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Recap: Sunday's Car Audio Competition In Greensburg USA

Recap: Sunday's Car Audio Competition In Greensburg USA 0

Car audio - a niche and professional's hobby that celebrates cars with high-performance audio systems.

In the words of ESSGOO engineer Xavier, "My car has a trunk full of amplifiers, and there's no room for Coca-Cola and bread."

On Sunday, May 29, 2022, car audio enthusiasts from all over the region descended on Greensburg looking to stand out in the battle to see who can sound the loudest.


Join it and become a car music lover


Car Stereo History 01: From The Era of 'Fool' Car Radio to Embracing the Era of Smart Car Stereo 0

Car Stereo refers to the abbreviation of in-vehicle infotainment products installed in cars. Car Stereo can functionally realize information communication between people and cars, and between cars and the outside world (such as car to car).

Different from the previous two generations of car machines, the third-generation car machine is developing in the direction of informatization and intelligence. It not only focuses on improving the accuracy of in-vehicle navigation and enhancing the experience of audio-visual entertainment, but also adopts more compatibility, more intelligent Android, carplay and other systems.

So to sum up, the third-generation car stereo is the era of comprehensive development of "smart car machines", and ESSGOO is the leading brand of Android & Carplay car stereo.


Popular Science - What is a car audio system 0

 How does this system work?

Car audio and video system is a major category in the field of auto parts. If it is subdivided, there are different components, such as speakers, stereos, stabilizers, AMP, audio receivers and so on.

Today I want to talk about Car Stereo. This product has many different names, and each country and region has a different name for him, such as Head Unit, Car Audio, Receiver, MP3 Player, MP4, MP5 Player, etc., and more Hyundai's sayings are: car entertainment system, car central control, Car Multimedia, car intelligent system and so on.


What is ESSGOO? How is ESSGOO? Why is ESSGOO? 0

What is ESSGOO? - Re-energize the "aging" automobile market and reawaken the possibility of fuel vehicles.

How is ESSGOO? - Continuously explore the entertainment and safety fields of automobiles, and bring consumers cheap and high-quality auto parts products,

Why is ESSGOO? - Provide a perfect after-sales service system, each product has a detailed operation introduction and user feedback.

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Comparison of ESSGOO stereo before and after installation 0


How to upgrade the car audio system?  A tip?

Can't find the stereo/audio you want?

You have a volkswagen?

Answer: Take a picture to the customer service and get a reply the next day