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backup camera for truck

Why do heavy trucks need to be equipped with video surveillance?

Because the rate of heavy truck traffic accidents has remained high in recent years.On the one hand, heavy trucks have a large volume, long carriages, high overall height, and a large blind spot area in the right front and rear mirrors, which results in obstructed vision when the vehicle turns to the right or changes lanes to the right; In addition, the heavy load and high inertia make it very prone to traffic accidents. On the other hand, truck drivers have irregular driving behaviors such as fatigue driving, playing with mobile phones, speeding, etc.

What's the use of installing it?

On the one hand, it can provide real-time reminders to the driver;On the other hand, there can be backed monitoring of driver driving behavior to promptly correct dangerous driving behaviors.

How to use car mounted camera monitoring:

The camera monitoring system is a device that can monitor the driving behavior of vehicles coming from the rear outer side and display the obtained information on the on-board monitor based on the camera sensors installed on the side mirrors. This technology not only provides a broader perspective, greatly reduces blind spots, improves driving safety, but also innovative designs the appearance of cars by applying various types of cameras;

The field of view of the camera sensor is approximately 35 degrees, which is more than twice that of a regular side review mirror (approximately 17 degrees). Therefore, by turning the driver's head while driving, it is safe to drive without checking the blind spot area;

In addition, due to the fact that the camera monitoring system is a display device that can be installed inside the vehicle, there will be no protruding areas, thus eliminating other noise such as wind noise caused by ordinary side mirrors. At the same time, it also reduces air resistance and improves the fuel economy of the vehicle.

The function of truck reversing camera

The reversing camera of a truck plays a significant role in reversing large trucks, serving as an eye for the driver to see areas that the driver cannot see. Providing great help for blind spots in truck reversing. Let's take a look at the function of the truck reversing camera below

Truck reversing camera

The car reverse imaging system is installed behind the car using a far-infrared wide-angle camera device.

Through the display screen inside the car, any obstacles behind the car can be clearly seen, even at night through infrared light.

When reversing, the driver can see the situation behind the car on the display, avoiding accidents caused by the driver not being able to see the situation behind the car, making it safer for the driver to reverse.

backup camera for truck

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