it will be pushed out from Apple and updated via System Settings in an iOS update.

Which is better: wireless CarPlay or wired CarPlay?

As far as functionality is concerned, they are the same. Some folks might argue wireless is more convenient, but we think wired is better because you charge your iPhone the whole time you use CarPlay, and having a charged iPhone feels more convenient. If your car has wireless charging (a few do), you can use CarPlay via a wireless connection while still charging.

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