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The Top Flip Out Head Units for Your Vehicle's Entertainment System

The Top Flip Out Head Units for Your Vehicle's Entertainment System

We here at AutoQuarterly love informing you how bad your stock sound system is. There is no end to the automotive audio upgrading adventure, whether we are setting out the amps you must have or the speakers you should have purchased previously.The voyage begins with the head unit, which serves as the master control station for the other components. Modern touch screen stereos are essentially mini-home theaters. They transform your vehicle into a complete entertainment system. If you want a large screen in a small container, a head unit with a flip-out screen is your best choice. Continue reading for our top selections.

The Basics of Flip Out Screens

Here's the issue. Many older vehicles lack the space to accommodate newer, double DIN stereo systems. Even some modern vehicles do not. That's a bummer since the modern world is all about touchscreens, and touchscreens take up a lot of dash space. This is where the flip-out head comes into play. It has all of the features of a stunning contemporary screen, where you can view films and control your playlists like a DJ, but none of the extra room required.

The Benefits of a Flip-Out Screen

What distinguishes a flip-out screen from other touch screen stereos? There are fewer alternatives, and they are more likely to break. It appears that you would be better off opting with a large fixed screen. Hold on, there are a couple significant advantages to the flip-out design.

They are smaller

Single DIN units include flip-out displays. That implies they are compatible with a far larger number of automobiles, particularly older vehicles. Your alternatives are restricted if you don't have enough space for a double-DIN configuration but still want a large screen. You can choose between a "floating screen" or a flip-out device.The advantage that flip-out screens have over floating screens is that they can be retracted. On older cars or cars that weren’t designed to have a display, a screen can block other things like the a/c controls. It’s nice to just retract the screen, make your adjustments, then bring it back.

They draw less attention

Not everyone wants the rest of the world to know they have a fantastic stereo. When the screen on a flip-out is retracted, it looks like any other inexpensive head unit. That's helpful if you want to keep your home design simple. Flip outs are a terrific way to keep your original 1990s vehicle

looking era accurate

It's also useful if you're concerned about those who have sticky fingers. Thieves are far less likely to notice a beautiful stereo if it has a large screen announcing that it is a nice piece of equipment. For added protection, several single DIN devices include detachable faceplates.

Outputs and Inputs

The input is perhaps the most crucial element to consider when purchasing any head unit. A stereo is useless if it does not play the tunes you wish to hear. The output is the second most essential aspect. If you have an amp driving a huge sub and want to shake the world, buying a head unit with no sub outputs is a horrible idea.If you want to learn more about inputs and outputs, check out our comprehensive buyer's guide.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

If you have a cell phone, it is most likely an Android or an Apple model. Each operating system has its own specific automobile system for utilizing applications, listening to music, and making phone calls while driving. These features are unusual in flip-out units. If you value these apps, be prepared to pay a premium for equipment such as the Pioneer 3400 head unit we recommend.


When it comes to stereo quality, there are two key factors to consider: sound quality and construction quality. Sound quality is determined by the clarity of the audio and the amount of power available from the head unit. The build quality is simple.How responsive the buttons are, how quickly it boots up, how many times the screen can retract before the hinges fail, and so on.In general, you must pay for quality. Sticking to major brands is also a smart option if you want a dependable, well-sounding device. Unfortunately, several major manufacturers, such as JVC and Alpine, do not provide flip-out choices. But all is not lost; in the recommended area, we offer a wide range of quality and price.

The Minor Details

Most of the main players have all of the necessary inputs and outputs. To get the ideal unit for your vehicle, consider the minor quality of life factors. Style, screen resolution, screen type, color, DVD/CD formats, USB charging, and so forth. The majority of these items are secondary to function. It doesn't matter how wonderful it appears if it doesn't have the input you desire.There are a few of minor details that merit attention. If you have steering wheel controls and wish to preserve them, steering wheel inputs are essential. Equalizers are excellent for adjusting sound levels. Color-changing faceplates and backgrounds can help you make your dashboard more visually appealing.

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