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Car Stereo History 01: From The Era of 'Fool' Car Radio to Embracing the Era of Smart Car Stereo

Have you ever noticed that when we are stuffed into the few cubic meters of space in the car, there is not much thing we can do, and most of the time we are tied to the seat boringly. So from a very early age, automotive engineers have been looking for ways to make 'in-car life' more interesting and richer, which is the original driving force behind the development of Car Stereo.

'Fool' Car Stereo Era

The professional term for Car Stereo is In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI for short). The first generation of Car Stereo was born in the 1980s ~ 1990s. At that time, Car Stereo only supported cassette and radio functions.
The predecessor of the IVI was the car radio, which existed as early as the 1930s. However, it was not possible to communicate information between the car and the outside world at that time, so it was not a Car Stereo in the strict sense (this was a 'Fool' Car Stereo).


The second generation of Car stereo - Car Navigation / GPS

If the first generation of car stereo solves everyone's basic pursuit of hearing, then the second generation of car stereos not only improves the listening enjoyment (the second generation of car stereos adds DVD playback and MP3 on the basis of the first generation) , The most important thing is to solve the problem of road blindness, because GPS began to become civilian, and car navigation began to develop.

From ESSGOO's current point of view, the first and second generation car stereos are not very fun, and they are very limited (even dull and boring), so essgoo engineers summed up this type of car stereo as "A simple car radio"; it is a bit like the point-and-shoot camera that was popular in the 90s, with simple and single operation, maybe meeting the daily needs of most people, but when our needs are more and more vigorous, it seems powerless.

The third generation of car machine -  Smart Car Stereo

Different from the previous two generations of car machines, the third-generation car machine is developing in the direction of informatization and intelligence. It not only focuses on improving the accuracy of in-vehicle navigation and enhancing the experience of audio-visual entertainment, but also adopts more compatibility, more intelligent Android, carplay and other systems.

Most importantly, for the interior of the car, the current car stereo can also increase driving safety through a variety of sensors, various automotive driver assistance systems, and human-computer interaction systems. Externally, it has 4G and Telematics functions, and can also be combined with the CAN-BUS technology of automobiles, which can realize information communication between people and vehicles, and between vehicles and the outside world.

In addition to functions such as driving aid lights and reversing assistance, there are also many entertainment and life-like functions, such as maintenance appointments, remote diagnosis, making calls, sending and receiving short hair, voice control, voice broadcast, listening to books, 3G Internet access , friends on the way, road book, real-time road status, online music, online radio, Internet TV, online video, APP Store and other functions.

So to sum up, the third-generation car stereo is the era of comprehensive development of "smart car machines", and ESSGOO is the leading brand of Android & Carplay car stereo.


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