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What factors should you consider while purchasing a vehicle radio?

What factors should you consider while purchasing a vehicle radio?

One of the simplest methods to boost dashboard technology is to upgrade your car audio receiver. When making an offer, we check for seven qualities.

Most people think of "car stereo" when they think of a receiver. The receiver, often known as the head unit or deck, is the brain and heart of your car's audio system, and it is the component with which you interact directly from behind the wheel. When you select a receiver, you are also committing to the available audio sources, features, and expansion choices for the remainder of your car audio system.

So, how do you go about selecting a new receiver? Here are seven factors we evaluate when selecting vehicle stereos, as well as some of our best options to get you started.

Do you require a CD player?

When you're parked, do you watch DVDs on your receiver? Have you abandoned CDs in favor of digital media? Based on your responses, you must choose between a typical CD receiver with a disc slot, a bigger A/V receiver with a color screen, and a disc drive without the mechanical receiver and all of its moving parts.

Even if you still have a CD in your car’s glove compartment, chances are you or your passenger will have a phone or media player plugged in at some point, so make sure your new receiver is in top condition. Include at least one USB port for MP3, AAC or WMA playback from a flash memory device and an additional 3.5mm analog input for universal connectivity.

Users of Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry do not need to look for icons.

Choose a receiver that supports A2DP stereo audio streaming over Bluetooth for wireless media playback, or utilize the auxiliary input for the most convenient connection.

Users looking for a more tightly integrated application experience should look into application duplication devices such as Pioneer’s App Radio range and various MirrorLink and MHL compatible receivers from Alpine, Sony and JVC. Compatibility with these application mirroring systems is a relatively new technology and is currently limited to a few dozen devices, so make sure your phone is compatible before you risk buying a receiver. The Parrot Asteroid range gets around the app mirroring trick by keeping and running the Android version of the app on the receiver itself, but the number of apps supported is limited.

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