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FAQ of ESSGOO Car Stereo Audio

 Listed below are questions most asked of ESSGOO car stereo products. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please contact us.


Factory set password / code: 3711, or 1234, or 000000, or 8888, or 1619, or 6556, or 1617, or 0000 


1. How to choose the right car audio and video for your car?

Please contact us, we are professional

2 How to install?

Answer: Contact us for the latest removal and installation method: safe, fast, and simple

3. Manual, usage method, function introduction, novel function, etc.?

Answer: Please contact us to get the latest information

4. Cannot boot

(1) The original car plug is used
The original car plug can not be directly plugged into the new machine, even if the size is right, there will be a risk of burning the machine.
The original car line and machine wiring cannot be connected to the color. The color of the original car line is not standard. The color connection may not only fail to turn on, but also burn

(2) Wiring error
Yellow, red, and black 3 wires are only connected to 2, so that it will not be turned on, the yellow wire is connected to the positive pole, the red wire is connected to the key control wire, and the black wire is connected to the negative pole.

(3) The fuse is burned out
If you find that the fuse is burned and you have changed one, it means that the machine is short-circuited. The reason is that the positive and negative poles were reversed the first time you connected the wires. Please contact us in this case

(4) Final confirmation
None of the above is a problem, but it still does not boot. Please make the last step to confirm. Find a 12V battery or 12V power supply, twist the yellow and red wires together to connect to the positive pole; black connect to the negative pole, press the power button
Turn on-Prove that there is a problem with the original car line. Machine is normal
Can't boot-Prove that the machine is broken. In this case, please contact us and provide a video/picture

5. Can't shut down?

The machine will still light up after unplugging the car key. This is a wiring problem. Both the red wire and the yellow wire are receiving normal power.
Check the wiring, the yellow wire should be connected to the positive pole, the red wire should be connected to the ACC ignition switch, and the black wire should be connected to the negative pole.

6. Automatic shutdown?

Answer: Automatic shutdown is generally caused by the following situations:

1. Wrong wire connection: the blue wire (automatic antenna power supply) cannot be turned on if it is connected to the power wire; the same is true for other wires
2. The voltage is unstable: please find a 12V -5A power supply to re-test. Normal use after the test proves the power supply problem of the original car

7. There is no sound just installed?

The machine has been tested before delivery. If there is no sound, it is usually a wiring error or a short circuit of the original car horn.

1. Check whether the speaker wire is short-circuited and connected in parallel. If yes, please reconnect it.
2. Try another speaker.

8. Is there a noise?

Answer: The noise is generally caused by two reasons:

1. The power of the original speaker is too small. When the volume of the machine is turned up, the noise will appear. Solution: When changing the speaker or listening to songs, the volume should not be too high
2. The speaker cable is grounded, the solution: mourn the grounded speaker cable and directly connect it to the speaker cable of the machine;

9. The touch screen does not work

1. Reset
2. To calibrate the screen, put 5 fingers on the screen, and then touch it with your fingers according to the prompts
3. If the touch screen is broken, you can contact us to reissue the touch screen if you purchased it on the official website


10. The settings cannot be saved (no memory)?

1. The yellow wire and the red wire are connected together (separately connected, the yellow is connected to the positive electrode, and the red is connected to the key control)
2. The yellow wire and the red wire are reversed (just change the position)

11. Bluetooth not working or no signal:

1. Check whether the rear sight is connected, this is the signal line of bluetooth and wifi (rear camera input) 

2. If there is a connection, clear the mobile phone Bluetooth list, reset the machine, and then reconnect (operation steps: turn on the mobile phone, search with the mobile phone Bluetooth, find CAR-MP5, and click connect.)
3. Change other phone connections. Check whether the phone can search for the machine code. (Operation steps: turn on the mobile phone, search with the mobile phone Bluetooth, find the CAR-MP5, and click connect.) PIN code: 0000

12. There is no image from the reversing camera?

Answer: It is generally the case: wrong wiring or less wiring. Contact us for the latest camera connection method

13. The sound cannot be adjusted in size?

Answer: The sound cannot be adjusted in size:
1. Please reset the machine or unplug the power cord and plug it in again;
2. The volume knob is broken, just replace the knob.

14. The U disk cannot be played; the card with the map cannot be recognized or has no content;

The machine is tested before shipment, please trust us
Answer: Re-download the content after formatting the U disk and TF card. Or try another U disk, TF card

15. Can't FM receive the station?

1. The antenna plug is not fully inserted and the antenna is broken.
2. Press and hold BND without letting go for 2 seconds, the machine will search automatically or press the up and down keys to perform a channel search

16. Where is the best place for the navigation antenna (small black square)?

Fix it on the place where the solar light is obtained or on the windshield (this is very important, poor installation will affect the navigation signal poor and the positioning is not accurate).

17. Only the radio mode has sound, and there is no sound in other modes:

This kind of problem is mainly connected to the automatic antenna on the control line of the external power amplifier (the blue line of the machine). Please check the wiring is correct

18. Mirror link, carplay

Mirror link method: no need to download APP
Apple mobile phone: To open the hotspot of the mobile phone, use the machine to link the mobile phone hotspot, and then turn on Apple's wireless projection screen.
The same is true for Android phones. Android phones need to find wireless projection in the settings. It also needs to be on the same network as the machine to be able to link.

You still can’t connect with the above link method: replace the data cable, if you still can’t connect, provide the phone model and version information


19. The mobile phone cannot be connected to the car stereo

IOS mobile phone: Please open the hotspot on the mobile phone, let the speaker connect to the mobile phone, and then open the wireless projection on the mobile phone.
Android phone: Please connect the stereo to your phone via a USB cable, and make sure the USB cable is plugged into the USB1 port of the stereo.


20. How to download the logo and find the logo

The link below shows you how to download the logo:

This link is the file that teaches you how to find the logo: