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Single DIN Car stereo with telescopic screen - Firmware upgrade for T100C


Here is the Link for Single DIN Car stereo T100C with telescopic screen Firmware upgrade

Download : T100C Firmware Upgrade


How to use it?

After downloading the file, copy it to a blank U disk, and then plug it into the Car stereo when it is powered on to automatically upgrade!!


Note that the file name cannot be changed, make sure the file name is ISPBOOOT.BIN

It cannot be automatically repeated by a system such as ISPBOOOT(1).BIN or ISPBOOOT-1.BIN. Some friends will download the files repeatedly, and then when they use one of them, they will find that the name of the file has changed, and there is a number behind it. The main thing is to change it to 'ISPBOOOT.BIN'! !


 What is ESSGOO 7 inch Touchscreen Single DIN Car stereo T100C Look Like?



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