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The Evolution of the Vehicle Central Display

The Evolution of the Vehicle Central Display

The process of increasing from little to enormous is the history of the growth of automobile center displays.In the 1980s, the computer information revolution began, and monochrome displays began to appear on vehicles, displaying basic navigation information; in the mid to late 1990s, liquid crystal display technology emerged, allowing the car to play VCD movies; and with the advancement of technology, touch semi-physical buttons of the central control screen were born; and finally, the Tesla, with a simple large screen, was recognized.With the expanding camp of huge screens, automobile companies began to "roll" on the screen, the previous unique interior, also like the assembly line out, the only difference is probably the size and amount of the screen. Of course, several automobile firms are investing in hardware and software research and development, believing that optimizing the car screen is the best answer.

In the new energy market today, there are generally three sorts of products:

Tesla, a foreign-owned brand that entered the market earlier, BYD, a conventional vehicle firm that concentrates on the new energy market, and a little Liwei, a new power brand that builds automobiles.So, how do these three strike a balance between the screen and the tactile buttons? A wave might also be compared.The Tesla Model 3, BYD Han EV, and Xiaopeng P5 are among the most popular models from these three manufacturers.Let's begin with Tesla. Sitting in the Tesla Model 3 cockpit may seem unusual at first since there is no instrument panel, but it will be integrated into the right side of the huge central control screen, filling approximately 2/5 of the 15-inch central control screen.

In this regard, one way to phrase it is to pursue a minimalist design 

And eliminate as many unneeded configurations as possible in the car, and another way to put it is to further reduce expenditures.The Tesla Model 3 is unquestionably advanced in terms of human-machine interaction; the primary control interface is as simple and rich as iOS, and the audio, navigation, and control systems are all integrated.temperature system and a lot of functional development, such as air conditioning temperature adjustment, click the air conditioning button directly into the air conditioning settings interface, you can drag to adjust the air conditioning wind direction at will, with the hope of providing users with a simpler operating experience.

However, according to prior Tesla Model 3 owners, there is still a latency issue in the car, notably when accessing games or watching movies, which affects the experience.There is still an alternative if you are dissatisfied with your current in-car system but do not want to replace the display.CarPlay Box Lite can convert the existing car screen into a smart Android 10.0 system that includes Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, USB, and Type-C. Plug and play for auto, USB, and Type-C, with compatibility for YouTube and Netflix. Please contact DinPei for the most up-to-date quote!

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