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Big Screen Car MP5 Players Are Well Worth Buying


Car MP5 player are very popular with car owners in modern times, especially those who like to watch movies and e-books in their free time while driving. A good MP5 players usually bring great convenience to users.

Because the market has been updated, ordinary car navigation still can not meet the needs of consumers, so there is a new product car MP5 on the market, which solves the problems encountered by other car players from a large aspect, such navigation and connection.

What's more, the best mp5 player must not be without a large screen. A best ESSGOO MP5 player with a big screen will bring users a good experience.



Let's introduce a very good car MP5 player - ESSGOO FR7002

This car MP5 player has a 7-inch large screen, not only that, its screen resolution reaches 800*480 pixels. For customers who love large screens, this product can largely meet various needs. Let's take a look at its multimedia system, which supports multiple playback formats and has a USB port to help you charge your phone. This feature allows you to keep your smartphone fully charged even outdoors.

For users who like to watch movies in their leisure time, this car MP5 player can be said to be the best choice. Not only that, its screen is also a high-definition touch screen, which is very convenient to operate.

If you feel that its own storage space is not enough, it also supports up to 32GB of memory expansion, which can not only store a lot of music and movies and TV works, but also store a variety of maps and e-books, which is greatly convenient for your life.

It also supports a rear-facing camera to help you see what's behind you while driving. The reversing assist function is a pity for most cars before 2013, but replacing it with ESSGOO car stereo with a screen can easily solve this problem. Overall, this car MP5 is very worth buying.


Three special features of car MP5 player from ESSGOO

1. Voice compression technology

It occupies a very important position in the current consumer products, from Internet phones to toys can realize its applications, and can develop different technologies according to different application ranges. Car MP5 is a completely new concept in the automotive field, which can support more video, especially online video resources. In terms of DRM digital copyright protection, the ability to carry out synchronous transmission is a great boon for the legitimate cause of copyright protection, and caters to the tide of the international genuine cause.


2. Better file format

Compared with other formats, in the case of the same file size, ESSGOO car stereo can express the dynamic picture more clearly and smoothly. ESSGOO good support for RMVB format is the most direct and effective way for multimedia players to solve the problem of film source.

At present, the network video resources are very rich, among which the RM and RMVB launched by various companies occupy more than 80% of the video resources. The RMVB format adopts dynamic bitrate encoding to adjust the bitrate according to the dynamic situation of the picture. The larger the screen dynamics, the higher the bitrate of the encoding.


3. Automatic switching when reversing

Power on state: automatically switch to the screen displayed by the camera when reversing, and automatically switch back to the previously played screen after reversing.

Shutdown status: automatically turn on when reversing to display the scene behind the car, and automatically shut down after reversing.

It can ensure the safety of driving. While reversing shouldn't be a big problem or a life test for very experienced drivers; for me, I'd rather not drive out if the vehicle doesn't have reverse assist and a backup camera (don't know if readers have Don’t feel the same way?).

Advantages of car MP5

Car MP5 digital music playback method, operation is also more convenient than the traditional car navigation screen, not only faster song selection, do not have to worry about the vibration caused by needle jumping, because it is purely digital.

The video playback function of the car MP5 is to use the terrestrial digital TV channel to realize the functions of online digital video live viewing, download and watching. Support nine-grid beautiful UI display, support multi-language, customizable. Beautiful appearance, stable performance, clear image, vivid color, simple operation.

In addition, the car MP5 has a large built-in storage space, so users can include all kinds of music, online movies and even DVD blockbusters, TV series, and their favorite photos to pass the time at leisure. In addition, the powerful core processing power of the car MP5 can support a number of existing classic network download games. In short, whether you are driving or leisure, the car MP5 will always let you relax.

Car MP5 uses a "special compression algorithm" to filter out sounds that humans cannot hear to obtain more music space, so the music compressed by ESSGOO car MP5 technology should technically be slightly better than other devices.


How big is the right car MP5 screen

Generally speaking, the 7 - 9 inch large screen is the best, it is very good to watch movies and magazines; it is also very exciting to read comics; it also has a clearer and larger field of vision when reversing.

The head unit with a 3 - 5 inch screen is more suitable for single-DIN car modification, the main reason is that it will not destroy the overall style of the original car interior. Although the screen is small, there are many necessary functions, and the installation is also very convenient. Most of them are plug-and-play non-destructive replacements.

Currently, models corresponding to the international standard double DIN are generally 7 inches screen (the screen length is about 9.5cm, and the width is about 5.5cm). On the one hand, technology is improving. Many "expensive high-tech" 5 years ago have become cheap and popular under the introduction of ESSGOO. Another aspect is the resolution, the high-definition screen materials used by ESSGOO can restore colors well and have a better visual sense.



In general, the car MP5 player is still worth buying

Finally, I believe that the reason why car MP5 can become the first choice of many car owners is because it has the carrying capacity of the digital age, and the music of car MP5 is completely beyond the reach of ordinary car MP3. And after replacing the ESSGOO car MP5 player, the car stereo has also become diversified, with car navigation system, reversing system, mobile phone link and other functions of the new era.

When you replace the car player unit of ESSGOO, you will find that the old fuel car can also become so technological.


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