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Car FM Radio does not get the proper frequency that makes noise




The car stereo's radio is noisy, what's the matter? Is it normal?

It is normal for the radio to have a slight noise, as this is a normal phenomenon of the radio, caused by the FM channel.
If there is a lot of noise, this is largely due to wrong wiring, please check one by one.
1. Connect the antenna of the radio amplifier to the red wire acc wire. Noise can be effectively reduced
2. Determine whether there is interference with other equipment installed, so as to affect the received signal/frequency
3. Is the wiring correct? Avoid different wires sticking together.

If the above methods have been tried, but no improvement, we can update the system software, please provide the following information pictures
1. Relevant order information (when to buy, where to buy, order number, etc.)
2. Provide a picture of the system information (different system models have different installation packages)


Here are the wiring diagrams of multiple products for reference




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