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How to Repair a Car Stereo with a Broken Touch Screen?

How to Repair a Car Stereo with a Broken Touch Screen?

You discovered that the automobile stereo had a broken or shattered touch screen that is inoperable. You will need to save a lot of money if you get it changed by a professional. The setup is simple; simply replace the cracked screen with a toolbox and the same instructions. Here's how to repair the broken glass:

Step 1: Take out the car stereo.

To begin, remove the entire vehicle audio component from the car dashboard using a screwdriver. A special magnetic screwdriver is required to pull up the smaller screws. Unscrew each one carefully and save them in a box for later use. Remove the stereo component gently without harming the connections.

Step 2: Take Apart the Car Stereo

Start disassembling it when you've removed it. Begin by carefully removing the faceplate. Then, proceed to the upper section of the screen panel and disconnect any cables linked to the faceplate. Continue removing the delicate screws with the magnetic Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3: Disconnect the Screen Panel's Main Wires

Now, go to the main or center wiring of the screen panel. Wires are often seen towards the back of the screen. If the wires are tiny and brittle, you can remove them with needle-nose pliers. Everything should be stored on a monthly basis and with care. You may also take note of the cables' designated locations in order to label their connected points for future usage.

Step 4: Disconnect the Touch Screen

Now you have removed the faceplate and wires. It is time to disconnect the touch screen from the car stereo. You will find that the car stereo screen can be removed from the component from the bottom of the screen panel. Make sure to do this gently without damaging the touch screen anymore. You may even use the needle-nose pliers to disconnect the screen gently.

Step 5: Remove the Broken Touch screen

After you have disconnected the touch screen, remove it gently without damaging the LCD screen. If the LCD screen gets damaged, you must replace the whole stereo component. Hence, be extra careful here.

Cleaning the LCD is the sixth step.

You've taken out the broken touch screen. It's time to clean the vehicle stereo's original LCD display. Wipe the LCD screen clean with a few drops of distilled water with a soft microfiber cloth. Now, carefully dry the LCD screen with a dry microfiber towel. Wait a few minutes for it to totally dry.

Install the New Touch Screen in Step 7

Take the replacement touch screen and reconnect the cables. Reattach all of the wires in their proper locations. Be extra cautious and secure each wire so that it does not come free. Loose wiring can cause further issues.

Add a Screen Protector in Step 8

To avoid needless damage and dirt collection, use a screen protector on the touch screen. These screen covers may be purchased at electronics stores or online.

Step 9: Carefully reassemble everything.

First, connect the wires to the faceplate. After that, secure the faceplate to the automobile radio component. Finally, use the screws to gently connect it to the automobile dashboard.


A nonresponsive vehicle radio touch screen can be caused by a variety of difficulties. This article can assist you in determining the root cause and taking the required measures to resolve the problem. If you're unsure, you may always go to your local vehicle service or automobile shop to get the job done.

Tips for The Obsessives

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