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Popular Science - What is a car audio system




What is a car audio system? How does this system work?

Popular Science - What is a car audio system

Car audio and video system is a major category in the field of auto parts. If it is subdivided, there are different components, such as speakers, stereos, stabilizers, AMP, audio receivers and so on.

Today I want to talk about Car Stereo. This product has many different names, and each country and region has a different name for him, such as Head Unit, Car Audio, Receiver, MP3 Player, MP4, MP5 Player, etc., and more Hyundai's sayings are: car entertainment system, car central control, Car Multimedia, car intelligent system and so on.


The diversification of accessories makes the transformation space of the car audio and video system extremely large

The car host is the core part of the car audio and video system. The main function is to play the audio source and signal receiver, and it is also an intelligent controller.

The older version explain is the DVD player equivalent of a home theater.

However, in order to be more suitable for the small space in the car and keep pace with the times, ESSGOO's in-vehicle main unit integrates more functions; --- Our ESSGOO concept is to rejuvenate the car and integrate new technology into the old era.

If you have the most demand for car audio, then the new-generation Car Stereo console with Android system is a small partner you can't miss. Because of the built-in audio control and various types of APPs, audio parameters and power can be controlled, thereby enhancing the audio-visual experience of the original car. This is the upgrade of ESSGOO to the car audio and video system.


Back to the popular science of car audio and video

There are various classification methods for car audio host, and the most common method is to classify according to the signal source. The main signal sources of the host are: radio (FM/AM), tape, Bluetooth, CMMB digital TV, MP5, CD, VCD, DVD and MP3, etc. Combining these sound sources can produce different styles of audio hosts. The most common is the three-in-one model of radio, tape and CD. Of course, there are combinations of MP3, tape and radio, but that is relatively rare. .

There are general forms of car audio and video, but most of them are dedicated to special cars. Most of the special cars refer to the framework and protocol (CANBUS), and the host and functions are the same. Our ESSGOO has strong research and development capabilities, so ESSGOO can produce more than 98% of the Car Stereo on the market, and can also choose functions according to your preferences, such as DAB, RDS, charging port, DVR, operating system, memory and appearance, etc. Wait. In addition to playing DVDs, inserting U disks, SD/TF cards, etc., you can also insert navigation cards for path simulation navigation, as well as richer entertainment games.


System introduction of Car stereo

Car Stereo mainly has 3 systems: Android, wince and no system (no system means no touch screen function)
Now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both Android and wince systems:

- advantage -
1. Android system is easy to operate, open system, and rich in first-class applications. (same principle as android phone)
2. The wince system has good closure, good security, mature system, relatively stable and smooth operation.

- shortcoming -
1. The Android system has high hardware requirements and needs to occupy too much memory. (The principle that an Android phone will freeze when it is old)
2. The wince system does not support software upgrades and installations.

 … ...
(Relevant science will be updated continuously, so stay tuned)

If you are interested, please contact us

A powerful entertainment system makes our ESSGOO ahead of most competitors in the Car Stereo field. Our Android system and memory parameters are absolutely true, unlike products of the same price on the market that are shoddy by modifying parameters. ESSGOO has its own R&D and development team, as well as a complete industrial chain, truly becoming a Xiaomi company in the field of Car Stereo - the king of cost-effectiveness, the "price butcher".

ESSGOO's auto parts products are real and cheap, and ESSGOO has a strong technical team support, only to provide you with the best and most authentic products





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