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Are you concerned about the safety of touchscreen displays?

Are you concerned about the safety of touchscreen displays?

Customers have expressed concern that touchscreen receivers will be a distraction rather than a benefit. And, hey, we understand it; we're on the road, too. Here are some tips for utilizing them securely (as well as other things you might not have known about):

Before you drive, make sure your screen settings are correct. In the excitement of installing and turning on a new receiver (which we entirely understand), some folks will hit the road and try to alter the settings on the go. Simply said, don't. In fact, most touchscreen stereos won't let you view the menus while the car is driving. Before you start your car:

Configure the display to your liking. This contains settings for contrast, back lighting, dimming, and changeable color. Yes, you may reset them later if necessary...while you're parked.

Set the functions you use the most for quick access before you hit the road.

Please contact us if you have any issues regarding configuring your receiver. When you buy from Crutch field, you get lifelong tech support, which includes assistance with setting up and figuring out the controls.

Examine the owner's handbook.

Turn off the monitor. A lively display may pique your interest, but you may turn it off when not required.

There is normally a one or two button sequence that may totally and rapidly deactivate the display. The audio is still operational, so your music will continue to play and navigation applications will continue to direct you. When you touch it, it will instantly switch back on.

Acquaint yourself with the controls.Many people have pointed out that there are no "muscle memory" buttons or knobs on touchscreen receivers that can be touched without looking, which is an excellent point. However, many versions do offer convenient knobs or easily accessible toggle switches for volume control or other crucial adjustments. Some of the knobs are multi-functional and may be used for more than simply volume.

Keep your steering wheel controls active. Because you're presumably already familiar with these factory controls, why not utilize them with a new receiver? We provide steering wheel control (SWC) adapters for a wide range of cars and receivers. In many circumstances, you can actually write additional functions that you'd use more frequently into your controls.

Make use of voice commands like as Siri and Google Assistant. While chatting to your stereo may appear strange at first, they may actually assist you obtain information on the go without much interruption. Learn more about voice control in the automobile.

Incorporate a suitable remote control. Many touchscreen receivers are compatible with a portable remote control. It is sometimes included, and sometimes it is optional. For example, once he mastered the arrangement of the remote buttons, my Dad enjoyed using the remote to control his music without having to look at or touch it. This came from someone who wondered, "Why do I need a remote control for my car stereo?"

Understand your state's driving rules. It's a good idea to contact your local government to find out what the restrictions are for using smartphones and touchscreen displays. Check read our post on phone safety in the automobile.

It's certainly worth a look.

Whatever you pick, the sophistication of a touchscreen receiver makes it entertaining to use and quite useful. To determine which stereos will suit your car, use our easy vehicle picker tool. And our Advisors are accessible by phone or chat to assist you in selecting the best touchscreen receiver for your needs.

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