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Comparison of ESSGOO stereo before and after installation


How to upgrade the car audio system? A tip?

Answer: Take a picture to the customer service and get a reply the next day



My car has been driving for a long time. It is second-hand. I know my Volkswagen very well: It is fuel-efficient and well maintained. Of course, this maintenance is relative. As you guess, I haven't cleared the car for 2 months. There is also some dust & mud in the car, but the hardware of the car is very good, there is no doubt about this.

However, I have been a little bit bothered recently. I saw my friend bought car audio online, and the amazing thing is that he installed it by himself, and said that the whole process is surprisingly simple. Seeing his newly replaced MP3, it is colorful and looks very cool at night. I'm really moved, and I want to change too.

I consulted him, and the good news is that upgrading my Volkswagen audio system is not as expensive and troublesome as I thought, and it can also make my car look better.

Look directly at the results at night~~

To be honest, when I first opened this website given to me by my friend, I was a bit confused because I couldn't find the same touch screen central control as the original car. My friend told me just take a photo directly to the customer service, they would recommend it to me. and of course, I did it. When I checked the mail the next day, I was stunned; Is this style sure to be installed on my VW? ? (First question, very uncertain)

During these two days of communication, I believe that the original VW of mine can become more fashionable (I am not sure what specific models of my VW are)

Seriously, when you see this picture, Can you be sure that these two things are really "brothers"? ? ??

"brothers"? ? ??

My new ESSGOO AR7002 is an Android system, and I can also download mini-games to play on the Internet. Look~~ This is really a low-profile Tesla.

Look~~ This is really a low-profile Tesla.

I was surprised that the audio/music of my car has become clearer; even a layman like me who has no desire for sound quality can hear the difference, which is really worth it. Now every time I get in the car, the phone automatically connects to Bluetooth and plays songs. This feels really good. The overall interior of my car is high-tech (the big screen is good), the sound effect of the speaker is also upgraded, and the total cost is only $139.

In addition, the express delivery is also amazing. It was delivered on the 4th day after the order was placed. The service is really top-notch.


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