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Best Double Din With Backup Camera

Best Double Din With Backup Camera 0

A double din with a backup camera may be the ideal solution for a vehicle radio update that provides convenience and safety. However, there are a few aspects to consider before making a purchase. First and foremost, confirm that the double din is compatible with your vehicle model. Next, make sure the backup camera has a good quality and a broad viewing angle so you can see well while reversing. You should also evaluate additional features like as Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, and audio selections to ensure that the double din matches all of your requirements.

To pick the greatest double din with a backup camera

You must extensively examine your alternatives. Look for vehicles with modern safety features, like as collision alerts, which can prevent accidents. To safeguard your investment, see if the double din comes with a guarantee. Reading customer reviews is also a good idea to check how well the product operates in real-world circumstances.

Are you weary of continually checking your mirrors when reversing because you're afraid of striking something or someone? Do you want to listen to music while driving but don't want to risk your safety?

If this is the case, a double din with a backup camera might be the answer. Continue reading to learn which models provide the best value for money as well as the highest degree of convenience and safety.

The Voice Control CarPlay and Android Auto Double Din Car Stereo is the latest addition to your car's electronics. This unique technology connects your smartphone to your car's display and allows you to immediately access its services, such as making phone calls, listening to music, receiving messages, and getting navigation instructions. With its voice control technology, you can conduct hands-free phone calls, navigate, and listen to music while driving, assuring safer driving without distractions.

Features Of ESSGOO AR1001:

Double din radio with backup camera:ESSGOO AR1001(This page has stopped updating, but the product is constantly being optimized and upgraded.)

The main screen size is 250(W)*145(H)mm/9.84*5.71inch. It also comes with a fixed metal sheet for easier installation. Installation size: 180(W)*75(H)*70(D)mm/7.09*2.95*2.76 inch.

This Car Head Unit is neutral as a whole, which can be consistent with most models without a sense of disobedience. The screen is a 10.1-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen, 2.5D IPS glass full touch buttons.

ESSGOO AR1001 comes with a patented high heat dissipation backplane and material, even if the temperature of your car is as high as 75℃, it can run smoothly.

This Car Receiver supports dual-system mirroring links: Android 4.0+ (supports Wifi connection) mobile phones can display the machine interface, and the machine can also display the mobile phone interface for mutual operation; ios (iPhone 5s+) supports one-way connection, and the mobile phone can screen to the machine You can also use the Apple Car Play function.

ESSGOO’s Stereo Radio can both have an external driving recorder and a reversing camera at the same time: automatically switch to the reversing image when reversing, and automatically record when driving. Make your driving and parking safer and keep you informed about the road conditions

GPS navigation & BT call: You can download navigation from the app store, use Google Maps when you are online, and download the "here we go" free offline map when you are offline; you can use the map perfectly, go wherever you want, and never get lost again And signal problems. Bluetooth calling allows you to talk hands-free or answer the phone, driving safer

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Which Apple CarPlay car radio is best for your vehicle?

Which Apple CarPlay car radio is best for your vehicle? 0

If you're still listening to music on your phone through tiny, cracking speakers, it's time to update. Wireless streaming is unrivaled in terms of convenience, but you'll most likely need to replace your car's head unit radio to take use of this option. iPhone owners want to make certain that they update to one of the top CarPlay head units available today.

Beyond enjoying great music, there are many benefits to using an Apple CarPlay head unit: anyone with an iPhone can use simple voice commands to navigate, answer calls, send text messages and more via CarPlay. What’s more, you don’t need a brand new car to experience any of these features in a safe and distraction-free way. Since the debut of Apple CarPlay in 2014, aftermarket audio manufacturers have been developing head units with Apple’s in-car operating system for various vehicle models.

When it comes to do-it-yourself headunit installation, you have several options, but they all include pre-wired harness adapters. You can also opt for adapters so you don’t lose features like OnStar, steering wheel controls or doorbells. Prices for these products range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the complexity. You can also buy trim and installation kits, and finding how-to videos on YouTube for your stereo model and car shouldn’t be too difficult.

With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which Apple CarPlay head unit is best for your vehicle. That’s why we turned to Crutchfield to help us select the best Apple CarPlay head unit for your car stereo. Since 1974, Crutchfield has helped more than 6 million customers improve the quality of their car audio systems. Check out some of the best Apple CarPlay head unit options below to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Apple CarPlay head units from models that fit the most common radio sizes: single DIN head car stereos and dual DIN head car stereo sockets                        

ESSGOO, as a brand dedicated to providing smart, economic and easy-to-install auto parts,

our goal is to creatively transform and enrich the in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

We strive to answer the demand of driving experience in all aspects,while making the trip more convenient, safer and comfortable by innovative auto products.

In the future, cars will become a mobile living space,ESSGOO will continuously pursue the concept of innovation and excellence,and this has driven us to research and develop higher quality, distinctive and enhanced product series,so as to become the global preferred brand to improve the quality of mobile life.

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What factors should you consider while purchasing a vehicle radio?

What factors should you consider while purchasing a vehicle radio? 0

One of the simplest methods to boost dashboard technology is to upgrade your car audio receiver. When making an offer, we check for seven qualities.

Most people think of "car stereo" when they think of a receiver. The receiver, often known as the head unit or deck, is the brain and heart of your car's audio system, and it is the component with which you interact directly from behind the wheel. When you select a receiver, you are also committing to the available audio sources, features, and expansion choices for the remainder of your car audio system.

So, how do you go about selecting a new receiver? Here are seven factors we evaluate when selecting vehicle stereos, as well as some of our best options to get you started.

Do you require a CD player?

When you're parked, do you watch DVDs on your receiver? Have you abandoned CDs in favor of digital media? Based on your responses, you must choose between a typical CD receiver with a disc slot, a bigger A/V receiver with a color screen, and a disc drive without the mechanical receiver and all of its moving parts.

Even if you still have a CD in your car’s glove compartment, chances are you or your passenger will have a phone or media player plugged in at some point, so make sure your new receiver is in top condition. Include at least one USB port for MP3, AAC or WMA playback from a flash memory device and an additional 3.5mm analog input for universal connectivity.

Users of Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry do not need to look for icons.

Choose a receiver that supports A2DP stereo audio streaming over Bluetooth for wireless media playback, or utilize the auxiliary input for the most convenient connection.

Users looking for a more tightly integrated application experience should look into application duplication devices such as Pioneer’s App Radio range and various MirrorLink and MHL compatible receivers from Alpine, Sony and JVC. Compatibility with these application mirroring systems is a relatively new technology and is currently limited to a few dozen devices, so make sure your phone is compatible before you risk buying a receiver. The Parrot Asteroid range gets around the app mirroring trick by keeping and running the Android version of the app on the receiver itself, but the number of apps supported is limited.

ESSGOO, as a brand dedicated to providing smart, economic and easy-to-install auto parts,

our goal is to creatively transform and enrich the in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

We strive to answer the demand of driving experience in all aspects,while making the trip more convenient, safer and comfortable by innovative auto products.

In the future, cars will become a mobile living space,ESSGOO will continuously pursue the concept of innovation and excellence,and this has driven us to research and develop higher quality, distinctive and enhanced product series,so as to become the global preferred brand to improve the quality of mobile life.

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The Best Android Car Navigation and Multimedia Upgrades

The Best Android Car Navigation and Multimedia Upgrades 0

We live in a wonderful era of technical advancement. Its impact may be felt everywhere, from homes and businesses to trains, aircraft, and even bicycles. Surprisingly, it falls short when it comes to automobiles, notably OEM vehicle multimedia and navigation systems.

A smart navigation system is a must-have for any motorist. Nobody enjoys being lost in an unknown location due to an old or inaccurate GPS device. Furthermore, being able to identify the optimal route in seconds and avoid circling in search of the proper street is always convenient. Surprisingly, current automobile navigation systems aren't all that great.

The same is true for multimedia systems, as those supplied by the manufacturer typically have relatively restricted capabilities. A motorist might surely benefit from a few extra capabilities on their head unit, and a powerful operating system like Android is the stuff of fantasies.

No, not exactly. Want to discover how to improve your car's entertainment and navigation skills while also displaying all Android features on your car monitor? Continue reading!

Android Navigation Bar

Now for the exciting part: what you can really do to enhance your automobile head unit.

One of the most typical methods is to install a device known as a navigation box. These gadgets integrate an aftermarket navigation system into the OEM vehicle monitor without interfering with or modifying any of the current functionality. They give a dependable system that is constantly up to date because they are equipped with both GPS and GLONASS systems. What's more, they frequently provide multiple distinct navigation applications, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.

And this is hardly the end of the discussion about navigation boxes. Aside from their primary function, these gadgets include the following extra advantages that you will undoubtedly find useful:

Android OS is a powerful operating system. On the vehicle monitor, you may utilize all of the functions of this operating system, from browsing the internet (through Wi-Fi) to installing and running applications from Google Play. All apps will be automatically updated, so you won't have to worry about anything suddenly not functioning.

Music and video are being played. Because of the built-in USB ports, you can connect a conventional memory stick and listen to your favorite music or view a movie when delayed in traffic (never watch video while driving!).

Convenient and user-friendly interface. Since these devices are designed to be used with OEM car monitors, developers usually put extra care into making the interface as similar to the original as possible. In fact, most of the time you won't even notice the difference between original menu and the menu of the navigation box.

Android's Multimedia and Navigation System

A multimedia navigation system is an alternative to a navigation box.

These advanced devices represent the next phase in the advancement of automobile multimedia and navigation enhancements. They, like navigation boxes, include GPS systems as well as a strong Android operating system. This implies that these devices can browse the internet, install programs, and play music and video. So, what's the difference? There are a number of them.

While driving, use the navigation system.

The built-in visual interface is one of the most significant advantages of multimedia and navigation systems. This not only allows them to be readily installed in your car via Plug&Play, but it also enables inputs for the installation of other devices such as front or rear view cameras. So, effectively, a 2-for-1 deal, right? Because all connections are simple and do not need tampering with automobile wiring, there is no risk of voiding your warranty.

Another advantage of these systems is their ease of use. This includes not just their menu and interface, which are designed to seem precisely like the original. These gadgets are completely integrated into your head unit and may be operated using the OEM touch screen and/or buttons.

No need to install additional touch screen panels or external buttons - just use what you already have!

Last but not least, many of our multimedia navigation systems have a useful extra functionality called smartphone mirroring. Simply connect your phone to the monitor to take use of all of its capabilities. That's already three in one. If you want to understand more about smartphone connectivity in a car, read this article.

These gadgets, unlike navigation boxes, are not universal. They are often designed for certain automobile models and/or types of multimedia systems, so choose wisely. We now provide multimedia and navigation systems for Lexus, Mazda, and Toyota vehicles.

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Apple CarPlay / Android Auto - The Best Driver's Asisstant!

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto - The Best Driver's Asisstant! 0

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Some of us can even drive while staying focused on the road. You don't want to be distracted while driving, but you need to use your phone to answer an important call or find the nearest gas station. What if we told you that you no longer needed to be distracted?

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto adapters will allow you to operate your phone via voice assistant or OEM buttons (on the steering wheel, media system, etc.) and controllers, allowing you to use smartphone features in your car more quickly and save time. So, what are those gadgets, and how much money do they make?

What is Apple CarPlay / Android Auto?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow you to use navigation, manage calls and messages, as well as a calendar, and also play audio on the car multimedia system from the connected smartphone. The difference is that Apple CarPlay is a built-in iPhone function, while Android Auto is a technology that requires the application to run on Android devices.

Here are the main advantages of these electronic assistants:

Easy and convenient navigation on the car OEM monitor;

OEM buttons control. You no longer need to waste your time looking for some function on the car monitor. Just use steering wheel or media system buttons for controls;

Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants which help you quickly navigate to the required place or answer an urgent call without getting distracted from driving.*

Audio playback on the car media system;Phone charging.

Please note! *If you do not have an OEM microphone in your car, you have to install an external microphone for hands-free calls and controlling Siri/Google Assistant.

One of the leading and most valuable features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have is hands-free calls. You can also send messages and play the ones you receive using a voice assistant. Play music, open the calendar or mail using Siri or Google Assistant. Simple and practical in use, especially when you are in a hurry.

Except for the default ones, a user can install other applications from Apple Store or Play Market. Take into account that the list of programs you can install is limited.

How to use CarPlay/Android Auto adapter? 

Some vehicles (starting from 2016 model year) have CarPlay or Android Auto as a standard function according to car configuration (Some vehicles (starting from 2016 model year) are originally equipped with CarPlay or Android Auto). If it’s your case, you can can just connect your phone and enjoy simplified controls. But what to do if you don’t have these functions embedded in your car? Let’s get this sorted out!

In such cases, multifunctional CarPlay and Android Auto adapters will help you activate these functions and use them on the car monitor. In general, these devices are connected in two ways:

A connection type depends on each specific car model and vehicle head unit. Not sure which connection type to choose? Don’t worry! Our sales managers and technical support specialists will always help you select the solution and appropriate connection type.

Here you are, a happy owner of the adapter, and you want to test the new device. What to do next? First, connect the device according to the user manual or the connection scheme. Most adapters are connected using Plug&Play method. This means that you do not need to cut the car wires, you just need to connect the cables and connectors as described in the user manual. Besides, while connecting the devices using Plug&Play method, there are no risks of voiding the car warranty.

After the installation, connect your smartphone to the head unit as follows: Android smartphones only allow cable connections, however iPhones may also connect over Wi-Fi. Please take note! Not all CarPlay adapters provide iPhone connectivity over Wi-Fi.

You may also use a universal vehicle activator for wireless CarPlay to connect your iPhone over Wi-Fi instead of searching for a cable and attaching the smartphone. After establishing the connection once, subsequent connections will be automated and undetectable. Please take note! This gadget is only intended for automobiles that have a genuine and operational CarPlay capability.

Once connected, use the OEM buttons or touch screen to choose Android Auto/CarPlay. Congratulations! You may now use CarPlay or Android Auto in your vehicle!

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How to Install a Camera, Navigation System in a Car?

How to Install a Camera, Navigation System in a Car? 0

We normally shop based on our budget and wants, but occasionally we purchase a more expensive item without fully comprehending its qualities. But why should we pay extra for features that we will never use?

If you don't want to overspend, you should know exactly what you need to buy and how to utilize it. As a result, we decided to devote this post to describing the fundamental distinctions between the most common automotive electronics systems.

Ways of controlling the connected devices

Furthermore, the majority of video interfaces provide charging of other connected devices. Simply said, the video interface acts as a power manager between the car and the additional connected gadgets. Be careful during installation since the power supply for the visual interface must be correctly organized. If it is done wrong, the automobile battery may be destroyed. As a result, if the video interface offers outputs for external devices, you should use them. However, you should also consider the maximum power of such an output.

In light of the foregoing, it is worth noting that the video interface is a pretty complicated gadget that often necessitates technical knowledge and equipment. It will take some time to install, but you will be rewarded with a vast range of functions.

Please take note! To avoid erroneous equipment functioning and damage to wires or other automotive components, we recommend installing the video interface only with the assistance of competent professionals.

We now provide a wide selection of video interfaces for a variety of automobile models, including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and others. If you wish to connect a navigation box or many external video devices to the car's OEM monitor, you'll need a video interface.

Camera interface adapters

Camera connection adapters are a type of video interface that has been simplified. Manufacturers employ the same CPU as used in video interfaces, but without any added functionality. As a result, you get a less expensive and simpler version with fewer features. You can link the rear and front vision cameras in particular.

When selecting such an adapter, make certain that it is compatible with the OEM rear view camera. It may appear that there are two identical options for the same automobile brand. However, if you look closely, you will notice that one of them works with the OEM camera and the other does not.

Manufacturers may respond to end-user demands by adding features to their products. For example, suppose you wish to add a rearview camera and Apple TV but not a front camera.

In this situation, you can replace the front-facing camera with Apple TV. As a result, you will need to configure an adapter in another manner. The OEM button on the steering wheel will trigger input from the linked Apple TV.

Camera Input CarPlay Adapters

If you've ever considered installing CarPlay or Android Auto in your vehicle, you should definitely read more about our adapters. Now we'll look into CarPlay adapters, which allow you to attach cameras, play video from a USB flash drive, and reflect your phone's view on the car's OEM monitor.

Such options include camera inputs and will come in useful if you need to install cameras in addition to CarPlay and Android Auto. They provide a Plug&Play connection, making installation considerably simpler and safer.

Some of these adapters have active parking lines and allow you to switch between video sources using the OEM button. Furthermore, while reversing, the backup camera picture will be instantly shown on the monitor.

You can also choose 3 in 1 solutions, which allow connecting additional video devices and cameras, as well as use CarPlay and Android Auto. Find more information about these functions in our article. More to that, you can play music on the OEM audio system from the connected smartphone or USB flash drive.


Summing up, choose the solution based on your needs. For example, if you only need a camera or a single video device - choose a cable for your head unit. In case you need more functionality, for instance, install a navigation box or use CarPlay/Android Auto - choose a video interface or multifunctional adapters. If you are not sure whether you need this or that solution, please contact our sales managers, and they will gladly help you.

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Are you concerned about the safety of touchscreen displays?

Are you concerned about the safety of touchscreen displays? 0

Customers have expressed concern that touchscreen receivers will be a distraction rather than a benefit. And, hey, we understand it; we're on the road, too. Here are some tips for utilizing them securely (as well as other things you might not have known about):

Before you drive, make sure your screen settings are correct. In the excitement of installing and turning on a new receiver (which we entirely understand), some folks will hit the road and try to alter the settings on the go. Simply said, don't. In fact, most touchscreen stereos won't let you view the menus while the car is driving. Before you start your car:

Configure the display to your liking. This contains settings for contrast, back lighting, dimming, and changeable color. Yes, you may reset them later if necessary...while you're parked.

Set the functions you use the most for quick access before you hit the road.

Please contact us if you have any issues regarding configuring your receiver. When you buy from Crutch field, you get lifelong tech support, which includes assistance with setting up and figuring out the controls.

Examine the owner's handbook.

Turn off the monitor. A lively display may pique your interest, but you may turn it off when not required.

There is normally a one or two button sequence that may totally and rapidly deactivate the display. The audio is still operational, so your music will continue to play and navigation applications will continue to direct you. When you touch it, it will instantly switch back on.

Acquaint yourself with the controls.Many people have pointed out that there are no "muscle memory" buttons or knobs on touchscreen receivers that can be touched without looking, which is an excellent point. However, many versions do offer convenient knobs or easily accessible toggle switches for volume control or other crucial adjustments. Some of the knobs are multi-functional and may be used for more than simply volume.

Keep your steering wheel controls active. Because you're presumably already familiar with these factory controls, why not utilize them with a new receiver? We provide steering wheel control (SWC) adapters for a wide range of cars and receivers. In many circumstances, you can actually write additional functions that you'd use more frequently into your controls.

Make use of voice commands like as Siri and Google Assistant. While chatting to your stereo may appear strange at first, they may actually assist you obtain information on the go without much interruption. Learn more about voice control in the automobile.

Incorporate a suitable remote control. Many touchscreen receivers are compatible with a portable remote control. It is sometimes included, and sometimes it is optional. For example, once he mastered the arrangement of the remote buttons, my Dad enjoyed using the remote to control his music without having to look at or touch it. This came from someone who wondered, "Why do I need a remote control for my car stereo?"

Understand your state's driving rules. It's a good idea to contact your local government to find out what the restrictions are for using smartphones and touchscreen displays. Check read our post on phone safety in the automobile.

It's certainly worth a look.

Whatever you pick, the sophistication of a touchscreen receiver makes it entertaining to use and quite useful. To determine which stereos will suit your car, use our easy vehicle picker tool. And our Advisors are accessible by phone or chat to assist you in selecting the best touchscreen receiver for your needs.

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The benefits of installing a touchscreen radio in your vehicle

The benefits of installing a touchscreen radio in your vehicle 0

What is the appeal of touchscreen stereos? This essay will go through the advantages, cool factor, and safety issues of huge stereo screens.

Why would you install a huge touchscreen radio in your car? Fantastic aesthetics are a terrific beginning point, but a big screen stereo can provide so much more. You can view all of the information you need at a glance, allowing you to get your eyes back on the road more quickly. You'll also have access to expansion options like as smartphone connectivity, navigation, and extra cameras.

There are three types of touchscreen receivers:

In-dash receivers that are double-sized (4" tall), the most popular style space-saving, 2"-tall receivers with flip-out screens

the rapidly expanding class of "floating" touchscreen receivers

However, it is all about the screen real estate and what it can display. The wide display and touchscreen controls make it simpler to use the stereo. Let's go through some tips for making the most of your touchscreen receiver.

Excellent, large display and phone support

It's far simpler to view a wide screen as your receiver's display than the single-line displays of standard vehicle stereos. You can immediately check what's on TV, who's on the phone, and where you're headed.

Many of these receivers offer the functionality of Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, which emulate your smartphone experience right on the receiver’s touchscreen display – great for keeping your phone out of your hand.

Adding a rear-view camera to your touchscreen stereo provides a better, wider view of what's behind you.

Add a camera (or cameras) for safety

A rear-view or backup camera can help make your touchscreen stereo a valuable tool for staying safe while backing up and to help avoid accidents. Its wide field of view offers a whole lot more of what’s behind you than using your mirror, including areas that your vehicle's body blocks from view. Many new stereos also offer multiple camera inputs, so you can incorporate factory cameras or add aftermarket cameras for areas like your side view – all viewable on the touchscreen display.

Onscreen GPS navigation

Are we there yet? Touchscreen stereos with built-in GPS navigation offer incredible convenience and assistance. But if you don't want to spend the extra money for built-in navigatIion on and future map updates, look for a touchscreen stereo that has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Both of these options get your smartphone involved to use navigation apps, such as Google Maps. They appear beautifully on the stereo's large display.

Larger touchscreen displays also let you clearly see and adjust your sound settings quickly.

Customizable and informative display

In addition to the music and caller info that you can see on the display, many touchscreen receivers let you customize the background and layout. So not only can you make a personal statement on the look in your dash, but you can organize the functions that you use the most.

When you’re looking for that perfect sound, you can dive into a receiver’s tone controls and see them clearly (while parked). We also offer Maestro interfaces for many vehicles that can show off vehicle diagnostics in your vehicle, depending on the receiver you choose. It can even include climate controls in some vehicles.

Take some time to make adjustments on your touchscreen receiver before you hit the road.

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Car stereos nowadays can do much more than just play music.

Car stereos nowadays can do much more than just play music. 0

What non-musical functions do you want?

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: As previously said, touchscreen stereos are the greatest at bringing your smartphone into the car. The CarPlay and Android Auto apps integrate your favorite phone services for driving (navigation, calling, news, audible and voice-texting, and podcasts).

Bluetooth: When used with a compatible phone, Bluetooth connection allows for hands-free calling and music streaming. Even if you don't believe you need it, you should probably make sure your new radio includes it.

GPS Navigation: Stereos with built-in navigation assist you avoid getting lost (or find your way back if you do). The navigation screen is significantly larger than that of your phone or other portable navigators. In addition, you get touchscreen controls for your radio.

In terms of touchscreen controls: big displays, a plethora of built-in capabilities, and simple viewing are just a few of the benefits of designing your audio system around a big touchscreen receiver. To understand more, see our article on the benefits of a touchscreen receiver.

A floating screen will update your dashboard.

What else should you look for in a vehicle stereo?

With their high-tech displays and cutting-edge layouts, aftermarket car stereos may improve the aesthetic of your vehicle's interior. Consider a multi-line display to show song, album, and artist information without having to scroll. They also make controlling and adjusting the stereo simpler.

For a better match with your dash illumination, full-color dynamic displays and adjustable color schemes are offered. If you want to increase your listening experience, look for a stereo with illumination that flashes in time with the music!

Today's popular trend in vehicle stereos is a floating screen, which is a screen that does not fit in the dash but "floats" in front of it, often measuring between 7 and 11 inches. These stereos provide even better "ease of use" functionality and significantly increase the stereo's "wow factor."

Backup camera display

The ability to employ a backup camera with a touchscreen receiver's display can save the day.

Driving assistance and backup cameras

More and more touchscreen stereos include at least one camera input, and some offer as many as four. Adding a backup camera, a dash cam, and/or side cameras can help keep the safety factor high. Some of our car stereo integration adapters can also help you integrate factory cameras, so you can keep their functionality even when you install a new car stereo.

Audio expandability

Auxiliary inputs, USB connections, and audio/video outputs let you expand your system by connecting portable music players, rear seat video screens, external amplifiers, and powered subwoofers to your new stereo.

If you're expanding your system with additional audio components, preamp outputs allow you to connect extra amplifiers to power your speakers or a subwoofer. The number of outputs might vary, but you should have at least one set. The output voltage normally varies from 2 to 5 volts. The greater the voltage rating, the cleaner the signal supplied to your amplifier. If you know you'll be adding a subwoofer, opt for a model with a separate subwoofer output - this will allow you to set the subwoofer level individually rather than using the bass control.


DIY Installation

If available, we offer free step-by-step instructions relevant to your vehicle. We also sell the installation parts and accessories you'll need for most vehicles, and you'll get them at a significant discount when you buy any receiver from us.

A panel removal tool will make installation easier in most vehicles and will help you avoid harming your dash.

Do you want to keep utilizing your steering wheel audio controls with your new stereo? A specific adaptor is required. We'll tell you which adaptor will work for you when you tell us about your car and select a radio.

We also demonstrate how to utilize common home equipment (such as a screwdriver) while installing your receiver. We also sell these tools if you don't have them.

Rodell in the automobile

What will be the next step?

Make a list of the characteristics you most want while keeping the points mentioned in this article in mind. Then, using our vehicle picker, get a selection of stereos that will fit your vehicle. Use our site's filters to narrow down the list and highlight your preferred features. Alternatively, disregard that and dive right into the in-dash receivers!

Check out our selection of the Best Car Stereos for 2023 for a head start.

If you want deeper dive into a specific type of receiver more before you start shopping, our expert guides can help:

Advantages of a touchscreen stereo

Digital media receivers buying guide

In-dash navigation buying guide

Marine stereos buying guide

And don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Guide to Purchasing a Car Stereo

Guide to Purchasing a Car Stereo 0

How to Select the Best Car Stereo for You?

Any automobile music system is incomplete without a car stereo. With so many options, how can you choose the best one? This article will assist you in narrowing down your options for the best audio for you and your car or truck.

How do you acquire a new vehicle stereo? A new vehicle stereo (also known as a car receiver or head unit) will provide you with greater sound, more connection, and more playback choices than a stock stereo. We'll talk about these subjects and more while asking you some basic questions about how you use your audio.

And if you have any questions, you can always contact one of our advisers (such as Ivy, seen above). They're kind, patient, knowledgable, and willing to assist.

Why are you looking to upgrade your present stereo?

When you phone us, one of our consultants will ask you this question. Whether you just want to replace a broken radio or enhance features you don't presently have, addressing this question might help you focus on what you're missing and what you hope to gain from a new stereo.

Improved audio quality

Superior built-in power and superior circuit design ensure that an aftermarket automobile radio provides cleaner, richer, more-detailed sound than a conventional factory audio. With improved tone settings, you'll be able to fine-tune the music exactly as you want it.

If sound quality is important to you, search for a stereo that includes precise sound settings like as digital time correction and parametric equalization. They are often found on higher-end vehicles, although even lower-priced aftermarket stereos will provide greater audio control than the standard factory radio.

New music sources and functionality have been added.

One of the most popular reasons for purchasing a new stereo system is to increase your listening options and additional features, such as:

Digital media playback, including high-res music files

Android™ and iPhone® support, including Android Auto® and Apple CarPlay®

SiriusXM satellite radio

Bluetooth® connectivity

GPS navigation

Support for Pandora®, Spotify®, and other app-related sources (such audiobooks, podcasts, etc.)

What fits your car?

It's important to make sure you choose a new stereo that fits in your dash. Checking fit is easy using our vehicle selector tool. Enter your specific vehicle information, and we'll filter out the options that won't work in your vehicle and display the ones that will. Plus, we'll let you know about the installation kits, special adapters, and instructions that you'll need — which we offer at a discount when you buy your new stereo from us.

Need a stereo for your classic car?

Retrosound stereo in a classic car

Looking for a stereo for your classic car that won't ruin the classic looks? We carry gear from Retrosound that will do just that. Check out the this '63 Cadillac Eldorado. We installed a new audio system and kept the original factory look.

How do you listen to your music?

Answering this question is the next step in selecting the right car receiver. Knowing which options are "must-haves" will help you narrow your search and focus on the features that are important to you, so that you can listen in your preferred ways:

Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®: We carry a wide selection of receivers that offer this smartphone functionality. They provide access to a huge array of music apps (and more) right from the touchscreen or voice control. Check out our guides to car stereos with Apple CarPlay and car stereos with Android Auto for more details.

Music from your phone: Look for a stereo that will control your phone or that has Bluetooth® streaming capability.

Thumb drives or music players: Most in-dash receivers feature USB inputs, so you can have a ready-to-go library of music in your car all of the time, loaded onto a thumb drive or other type of mass storage device. An auxiliary input lets you connect non-USB devices or portable music players. Some receivers feature SD™ card slots, too.

CDs: If you still listen to those shiny discs (many of us here still do), make sure your new stereo can play them. A CD or DVD receiver is what you need. If you don't need disc playback, then a digital media or multimedia receiver might be best for you. Read our digital media receiver buying guide for more info.

If you want to add satellite radio to your new car stereo, make sure the stereo you choose is "satellite radio-ready." That means it can control an optional hideaway satellite radio tuner. If you already listen via the phone app or have a portable satellite radio, then your new stereo just needs an auxiliary input or Bluetooth.

FM radio: Radios with a low FM sensitivity do a better job of pulling in radio signals. An FM sensitivity of 8 to 12 dBf is considered very good. Be sure to look for this detail in the stereo's description if a better-than-most AM/FM radio is high on your list.

HD Radio™ broadcasts: Radio stations broadcasting digital signals are becoming more and more prevalent. To gain the benefits of static-free reception and better sound quality, your stereo must have an HD Radio tuner.

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Audio Quality Evaluation

Audio Quality Evaluation 0

Even if a head unit has a lot of extra capabilities, it won't be fun to use if when you crank it up, it crackles like a 1910s phonograph.

Most Android vehicle stereos have a peak power output of roughly 50 watts or an RMS power output of 25 watts (which relates to how much power the stereo can handle for extended periods of time). If you want a louder sound, choose a unit with a greater RMS power, such as 40 watts.

It's crucial to remember that the head unit is only one component of a car's audio system. You may need to upgrade other components of your sound system in order to enhance your audio output.

Screen Resolution

Android car stereos are frequently utilized as multimedia centers in automobiles, giving entertainment choices such as YouTube and DVD compatibility. Screen resolution is critical in this profession. If you want to take full benefit of 4K material, opt for a high-resolution vehicle radio.

Consider options such as brightness adjustment and adjustable-angled displays, which can assist reduce glare when driving in direct sunlight. These features can ensure that you can continue to use your navigation system without interruption.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity is a key feature to consider when choosing an android car stereo. Options like Bluetooth and USB inputs allow for hands-free calling and app access on the stereo.

Intuitive Display

Unresponsive screens can be a danger while driving, and clicking through multiple menus can be distracting. Therefore, it’s important to look for a car stereo with an intuitive display. A touchscreen can provide greater control, but make sure there are buttons at the base of the stereo for easy access to features like volume, voice calls, and the radio.


Installing an android car stereo can be made easy with the use of adaptors and wiring harnesses. However, it’s important to ensure that the system is compatible with your vehicle before beginning the installation process. While smaller, slimmer head-units may be easier to install, compatibility is the most important factor to consider.

Drive Disc

If you still have a CD collection and want to listen to it in your car, you might consider getting a car radio with a disc drive. While CD and DVD compatibility is becoming less popular, it is still available on some car stereos. This is excellent for entertaining children on long rides or simply listening to CDs in the vehicle.

GPS Navigation Built-In

Do you always use Google Maps to get to your destination? When you lose 4G access, it might be stressful, but with built-in GPS navigation on an Android car stereo, you won't have to worry about remembering your phone or data coverage.

Many stereos come with North American maps pre-loaded, while others offer free worldwide maps. In-built GPS systems can make navigation a stress-free experience.

Support for a Reversing Camera

Did you believe that reversing cameras were only available as a premium option on the most recent models? A reversing camera may be installed in any car that has a suitable head unit.

Although it is uncommon for an Android car radio to have a reversing camera, checking for systems with rear camera connectors provides you the option to update later. Consider this option, particularly if you wish to prevent the unpleasant sound of a collision. You may also seek for vehicle stereos that already feature backup cameras.


If you own an Android device, an Android car stereo is a good option. It is compatible with Android Auto. The majority of the vehicle stereos on this list are also Apple CarPlay compatible, so iPhone users may pick from them as well.

Upgrading your vehicle sound may appear scary, but it is not difficult, even for novice DIYers. You can easily install a new stereo with the proper wiring harness and schematic. And a new Android car audio might give you the impression that you have a new car without having to drive to the showroom.

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Install an Android Auto head unit to improve your infotainment system.

Install an Android Auto head unit to improve your infotainment system. 0

We've identified the greatest single DIN, big screen, wireless, and low-cost Android car stereos on the market.

Many individuals don't even consider updating their automobile head since a regular one is adequate for listening to music – and that's really all they need. However, if you want fantastic technology that will make your car seem futuristic, an Android auto head unit is what you should acquire. With one of these bad boys, your vehicle head will feel more like a smartphone than a stereo, with voice commands, navigation aid, and hands-free phone calls, among other intriguing functions.

If you want to install Android Auto to an older vehicle, you have many of alternatives.

How did we choose the finest Android Auto head unit?

Our collection is made up of head units that match the most popular vehicle radio sizes: single DIN car stereo slots and double DIN car stereo slots. These selections are based on Crutchfield's expert recommendations, user reviews, and ratings on prominent shopping websites.

Before you get started, use Crutchfield's Find What Fits tool to see which radio will suit your car. Enter your vehicle's make, model, and year to find speakers, Android Auto head units, and other accessories that will fit your ride.

Three characteristics to look for in an Android Auto head unit

Single DIN or double DIN: Double DIN and single DIN units are the two most prevalent head sizes. Single DIN stereo apertures are 2 by 8 inches in size, and double DIN openings are 4 by 8 inches in size. If you're replacing a double DIN unit, you'll have additional alternatives for enhancing your stereo's intelligence. A single DIN doesn't exclude you from pairing your Android phone to your car for Android Auto, but you will have less options with this Android Auto unit.

Receiver types include: Depending on your demands, there are a few distinct head unit classifications, each with a different feature set.

Having trouble letting go of discs?

You're in luck, because a DVD receiver can combine physical and digital media. Digital multimedia receivers lack an optical drive but can play audio and video and many include touchscreens.

Features: Android phone integration isn't the only thing you'll receive for your money. Look for a capacitive touchscreen rather than a resistive one if you want to feel like you're using your phone. In addition to HD and satellite radio tuners, several versions have pre-outs for attaching additional amps and subwoofers. Look for a device that has Bluetooth and wireless Android Auto app compatibility for the greatest ease.

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