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A 3-step plan for upgrading your car stereo system

A 3-step plan for upgrading your car stereo system

If you are not happy with the performance of your car’s audio system, then it is highly likely that your car does not have the right kind of entertainment system. The car manufacturer has a bad habit of putting inferior music systems in the car. We believe we can not blame them entirely for this. The reason is that a car manufacturer’s primary concern is building a car. And they barely put effort into the car audio system. They neither hire a dedicated R&D team to design and manufacture audio systems.Whatever the reason, maybe, if you are struggling with the car’s audio performance, you can easily change that. In fact, you need not more than 3 simple steps to get a fantastic audio system in your car!

Upgrade your amplifier

Amplifiers are the heart of any audio system. Yet, often they are the most neglected audio equipment. Amplifiers such as car amplifiers, DJ amplifiers, or home amplifiers, irrespective of their place of usage, work on a similar principle. The amplifiers are designed to strengthen the low-quality audio signal. And this boosted signal quality delivers clean and noise-free sound.Most car manufacturers put a basic amplifier not capable of delivering enough power to the sound system components. As a result, they don’t operate at their maximum capacity. Replacing the car amplifier should be the first step toward a better audio system because the other two upgrades depend on it! The benefits of a Car Amplifier are many, and it is proven that these machines can change how you experience music.

Add a woofer

What is the most noticeable distinction between a premium car audio system and a regular car audio system? Well, it is not a loud sound or the number of speakers. The differences can be recognized with the bass. But why? What do they have extra? Well, the main equipment that produces bass is a subwoofer. And the best part is you can buy a woofer and integrate it into your car to get the same thrilling experience.5 Core Car Woofers are well built and offer a great experience. It provides superior bass experience, better response, clarity, and reduced distortion. For most genres, the bass is essential. And without proper bass, your music experience will taste dull. Install a 5 Cor woofer, and the bass will start pumping.Note- You need a powerful car amplifier to deliver enough juice to the woofer to operate properly.

Add car speakers

The installation of car speakers is the most common way that vehicle owners think of who try to improve the car audio system. This method is standard and used by RV owners and boat owners. However, while they are not wrong to make yet, many complain that the sound system did not improve even after adding the extra speakers.The problem here is that the car owner often did not upgrade the stock car amplifier before adding more speakers. Running multiple speakers on the OEM amplifier is not advisable. The reason being the stock amps are not capable enough to deliver power to the speaker. Furthermore, many times OEM amps are limited by the ports. Therefore, you can not add extra speakers unless you change the amp.The addition of new car speakers has many benefits. If you want to know all of them, you can read our previous blog Why buy new car speakers? It is advised to make sure to add a powerful amplifier beforehand. The lack of a powerful car amp will make your audio experience substandard.

Ready to upgrade the car audio?

A good car audio system is an integral part of your journey. If you genuinely want to experience the best of it, upgrading the audio components makes sense. Upgrading these three key components is a proven way to achieve maximum sound quality and performance.We hope this blog helped you to understand where your car system is lacking and what upgrade you should make. Get everything from the award-winning and premium electronic manufacturer 5 Core. We strive to deliver a product that is high quality, feature-rich, and provides excellent performance.

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