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car stereo double din

What is a car stereo double din and what are its advantages in terms of sound quality compared to regular speakers?

A car stereo double din consists of two winding that are independently combined within a horn unit. There are three main uses: 1. Car mounted center speaker 2. Subwoofer 3. Low voltage device.

Used as a center speaker to simultaneously playback dual channel signals, for example, some Mercedes Benz models use dual voice coils in the center, which utilize the principle of dual voice coil circuit isolation and consistent sound.The main purpose of using it as a subwoofer is to increase the power of the speaker and enhance the control of the amplifier over the speaker.

Low voltage equipment. The output power of the power amplifier of low-voltage equipment is small, and the volume of a speaker is insufficient when pushed. The dual voice coil uses two power amplifiers to double the power, without the need to increase the supply voltage and power.

In the above three scenarios, double voice coils have great advantages over single voice coils.By using a dual voice coil speaker well, better sound quality can be achieved.

We usually see speakers with only one coil, while dual voice coil speakers have two coils as the name suggests. They wrap two pieces of metal wire together on a common bearing, but the two pieces of metal wire are independent of each other. They have the same length, equal number of turns, and identical conductivity characteristics.

Worries about dual voice coil speakers:

The concern with dual voice coil speakers is that there are many wiring methods, and a single dual voice coil speaker can have three connection options: series, parallel, and independent connection. For example, a dual voice coil horn with 4 ohms per voice coil can be connected in series to form an 8 ohm horn. Two voice coils can be connected in parallel to form a 2 ohm horn. If your car power amplifier is designed to drive a high impedance horn, you can connect the two voice coils in series; If your car amplifier is designed to achieve better performance when driving a low impedance horn, then it is better to connect the voice coil in parallel. In systems with multiple woofers, the concerns of dual voice coil speakers are more apparent.

If you have a five way amplifier, one of which is used to drive the subwoofer. This channel produces the best power at 4 ohms, and you want to use it to drive the four speakers of the speaker, then you have only two options: one is to use four 4 ohm single coil speakers, and the other is to use four 8 ohm dual coil speakers.

If using a single voice coil speaker, in order to achieve a single channel impedance of 4 ohms, a series parallel combination method should be used to connect these four speakers. The problem is that connecting the speakers in series is not as good (compared to parallel connection) because there are inevitably very subtle differences between the speakers and uneven bearing capacity. So connecting two speakers in series will result in subtle differences in mechanical movements between the two speakers; This difference can lead to distortion, which becomes increasingly severe as the number of speakers increases. The dual voice coil speaker can effectively solve this problem without the negative impact caused by the series connection between the speaker and the speaker.

On cars without dedicated amplifiers, if installing a central speaker, it is necessary to use a dual voice coil. Because a single voice coil can only connect to one channel, regardless of whether it is on the left or right, only one channel can be heard, which is equivalent to merging one channel between the left and right, and the final result is definitely chaotic. Someone has connected a single voice coil in series between the left and right channels in front of them, which is a quite dangerous operation. There is an additional current path between the two channels that were originally isolated, and it may not be a problem for a while, but it may not be possible over time. The dual voice coil speaker can playback two channels simultaneously, which solves this problem and eliminates the hassle of adding a power amplifier. 

car stereo double din

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