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How can I install wireless CarPlay in my vehicle?

How can I install wireless CarPlay in my vehicle?

My name is Gundam, and I'd like to introduce myself. Not long ago, I finally decided to modernize my car by installing CarPlay. In fact, prior to this, I had been learning about how the CarPlay feature works. There are various approaches, each with merits and downsides, so I've been debating for a long.To obtain this function, the final option is to employ the AI Multimedia Box. This box has already been utilized for over a month, and the benefits and drawbacks are essentially outlined. So today I'm going to discuss how to add wireless CarPlay to my car.

Why did I install wireless CarPlay to my car?

First, let me explain why I wish to include the AI Multimedia Box. The cause is simple: the original automobile is too backward, and the operation logic is inadequate.The automotive UI, particularly in the conservative Subaru, stays unchanged from ten years ago. In fact, even without a screen, I don't have great expectations for the automobile. However, now that you have this screen and have spent money on it, you must make it worthy of the price. However, despite the fact that this Subaru vehicle machine is already a reasonably decent one among Japanese cars,

Overall functionality is still a little lacking. The interface, let alone the UI, is cumbersome to use.It's not that useful, and the UI is even frozen. I opted to add the wireless CarPlay option to the vehicle after considerable study.

CarPlay wireless

The method for achieving wireless CarPlay, as well as its benefits and drawbacks.At the moment, there are two options: replace the old radio with a new head unit that supports CarPlay and install the AI Multimedia Box. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

1.change the original radio

If your car does not already have a CarPlay system, the only way to get it is to replace the original radio. The system is well suited, thus replacing is advantageous. After all, the CarPlay function is built in, and the overall picture will be much better, and the matching degree after installation is also extremely excellent, making it nearly hard to tell that it is a product added later.However, the flaws are clear; you must remove the original vehicle radio, which is inconvenient for those who dislike disassembling cars.

2.insert a AI Multimedia Box

AI Multimedia Boxes are an excellent choice. However, in order to use the AI Multimedia Box, the original vehicle must support wired CarPlay. Otherwise, there is no way to utilize.The AI Multimedia Box has the benefit of being practically foolproof, plug and play. The downside is that the steadiness is not as excellent as when the original radio is replaced.I never considered changing the car radio to obtain the wireless CarPlay capability since I don't want to remove the car. As a result, the AI Multimedia Box is receiving greater attention. I've been ensnared because I'm concerned about my stability and fluency.However, these issues have been resolved following many updates.That makes me really delighted, and enjoy the wireless CarPlay in my car.

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