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What is the function of the air pump?

What is the function of the air pump?

The role of the air pump is to let the engine to send the air to the three-way catalytic converter in the cold car, so as to use the exhaust gas into the oxygen in the air to achieve secondary combustion, improve the temperature of the three-way catalytic converter, so that the three-way catalytic converter can enter the working temperature as soon as possible, reduce the harmful substances in the exhaust gas, and play a role in environmental protection.

Air pump is mainly used for pumping, sewage treatment, electroplating drum, biogas tank aeration, tunnel ventilation, etc.

air pump The "air pump", a device that removes air from an enclosed space or adds air from an enclosed space. Air pump is mainly divided into electric gas pump and manual air pump, foot air pump. Electric gas pump. The air pump powered by electricity presses the air through the power to generate air pressure.

The working principle of the air pump is: the engine drives the crankshaft of the air pump through two triangular belts, so as to drive the piston to pump, and the gas is imported into the air storage tube through the guide pipe. On the other hand, the gas storage cylinder introduces the gas in the gas storage cylinder into the pressure regulating valve fixed on the gas pump through a guide pipe, so as to control the air pressure in the gas storage cylinder. When the pressure in the storage cylinder does not reach the pressure set by the regulating valve, the gas entering the regulating valve from the reservoir cannot open the pressure in the reservoir reaches the pressure, opening the regulating valve from the reservoir and the entering pump is connected with the regulating valve Airway, and through the airway control of the air pump inlet often open, so that the air pump empty load operation, to achieve the purpose of reducing power loss, protect the air pump. When the pressure in the storage cylinder is lower than the pressure set by the regulating valve due to the loss, the valve in the regulating valve is turned back by the return spring, disconnecting the control path of the gas pump, and the gas pump starts to pump again.The secondary air pump is broken and affects what

The influence of the secondary air pump is unstable and the mixture is too thin.

details are as follows:

1. check the intake air flowmeter, there is a blockage, or the line is damaged, then will lead to mixed too thin, maintenance method is to clean the flowmeter, or use tape to repair the damaged line, serious, it will need to replace the components.

2.It is also possible that the oxygen sensor has a problem, if the oxygen sensor has carbon deposition, the normal cleaning is ok, if the sensor is seriously damaged, it is necessary to replace the oxygen sensor.

3.the engine carbon deposition is too much, then it is necessary to immediately clean the oil circuit, or add fuel additives in the tank to clean up, the nozzle and spark plug, but also to timely clean, in order not to produce a large amount of carbon deposition, the owner must regularly clean these parts.

4.the secondary air fracture, go to the 4s shop to replace the new.

5.the cathode line is wrong, go to the 4s shop to reinstall the cathode line.

6.the secondary injection valve is damaged, mainly due to insufficient closing force; debris falls between the valve seat and the gate; the valve sealing surface is not processed or damaged; need to go to 4s shop to repair the secondary injection valve.

7.the abandoned cylinder head channel is blocked, so it is recommended to open the cylinder head for cleaning.

8, the vacuum tube rupture, need to check the cooling system, or the exhaust system blockage, the vacuum pipe leakage. Replace it with a new vacuum tube.

The role of the secondary air pump, is the engine in cold car to ternary catalytic converter into the air, in order to use the exhaust gas encounter oxygen contained in the air for secondary combustion to improve the temperature of the ternary catalytic converter, can make the ternary catalytic converter temperature as soon as possible and enter the working state, can reduce the emissions of harmful substances in the exhaust gas, plays the role of environmental protection.

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