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ESSGOO Car Stereo: Android Auto will be the anticipation and breakthrough of this summer


Android Auto and Apple carplay are the most cutting-edge technologies in car audio and video (or car entertainment system). ESSGOO, as a car head unit fanatic, is naturally under active development; the most mature of which is Apple carplay; carplay, of course there are more mature technologies presented, but today's protagonist is the latest stable version of Android Auto developed by ESSGOO.
ESSGOO has made some innovations and changes in Google and Android open source technology, and has been gradually put on sale in the coming summer. This should be a boon for the majority of Android phone users, and a real 'car upgrade';

Functions that were originally only available on newer cars can now be easily implemented by simply replacing ESSGOO's Android products. Bring your old or petrol car back to life.

After a long wait, ESSGOO is also visually redesigning the Android Auto interface. The new interface should react more flexibly to the screen formats that can be found in the respective vehicle. Vertical, horizontal, rectangular, square - everything should be supported.

And by gathering user demand from Google and Android, ESSGOO's Android Auto focus remains on maps and navigation, but also provides quick access to a media player and new messages.


Smart system to make life easier on the road

Android Auto will become a more popular and efficient in-car system than Apple carplay in the future. With the attention of technology and market, the bugs of Android Auto in the past are gradually being repaired and improved. ESSGOO engineers are also happy to announce that most of ESSGOO's car Android head units can run the stable version of Android Auto


Bonus: ESSGOO Announced

Soon, ESSGOO users will be able to mirror more smartphone content to Android Auto. In the future, video apps like YouTube will finally be available through Android Auto as well.

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