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What are the benefits of Bluetooth MP3 in the car?

What are the benefits of Bluetooth MP3 in the car? 0

Bluetooth is an open communication technology standard for wireless data and voice transmission. It is widely used in telecommunications, computers, networks, and consumer electronics and is based on a low-cost proximity wireless connection, a specific proximity wireless technology connection for stationary and mobile devices to form a communication environment.

Open the Bluetooth pairing control page of the mobile phone, and close the media audio, so that it will not play the voice of WeChat, and of course, other things such as music will not play. Car Bluetooth MP3 is a continuation of Bluetooth technology from the cell phone, based on wireless Bluetooth technology and the design and development of the wireless hands-free system in the car, with Bluetooth technology as the main function for normal driving and cell phone connection for hands-free calls. This discussed Bluetooth connection to automobile MP3, which is an important application of Bluetooth MP3 in the car. Click here for Car Stereo Dual Bluetooth USB MP3 Player Sysem With RDS

The benefits of using car Bluetooth MP3, are to avoid answering the phone by hand, reduce traffic safety accidents, car Bluetooth MP3 and a very obvious benefit is health! We have all known the phone for a long time chat, then there must be such experience: hand-held phone against the ear to talk, a long time not only hands and neck will feel tired, but also feel a headache.

And car Bluetooth MP3 is not the same as long as it is plugged into the cigarette port above or the car itself comes with car Bluetooth. When the phone is in Bluetooth mode, whether it is in the briefcase, pocket, or car seat, any phone calls can be instantly answered. Both do not need to lift their hands and can help to lessen the effects of electromagnetic wave radiation on the human body. Because Bluetooth electromagnetic wave radiation to the human body is substantially lower than direct handheld phone electromagnetic wave radiation to the human body.

How to choose a car Bluetooth player?

How to choose a car Bluetooth player? 0

The tips for choosing a car Bluetooth player

The development of the times, the progress of science and technology, and the increasing per capita income prompted the people's living conditions to be more and more considerable, as communication supplies and mobility supplies large areas into the people's homes. Speaking of cell phones and cars, although they have a world of differences, the two products have a certain connection.

The reason why the car Bluetooth player needs overload protection is that when the output current is too large and exceeds its normal output value, the life of the charger components will be shortened or damaged, or even burned due to high temperature. So the car Bluetooth player used in the car must have overload protection measures.

Choose products with an output current of 1A or more

The input voltage of the car Bluetooth player in the market is 12V-24V, the output voltage is 5V, and the output current is about 1A~4A. But some of the "three no" or "cottage" products commonly appear charging the current false label phenomenon. If the use of cell phone navigation is charging, poor quality chargers not only can not provide normal charging and will continue to decline in power.

Choose the products produced by regular businesses

To buy from regular manufacturers through the certification of products, do not buy and use products, otherwise, there is no way to complain about quality problems. Especially can not be greedy for cheap to buy less than 20 yuan brand, the current domestic mainstream brand of car Bluetooth player price point more than 20-100 yuan or so. When buying, remember to buy products marked with Chinese labeling. Click here for Car Stereo Dual Bluetooth USB MP3 Player Sysem With RDS.

Car Bluetooth MP3 use precautions

  1. car Bluetooth MP3 should not be used at high temperatures, especially when the summer car temperature is too high (generally more than 45 ℃) to remember to unplug the car charger, in addition to the usual use should also try to avoid randomly knocking, throwing put, vibration car Bluetooth MP3, otherwise it is easy to damage the internal circuit board.
  1. Do not insert the use of car MP3 before the vehicle engine starts, otherwise, the voltage when starting may hurt the car charger.
  1. Some strong cleaning agents and chemical products will cause serious corrosion damage to the car charger, so the cleaning must be careful.
  1. vehicle off to remember to unplug the car MP3, although many vehicles now have cigarette lighter in the unplugged key will stop the power supply, there are still many cars with are continuous power supply
  2. car Bluetooth MP3 also wants to avoid water, or a long time placed in a humid environment, otherwise, the internal components are easy to oxidation corrosion.
Selection of car charger to pay attention to the following 5 points

Selection of car charger to pay attention to the following 5 points 0

Clear the output voltage of the car cigarette lighter

The output voltage of the car is 12v and the truck is 24v. Most of the general-purpose car chargers (12v) apply to the car, if it is other models, you need to choose the corresponding voltage standard.

Understand the automatic protection function of car charger

Whether the car charger has overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, short-circuit protection, etc. The shell is preferably made of ABS flame retardant and environmentally friendly material, which can prevent external combustion and is beautiful, and does not leave a handprint when touched. Click here for 60W Bluetooth Car Player.

Pay attention to the voltage and current size

When choosing a car charger, pay attention to the voltage and current size of the supporting equipment, such as the iPhone 5V/1A, tablet computers, and mobile power 5v/2A. dual USB interface car charger if the phone and tablet charge at the same time, the total current of the car charger should be at least 3A or more, otherwise the charging speed will not only drop significantly but also overheating and even equipment.

Know what the total current of the car charger purchased is

Generally, regular products will be marked on the charger how much A the output current is, if the charger has been purchased to charge the phone + tablet not only is slow and heat, both the current is not up to standard.

Choose a reliable brand

Reliable brand quality is guaranteed, and the use of peace of mind, this reasoning I believe goes without saying. Although the price is generally more expensive than poor-quality car chargers, if you are greedy for cheap, quality problems, it is certainly no way to complain. In addition, to avoid "fighting" overcharging, it is best to choose a car charger with at least 2 USB ports.

When choosing a car charger, you can choose one that suits you according to your habits and preferences. But no matter which type of car charger you choose, quality is the primary premise.

How to choose the right car Bluetooth charger for yourself

How to choose the right car Bluetooth charger for yourself 0

At the moment, the automotive Bluetooth charger market is a mix of items, with many low-quality devices. Damage to the vehicle circuit or charging equipment, as well as fire occurrences, have occurred as a result of unreasonable design, backward technology, jerry-built materials, and other reasons caused by short circuits. How select a safe and efficient, good quality, reasonably priced car Bluetooth charger has also become one of the car family's major problems. Here are a few simple selection criteria to get you started.

Clear their car cigarette lighter output voltage

In general, the output voltage of the car is 12V, and most of the car Bluetooth chargers apply to the car. But the big truck battery is generally made of two 12V batteries in series, so its output voltage is 24V. so, big truck drivers need to choose the car charger to see the vehicle output voltage, to avoid the output voltage being too high cause safety hazards.

Understanding the car Bluetooth charger automatic protection function

Whether the car Bluetooth charger has over-current, overheating, short-circuit protection, and other functions, can provide additional security for your car, to avoid the circuit over-current, overheating, short-circuit, and other problems caused by fire and other dangers.

Pay attention to the voltage and current size

When choosing a car Bluetooth charger, pay attention to the voltage and current size of the supporting equipment, such as an iPhone 5V/1A, a tablet PC, mobile power is 5V/2A. dual USB interface car Bluetooth charger if at the same time as the phone and tablet PC charging, the total current of the car Bluetooth charger should be at least 3A or more, otherwise the charging speed is not only significantly reduced but also overheating and even damage to the device. device.

Choose a multi-USB interface car charger

To avoid the fight to charge and quarrel, it is best to choose at least 2 USB port car Bluetooth chargers, so that can bring convenience for charging.

What are the advantages of a car Bluetooth player when driving?

What are the advantages of a car Bluetooth player when driving? 0

Advantages of car player:

A car Bluetooth player, also with a car phone charging USB socket, is similar to the shape and car charger but can receive a cell phone Bluetooth signal and into FM signal for sound playback of a hardware product, from use, as long as inserted into any car cigarette lighter, the owner can easily achieve the "music playback + voice navigation + call + Fast charging + car voltage monitoring" and other functions.

Connected to the automobile Bluetooth system, in-car Bluetooth players accept the Bluetooth signal from the cell phone and convert it to an FM signal for sound playback.

Car Bluetooth technology and car Bluetooth players in the car can be used together. When in use, the Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and the car Bluetooth player in the car are paired together to facilitate the car owner to automatically switch the sound and mute the audio when the call comes in. When hanging up the phone, the sound is automatically restored.

After installing the car Bluetooth system, car owners do not need to be distracted when driving to answer the phone. When answering an incoming call, the user only needs to gently press a key without staring at the phone for a long time to answer the call, which improves the safety and convenience of driving.

Car Bluetooth system supports telephone conference, MP3 playback, and other functions, simple operation, greatly improving driving safety! Click here for Audio Systems Multimedia Car Stereo Single Din MP3 Player DAB AUX AM Radio.

Use method:

First, open the phone and car Bluetooth player, then search for car Bluetooth player "809" (essentially this name), and connect. Set to automatically connect as well, so that the automobile may connect automatically.

Second, open the phone music in the car Bluetooth player settings and then return.

Third, from the beginning of the automobile Bluetooth player interface, select the cell phone music, hit play, and enjoy the music from there.

Later in the car, you only need to directly click on the phone music, and play; the phone does not need to be removed from the pocket. You can also select the song, but only one by one search, want to directly select the song, or choose from the phone.

Fourth, the car Bluetooth player can not only listen to songs but can also be used to receive calls. Car Bluetooth player phone through a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and the car device connection to achieve the call function.

Fifth, the Bluetooth car hands-free system is designed for driving safety and comfort. Its function is mainly: automatic recognition of cell phones, no cable or phone bracket can be connected to the phone; users do not need to touch the phone (hands remain on the steering wheel) can control the phone, with voice command control to answer or make calls. Users can talk through the car's audio or Bluetooth wireless headset.

Six, the operation is very simple, connected to Bluetooth, and clicking on the car Bluetooth button above the phone can be done.

How much do you know about in car multimedia?

How much do you know about in car multimedia? 0

But for " have you used the car multimedia feature?"This is a very real problem, I believe that many owners have driven their own cars for several years, some functions are almost not touched. Take a typical example around: a friend made money to buy his father a top Cadillac ATS-L, the car multimedia is really fully functional, but the old man's mobile phone function can not play, let alone more than a big screen in the car, and my friend's father is an old driver, reversing video to see. Like this situation is everywhere, do not think that they play to understand the car multimedia, in fact, some functions you may not be used or will use.

Speaking of which, today I would like to talk about some common car multimedia functions:

Bluetooth phone function

Driving on the phone is a very taboo thing, which is also strictly prohibited by the traffic laws and regulations, so the car Bluetooth phone function was born suddenly. But when it comes to its practical, bluetooth phone a lot of people do not recognize, probably because the phone also has hands-free function and voice dialing function, think even if the phone has these functions, but also need the steering wheel and eye shift, there is still a big safe hidden trouble, so advise you to drive the phone or try to use bluetooth phone and other functions.

However, sometimes I still feel a little silly to make a phone call with the voice dialing function of the car phone.

Car-mounted video function

In fact, the commonly used multimedia functions are also very few, and those that are not commonly used, think up inevitably make people want to laugh. If the most useless car multimedia is the video feature. Why say so, first of all, the driver is very dangerous to drive the phone, let alone distracted to see a movie, if let the co-driver watch, then you are the screen installed in front of the co-pilot, not to mention the back row, such a small screen stretched neck may not be clear.

Of course, it can not be generalized, after all, many luxury cars in front of each seat for entertainment, but really did not experience the feeling of sitting in the back of the car to watch the movie, it is really poor to limit their imagination.

Of course, there are many in-board multimedia functions that are almost unusable, such as Internet access function, intelligent dialogue, fleet networking function and so on. While carmakers struggle to enrich in-car multimedia features, they still beat the pace of smartphones. Nowadays, mobile phones can be used as an alternative to car multimedia and are more functional and more convenient to use.

The functions of the mobile phone almost cover all the functions of the car multimedia, even better than the original multimedia function. For example, the navigation function of the mobile phone is not only more accurate than the original navigation, but also more convenient to update. The most important thing is that the data is updated in real time. Therefore, many car owners choose mobile phones instead of the car multimedia system, just need a car mobile phone bracket can do it.

If you have to say that the mobile phone is not as good as the car multimedia system, maybe the screen is too small. Many car companies also take a fancy to the multimedia system display size irreplaceable position, and wanton to do large display.

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There are so many in-car multimedia features, but what do you often use them?

There are so many in-car multimedia features, but what do you often use them? 0

In the past, when choosing a car, in addition to considering the appearance, performance, price and other factors, there is one thing that will always be ignored by people and lead to regret after buying a car, that is the car multimedia system. These days, if you don't have a decent looking LCD in your car, you're embarrassed to put someone in your car.

The display screen located in the most prominent position on the center console is an important part of the on-board multimedia system, so what is the on-board multimedia system? To put it bluntly is the combination of video entertainment system and auxiliary function, it includes music and video playback, bluetooth phone, car WIFI function, GPS navigation, reversing image, etc., high-end models even have some auxiliary driving function, compared with the past "older" car CD or radio entertainment functions, can be said to be the real sense is multimedia.

How many of these complex functions can be used more often? It is estimated that the car companies should say "tube it is not used, anyway I have". Do not think that you play to understand the multimedia of the car, in fact, some functions you may not often used or will use.

Speaking of which, today I would like to talk about some common car multimedia functions:

Music function

Car music playback function is probably one of the most common multimedia functions, and also one of the most original car media. Driving the beloved car, listening to the favorite song, is the most can experience the fun of driving a thing. This is perhaps the most common feature for car owners. Even if you don't like listening to music, music may be the best way to ease the awkward atmosphere when you sit with an unfamiliar person or a new ticket.

Car music function from the original small memory, poor sound quality to now can be directly downloaded online and can store a large number of songs have experienced a great change, coupled with high quality car audio, can always let today's car owners enjoy one's arbitrary music feast, therefore, the music function is basically recognized by the majority of car owners.

GPS navigation function

Personally, the GPS navigation function is another common multimedia in addition to the car music function. Maybe I may not feel the familiar road section. If you make a long trip, the navigation function on the car will become an essential thing. Especially like many women drivers, a kilometer away, must drive navigation driving.

Of course, the most can understand the importance of navigation or those who often out of the distance to run high speed owners, no navigation in the unfamiliar highway is a nightmare, accidentally run wrong ramp have to walk dozens of kilometers of oil.

Since navigation is so important, you can only be installed for cars that don't have this feature. Nowadays, there are many styles of external car navigation on the market, but most of them choose to be installed in the central control of the suction cup type navigator, which more or less blocks the driver's line of sight, there are certain safety risks, and the original factory navigation does not have these troubles, it is more convenient to use.

Reverse image

Car reversing image can be said to be the magic weapon of the old and new drivers parking, it will not only completely display the blind area of the rear of the central control LCD screen, Everyone has everyone's preferences, and the use of the car is also different, no matter you are a mobile phone multimedia party or a car multimedia party, it is inevitable to use many functions in the multimedia, so what do you often use?

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Car mp5 player installation method-Car mp5 player instructions

Car mp5 player installation method-Car mp5 player instructions 0

some is not so much that it is the car screen, rather it is a "tablet computer", which can have a built-in Android market, the owner simply step into the page, the device is simply eager to use, such as the player. but there are a lot of software do not care about the car version and, and to PAD version, HD version, is in the user experience will be very high, when using can also encounter many problems.and want to browse the player to the car screen do not care can not, or to ensure the prerequisite.

The screen installed behind also accepts the Android system. Even if you can not "use the mall" and the environment, you can still earn ROOT permission, and then simply install the player and software.

The-mp5 player video format can be played by connecting to a Bluetooth external player

It needs to be closed in the Bluetooth Settings, and then paired at the Bluetooth interface point to make the Bluetooth enter the pairing mode, but many manufacturers enter the pairing mode only after the power up.

After the pairing, connect the device. Car Bluetooth is connected to the Bluetooth speaker.In addition, one function is to connect to the external Bluetooth broadcasting equipment to broadcast.In the case of damage to the on-board player, it can be played simultaneously through the connected Bluetooth external player, and the player and volume can also be complicated through this method.

In the case of damage to the on-board player, the player can be built by the connected Bluetooth external player, and the volume of the player can be complicated in some way.

Car Bluetooth connection to car listening to music method-car mp5 player

After successful pairing, connect the device together. Car Bluetooth why mutually connected Bluetooth speaker.

In addition, one function is to be connected to the external load of Bluetooth broadcasting equipment to make a broadcast.In the case that the on-board player is damaged, the player can be built by the connected Bluetooth external player, and the volume of the player can also be complicated through this method.

In the case of broken car player, the player can be played by connecting the Bluetooth external player, and the player and volume can also be complicated by this method. the car Bluetooth is not connected to the car to play games. Car Bluetooth connected car to play games and methods.The mass-car Bluetooth password is usually what. The Volkswagen car Bluetooth password is generally "0000" or "1111".

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Car Bluetooth - How to Install a Car Video Player

The name and pairing password will be indicated on the vehicle and interface.The WiFi connection password is a string of English letters located below the personal hotspot interface.

Why is car Bluetooth connected to a Bluetooth speaker. Another function is the ability to connect external Bluetooth broadcasting devices for broadcasting.In the case of damage to the car player, it can be played simultaneously by connecting an external Bluetooth player, and the volume of the player can also be complicated by this method.

In case of damage to the car player, it can be played smoothly through the connected Bluetooth external player, and the player and volume can also be complicated through this method.

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Car Multimedia Basics: How to Build an In-Car Multimedia Experience

Car Multimedia Basics: How to Build an In-Car Multimedia Experience 0

Audio, Video, and Pulling It All Together

There are three basic categories of gear you’ll need to look at: audio gear, video equipment, and media sources.Audio gear includes: head unit, speakers, amplifier, sound processor, crossovers, and headphones.Video gear includes: video head unit, flip-down screens, headrest-mounted screens, and portable screens.This article explains how to build an in-car multimedia system. Additional information covers examples of each type of gear.

Don Mason / Blend Images / Getty

There are dozens of different pieces of equipment and gear that all need to work together in car multimedia, but they all fit into three basic categories:

Audio gear: This is the traditional car stereo equipment that's been around forever. You need a head unit and speakers at a bare minimum, and the head unit needs to be able to handle video inputs.

Video equipment: The video component of an in-car multimedia system can take a lot of different forms. Common implementations include video head units, headrest-mounted screens, and ceiling-mounted screens.

Media sources: An in-car multimedia system can rely entirely on physical media, like DVDs and Blu-ray discs, you can go digital, or a hybrid of the two.

Car Audio Multimedia Components

The audio portion of an in-car multimedia system typically consists of the existing sound system, though there are a couple differences. Some of the audio components that are typically found in car multimedia systems include:

Head unit:

This is the heart of the system, and it controls everything else. You've probably heard the term car stereo used more often, but the component in your dash that you use to control your car stereo system is actually the head unit.


Great speakers are also key, but the speakers in a multimedia system don't have to be any different from the speakers in a regular car audio system.


Every in-car multimedia system, and every car audio system in general, needs an amplifier. Most head units have an amp built right in, but higher-end systems use one or more external amps.

Sound processor:

This is a component found in higher-end car audio systems, and it can also come in handy if you want your multimedia system to sound as good as possible.


This is another component that's found in higher-end car audio systems that's useful in improving sound quality.


Most car audio systems rely entirely on speakers, but multimedia systems can include headphones as well. This is a really useful feature if you have kids.

Headphones can be found in regular car audio systems, but they are much more commonly used in conjunction with car multimedia. Wired headphones require a headphone jack in the head unit, video player, or elsewhere, while wireless headphones can make use of IR or RF signals.

Most of these audio components are very similar to those found in traditional car audio systems, with a few exceptions like the head unit. While a regular car stereo can be used in a multimedia setup, video head units are much better suited to the purpose.

Car Video Multimedia Components

Every car multimedia system needs at least one video component, but they can also have a lot more than that. Some of the more common car video multimedia components include:

Video head units:

This is the easiest way to turn a car audio system into an in-car multimedia system. Double DIN video head units have the biggest screens by default, but some single DIN units also have pretty big flip-out screens.

Flip-down screens:

These displays mount to the ceiling and flip down during use. They're mainly useful to allow all of the rear passengers to watch the same video all at once.

Headrest-mounted screens:

These displays mount on, or in, the driver and passenger headrests. They allow the rear passengers to watch the same video on both screens, or different videos if you have multiple video sources.

Portable screens:

These aren't as highly integrated into the multimedia system, but they're more convenient. Some portable screens can be plugged into an in-car multimedia system and then removed and used elsewhere for convenience. You can also use a tablet depending on the system you're trying to build.

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BMW’s Stereo Camera System To Serve Multiple Purposes

BMW’s Stereo Camera System To Serve Multiple Purposes 0


Mirror-mounted cameras bring car-style tech to motorcycles.

With radar systems already spreading from cars to motorcycles, it was only a matter of time before camera systems would join them. BMW has filed a patent application describing a stereo camera setup for future motorcycles.

This year, Kawasaki has already led the charge by introducing a front camera on its tech-packed, supercharged H2 SX, allowing it to adopt an automatic-high-beam system by monitoring the headlights of oncoming vehicles. It switches from high to low beam automatically when another vehicle approaches, avoiding dazzling other road users, if the system is engaged.

However, that’s very much a “stage-one setup”—cars with auto-dimming lights first hit the market, albeit with very primitive versions of the idea, back in the 1950s. BMW’s new patent application hints at the ways front-mounted cameras can offer far more in terms of tech.

In the proposed patent, a pair of forward-facing cameras will be installed in the mirrors, one on each side.

Firstly, the BMW system is stereo, with one camera module mounted in the front of each mirror housing. While the patent document illustrates the design on a K 1600 B, by using mirrors as the camera mounts, BMW is making it as easy as possible to integrate the system across multiple models without requiring redesigned bodywork to suit. The stereo cameras also offer a wider scope and have an ability to judge distances and estimate the bike’s position three dimensionally on the road.

Although BMW’s document says the idea is, like the Kawasaki one, intended to allow the use of auto-dipping headlights, it also indicates that the firm is considering the adoption of more complex tech. Notably, it refers to using the system with “matrix” headlights, already used on some cars, which have the ability to mask parts of the headlight beam to give a local dimming effect. That means it can cut the light only in the part that would be hitting an oncoming vehicle, allowing you to keep the headlight’s bright beam on without blinding other drivers. On a bike, that system is complicated further by the fact you lean in corners, but the three-dimensional detection from the dual cameras helps work around that issue.

Audi uses Digital Matrix Lights that can mask part of the beam to oncoming drivers, while still illuminating the rest of the road.

The cameras aren’t limited to assisting with headlights either. The patent application also suggests they can be used for road sign and traffic light recognition, as well as for lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and collision warning. Although BMW already uses the Bosch radar system on some bikes for adaptive cruise, camera tech actually has advantages in some areas. For instance, when it comes to collision warning or auto-braking systems, cameras’ ability to recognize brake lights on vehicles in front can give more advanced warning than a radar alone.

The low cost of cameras can’t be ignored either. While they’re still unusual on bikes in Western markets, front and rear cameras are becoming increasingly common on Chinese-made bikes, where the technology is particularly cheap. Several of China’s new, large-capacity bikes including the Benelli 1200GT and the Norton-engined, 650cc Zongshen Cyclone RX6 come with cameras at both ends as standard. 

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Car breath tester: lock drunk driving, so that safe travel always online!

Car breath tester: lock drunk driving, so that safe travel always online! 0

Death caused by drunk driving is one of the main causes of death caused in traffic accidents. At present, the traffic management departments of the world to the investigation of drunk driving mainly rely on the traffic police card, patrol interception can be vehicles or others to report. These methods have problems such as low inspection efficiency and over-reliance on the law enforcement experience of the traffic police, which cannot fully prevent the occurrence of drunk driving.

In order to prevent the occurrence of drunk driving more efficiently and comprehensively, the on-board alcohol detection device has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities and the industry. Commonly used abroad is the alcohol detection and engine interlocking device (alcohol lock), which can realize the function of unable to start the engine when the driver's breath alcohol detection exceeds the standard. At present, the chain devices are rear-installed, widely used in the United States and Europe.

On 6 July 2022, EU Regulation 2019 / 2144 came into force. The regulations, since July 6,2022, automobile manufacturers have the obligation to new car factory certification, must give new models equipped with some specific equipment interface, and in July 2024, all newly registered vehicles will have to use the interface and install related equipment, in order to avoid serious accidents, which includes vehicle alcohol detection device.

In the on-board alcohol detection devices, the alcohol sensor is the key component, usually using the electrochemical principle to measure whether the driver drinks alcohol.

Electrochemical alcohol sensor has high measurement accuracy, good repeatability, good stability, strong anti-interference ability, and its working mode is diffusion type and pump suction type. When measurement, alcohol and oxygen respond to the working electrode and the electrode and release the charge to form a current. The current generated is proportional to the alcohol concentration. The level of the concentration of alcohol can be determined by measuring the current. In terms of the standardization and compliance of the transportation industry, the EU is always at the forefront, and these standards are more or less referred to by other countries. In the future, the on-board alcohol detection device is expected to become the factory standard parts of new cars

operational principle

Before the car starts, the driver must first exhale into the wireless handheld device to trigger the alcohol sensor for detection. The detection data is transmitted to the controller through the A / D converter and determine whether the alcohol concentration meets the standard through calculation. The analysis results are transmitted to the car's electronic control system through wireless signals, and if an excessive alcohol content is detected, the car will take self-locking measures to keep the car unable to start. In the process of driving, the system will also require the driver to retest, so as to prevent drunk drivers from driving.

The equipment uses advanced sensors, can identify non-human external gas, can effectively prevent the driver from using the pump jet to escape detection, with the camera to monitor the driver blowing image, to ensure that the test is the driver himself, to prevent cheating.

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Do you know anything about Head Unit?

Do you know anything about Head Unit? 0

There’s a few things you’ll want to get straight before shopping for a new headunit for your vehicle. Fitment compatibility, functionality, feature support and ergonomics should all be factored. Below we've covered the key considerations to wrap your head around before laying your hard-earned cash on a replacement.

Secondly there’s your list of need and wants. Would you like to add discrete amplification? Must you have the ability to tune into your favourite Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) station? Do you want to avail yourself of the added safety and convenience afforded by Apple Carplay and/or Android Auto? Would you like to make use of powerful tuning features like active crossovers, parametric equalisation and time alignment in order to enhance the clarity of your speakers, improve the imaging capabilities of your front stage and correct the phase alignment between speakers in the entire system?

Once you have defined the possibilities in terms of fitment and compatibility with your factory ancillaries along with the features and functions you desire, you should be able to narrow your selection down to a manageable list of option.

If you wanna be able to use compact discs in the car, you’ll find solutions here. If you are well past feeding physical media into your dash then a mechless Solution is for you, the single din mechless you’ll find here and double din mechless here. Perhaps you have some real estate you’d like to fill with a decent bit of screen area, or would like to create some screen area where currently there is none. Connectivity is key, especially in our increasingly connected world, so a Bluetooth enabled unit is almost certainly gonna be a dealbreaker, so you’ll like want to peruse single din bluetooth enabled unit and/or double din bluetooth Enabled units. Of course, if you want to take full advantage of the key advancements in mobile connectivity then there is no way around it, you’re gonna want to opt for a head unit supporting Apple Carplay and/or Android Auto. While most Apple Carplay and Android Auto capable head units provide excellent support of applicable apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze, and this is arguably the best way to go about equipping your vehicle with decent navigation capabilities, you might still prefer to select a head unit with standalone navigation capabilities or a unit with specialised navigation uniquely optimised to be of most use when you’re off the beaten track.

What’s the difference between single & double din head units?

DIN (German Institute for Standardisation) is an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) definition for dashboard mounted head units which measures 50x180mm. The main difference between single and double DIN head units is their size, with a double DIN head unit occupying twice the area of a single DIN slot. The larger double DIN unit offers more flexibility and scope for things like CD mechanisms and larger display panels or additional features like touchscreen functionality, whereas single DIN units are more compact and may require additional adapters for certain functionality.

Do head units affect sound quality?

While they may not be the sole factor influencing sound quality, they play a significant role and can have an impact on sound quality. Higher-end head units often have better digital-to-analog converters (DACs), more powerful built-in amplifiers, allowing for better sound reproduction. Additionally, some head units support advanced digital sound processing technologies like user configurable time alignment, parametric equalisation and active crossover networks, and playback of high-resolution audio file formats, further enhancing sound quality. However, it's important to note that other factors such as speaker quality and installation also contribute to the overall sound experience. Crap in, crap out, as they say.Can you install a head unit yourself? Automotive can Install it for you!

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