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The Best Car MP5 Player: Buying Tips

The Best Car MP5 Player: Buying Tips

The best car MP5 players on the market today are designed to be easy to use and affordable. In most countries, car MP5 refers to MP3 with screen, or WinCE system car entertainment equipment. And now I'll let you all find out what makes them so great! let's go!


The best MP5 players are high-definition and touch-sensitive, durable, and offer a wide range of features such as Bluetooth, colorful lights, convenient buttons, and more. The key point is that the sound quality appeals to music lovers of all ages.

Another advantage is that the large screen can be connected to a reversing camera and a driving recorder. This is a boon for many newbies. I think I bought a second-hand car with a reversing camera as soon as I got my driver's license. The reason was because I was not very confident in my reversing skills.


Why Car MP5 Players Are Great?

Because the biggest advantage of a car MP5 player - never freezes and runs smoothly. The WinCE system is a closed system and does not need to install new APPs or update files like Android or iOS systems. It means that there can be no so-called viruses, caches, junk files, etc. bad things happen.

It is precisely because of this significant advantage that high-end car companies including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and other high-end car companies highly respect the use of closed systems to maintain the overall user experience.


ESSGOO X5 Car Player


ESSGOOD X5 is a multifunctional player with a 7-inch touchscreen display. The device also provides a variety of connection options to adapt to different situations and consumer habits, such as Bluetooth, TF card and USB and so on.

Under normal circumstances, a stable Bluetooth connection is very important, and it can play the music of the mobile phone synchronously. Considering some old school music lovers, USB or TF card is also very good to complete the playback performance; (Industry insider: The speed and stability of using USB or TF card to read files will be slightly higher than that of wireless link / stream music. Some music lovers or audiophiles are reluctant to use wireless transmission to play music, but use CD or USB.)


Car Audio 7018


If you are looking for a car stereo that gives you quality sound and functionality at an affordable price, then the ESSGOOD 7018 is the perfect choice for you. 7018 is the model number of the motherboard, which is actually a widely used and proven stable motherboard. The car audio built with this motherboard will have more compatibility and durability.

ESSGOO 7018 With its sleek design and intuitive controls, this device is sure to impress even the most demanding drivers. what's more, 7018 have a nice musice and video input and a remote control for back.


Single DIN Touch Screen


This is a series of models featuring a single DIN dynamic touchscreen display, allowing users to experience both large screen and touchscreen functionality on a single DIN vehicle. And navigate menus and playlists with just one hand. It also comes with an integrated FM radio tuner, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port and SD card slot. This single DIN touch screen car stereo is a gift for vehicle owners with only single DIN, integrating most of the functions and advantages of MP3, MP4 and MP5.



In general, the car MP5 is a car entertainment system with high cost performance, which can well meet the requirements of car modification and music lovers. The advantages of simple operation, worry-free maintenance, etc. are also important factors for longevity. And ESSGOO is the best car player MP5 products are also the top in the industry. It is a brand made from OEM and can provide car owners with more cost-effective auto parts.

For apple carplay and android auto also is good at ESSGOO car stereo.

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