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BMW stereo ystem

BMW stereo ystem

1.BMW stereo

The BMW 528li is made with 16 speakers. Its 16 speaker systems include: 3 * 25mm diamond diaphragm; Nautilus tweeter unit (front, left / center / right), 4 * 25mm aluminum tweeter unit 7 * 100mm Kevlar medium sound drive unit, 2 * 217mm Rohacell medium subwoofer unit 10-channel 1400-watt D power amplifier, Quantum Logic surround sound processing.

2.BMW 528li sound brand

The BMW 528 has a 2.0T high-power engine

3.BMW 528li sound adjustment

Sound best effect adjustment method: like human voice and rock, high to 70 percent, bass to 50 percent; like dj, high to 40 percent, low to 70 percent; like popular, high to 60 percent, low to 70 percent; like tong Li lamp style, high to 75 percent, bass to 60 percent.

4.BMW 528 what the stereo

BMW current audio model classification is: Stereo System (low-end), HiFi System (mid-end), Top-HiFi System (high-end), 528 audio is Top-HiFi System (high-end).

5.18 BMW 528li configuration

Take the BMW 5 Series 2011 BMW 528Li luxury model as an example. The car has a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. The maximum power is 190 kW, the maximum torque is 310n, the maximum horsepower is 258p, and the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h. The whole vehicle weight is 1.85 tons. The official 100 km acceleration time is 6.9 seconds, and the combined fuel consumption for 100 km is about 8.1 liters.

6.18 BMW 528li audio brand

The BMW 528Li is a 6-cylinder one. In the luxury car field, BMW's market share is always far ahead. In order to further seize the market in the domestic market, BMW launched a new BMW 5 series series, and its size has exceeded our imagination, and also its rivals feel nervous. The size of the new BMW 5 Series 5039 * 1860 * 1471 reaches the leading level in the same class, and the BMW has always been focusing on driving fun. BMW 528Li appearance (21 pieces) is getting longer and longer, is it expected? I think the reason is more because, in order to cater to the preferences of domestic consumers.

7.BMW 528 original car stereo is what brand

The original car audio brand of this BMW car is Baohua Wei Jian

8.BMW 528 stereo how to adjust the sound

Answer: The adjustment method of BMW 528 electric decompression device is as follows.Relying on the adjustment of the control and regulation system, the fluctuation of the pressure after the valve balances with the spring force, so that the pressure after the valve remains constant within a certain error range.2. Because there is a certain gap between the power of natural gas and oil, it can be minimized when the idle speed is stable and the speed torque is absolutely sufficient, which can save the gas cost.3. Working principle and function of automobile natural gas pressure reducing valve.4. The pressure reducing valve assembly is equipped with an idle valve to supply the engine idle gas; the compressor decompression process to expand the external heat absorption, so the pressure reducing valve is also equipped with the engine circulating water heating device.

BMW 528gt stereo

The test results are as follows: The car is equipped with a 4.4 V8 twin turbocharged gasoline engine. This engine is used in the 7 Series, 5 Series, X5 and X6 models. The strength of the N63B44 engine is already close to the V12 engine used in the previous 7 series. Data show that the time required for the GT 550i model to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h is only 5.5 seconds. The engine is matched with an eight-gear automatic transmission, which reduces the shift time to 200 milliseconds.

10.BMW 525 several speakers

The new 525 is supposed to have eight airbags, and BMW is basically eight airbags, while the old X3 has 10. There is one air bag on both sides of pillar A, one air bag on the steering wheel and the front side, and one air bag on the rear of the side. and two can't remember where.You can look for yourself, with the word "AIRBAG" is the airbag. Should sit in the back row to the most side of each still have a. I hope I can help you

11.BMW 528 audio treble. bass. Adjustment is attempted

Methods / Steps:The player is still (default), only adjust the speaker.High volume bass only 1 / 4, medium volume 1 / 3, the minimum volume can be the maximum, high pitch can be the maximum.Adjust the sound effect does not need to listen to, while adjusting, the high pitch needs to be clear and delicate, the middle pitch should be full and bright, the bass has a little rhythm can be.Because the bass is only the rhythm, not the main melody of the music, the person who only listens to the bass, is a rookie who does not understand the music.Clockwise adjustment knob for lifting and counterclockwise for attenuation. Usually in the middle is not to mention and do not drop (listening to folk music, classical music when the position). Pop can be raised bass (to the limit) and high notes (to the limit). Watching blockbusters can lift the bass (limited to no resonance).In addition: EQ need not pay attention to, usually how to play music on how to play. Adjust both knobs to the minimum, first adjust the soprano, then adjust the bass, tune how much to feel, you feel where the best sound to where, this is a subjective thing, no one knows where to tune.

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