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Single DIN Car stereo with telescopic screen - Firmware upgrade for T100C 0

Here is the Link for Single DIN Car stereo T100C with telescopic screen Firmware upgrade

Download : T100C Firmware Upgrade

Is the boot screen, car logo missing in the car stereo system? 0



Valued customers

If you have received the product without the boot screen/car logo of your model, the following operation can effectively solve your problem (is the boot screen missing in the car stereo system, car logo)

1. First you need to download the relevant pictures (these pictures are in BMP format)
Please click here, or copy this link:

2. Then build the compressed package and extract it to the U disk, and then connect the Car stereo USB interface.

3. Finally found this screen, in 'Settings', 'LOGO Select' - Done


If you still have questions about changing the car logo or splash screen, check out our YouTube video tutorial:



Product Manual For MP3, WinCE And Android System - ESSGOO Car Stereo 0

👨‍🎓 “Tutorials” e.g. 🔑 Factory Password or ⚙️ Installation 

⤵️“Download Center ”  e.g. 📓 User Manual or 💽 APP APK or 📽Video Tutorial

👍 or More Solution from 🦅 ESSGOO YouTube


Android System - Universal MU for Android (Applicable to all Android Car Stereo Audio): HERE DOWNLOAD

MP3 System -  Six Language Versions - Universal MU for MP3 (Applicable to Most Car Stereo Audio): HERE DOWNLOAD

MP5 / Wins System - Universal MU for Wins (Applicable to Most Car Stereo Audio): : HERE DOWNLOAD

... ...


DAB+Radio Receiver APK for Android 2

Pre-installed DAB+ APP is Necessary - APK: 

If there is no ‘dab +’ APP in the original Car Stereo Audio, you need to download and install it.
Download to U-disk or SD card, then insert it into car Stereo Audio, find the corresponding file, and click to install.
For ESSGOO Android System: Download Here

Netflix cracked version suitable for Android 0


This is the Netflix cracked installation package for Android

Click Here: DOWNLOAD

** Instructions:

Download to U disk or SD card, then insert ESSGOO's Car Stereo Audio, find the installation package in the file (or may need to be decompressed in advance), click to install


Firmware and Flash Package Download For ESSGOO Car Stereo Radio 3

If you have any questions, you can contact us, thank you for your trust in ESSGOO.
Flashing & updating the firmware is the last resort, it is used only after other methods have been tried and failed; it is best to have customer service guidance before downloading

Offline map for ESSGOO car stereo radio 0


Off-line map download package

Here is the link of the Here Wego apk: DOWNLOAD

Please download the maps into U disk,then insert the U disk into the stereo.

After that,please follow the instruciton on the video: HERE &+& HERE