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There are so many in-car multimedia features, but what do you often use them?

There are so many in-car multimedia features, but what do you often use them?
In the past, when choosing a car, in addition to considering the appearance, performance, price and other factors, there is one thing that will always be ignored by people and lead to regret after buying a car, that is the car multimedia system. These days, if you don't have a decent looking LCD in your car, you're embarrassed to put someone in your car.

The display screen located in the most prominent position on the center console is an important part of the on-board multimedia system, so what is the on-board multimedia system? To put it bluntly is the combination of video entertainment system and auxiliary function, it includes music and video playback, bluetooth phone, car WIFI function, GPS navigation, reversing image, etc., high-end models even have some auxiliary driving function, compared with the past "older" car CD or radio entertainment functions, can be said to be the real sense is multimedia.

How many of these complex functions can be used more often? It is estimated that the car companies should say "tube it is not used, anyway I have". Do not think that you play to understand the multimedia of the car, in fact, some functions you may not often used or will use.

Speaking of which, today I would like to talk about some common car multimedia functions:

Music function

Car music playback function is probably one of the most common multimedia functions, and also one of the most original car media. Driving the beloved car, listening to the favorite song, is the most can experience the fun of driving a thing. This is perhaps the most common feature for car owners. Even if you don't like listening to music, music may be the best way to ease the awkward atmosphere when you sit with an unfamiliar person or a new ticket.

Car music function from the original small memory, poor sound quality to now can be directly downloaded online and can store a large number of songs have experienced a great change, coupled with high quality car audio, can always let today's car owners enjoy one's arbitrary music feast, therefore, the music function is basically recognized by the majority of car owners.

GPS navigation function

Personally, the GPS navigation function is another common multimedia in addition to the car music function. Maybe I may not feel the familiar road section. If you make a long trip, the navigation function on the car will become an essential thing. Especially like many women drivers, a kilometer away, must drive navigation driving.

Of course, the most can understand the importance of navigation or those who often out of the distance to run high speed owners, no navigation in the unfamiliar highway is a nightmare, accidentally run wrong ramp have to walk dozens of kilometers of oil.

Since navigation is so important, you can only be installed for cars that don't have this feature. Nowadays, there are many styles of external car navigation on the market, but most of them choose to be installed in the central control of the suction cup type navigator, which more or less blocks the driver's line of sight, there are certain safety risks, and the original factory navigation does not have these troubles, it is more convenient to use.

Reverse image

Car reversing image can be said to be the magic weapon of the old and new drivers parking, it will not only completely display the blind area of the rear of the central control LCD screen, Everyone has everyone's preferences, and the use of the car is also different, no matter you are a mobile phone multimedia party or a car multimedia party, it is inevitable to use many functions in the multimedia, so what do you often use?

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