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The working principle of the car Bluetooth system

The working principle of the car Bluetooth system

Bluetooth technology is an open global specification for wireless data and voice communication. Its essence is to establish a universal wireless air interface for the communication environment between fixed or mobile devices, further combining communication technology with computer technology, enabling various 3C devices to communicate or operate with each other at close range without wires or cables

Traditional transmission lines have length limitations and have certain requirements for the placement of equipment. If the transmission line is too short, the equipment cannot be too far from the computer; The transmission line is too long and has to be twisted around, which is troublesome and unattractive. Simply put, its biggest advantage is that it can replace various messy transmission lines. All devices, including laptops, mice, printers, mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, etc., can be exchanged for voice and data through Bluetooth technology

The functions of Bluetooth in car:

It is common to answer phone calls while driving. Handheld answering phone calls has a high risk factor. With Bluetooth in the car, you can answer phone calls without using your hands. You can also use the car's audio system to make phone calls, which will not distract our energy when answering phone calls. You can answer phone calls through the multi-functional steering wheel and provide driving safety

 Eliminating noise and echoes

During daily phone calls, there may be some noise that affects the quality of the call. If you use car Bluetooth to answer a call, it is relatively clear. The car Bluetooth itself comes with some noise processing system, especially when answering a call while driving. The call quality is still important, especially when answering important calls3Automatically recognize the phone itself

After Bluetooth is turned on, it can generally be automatically searched within a range of ten meters. If the phone Bluetooth is constantly on, it will automatically connect to the phone, which is more convenient when driving and will not miss some important phone calls

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Car Bluetooth Handsfree System

It is not difficult to see from the literal meaning of the car Bluetooth hands-free system. This is a module integrated into the car entertainment system, which allows users to directly operate the steering wheel to answer and make calls. The advantage of this system is that you do not need to add additional Bluetooth audio to receive and make calls through the car audio system, which is convenient and fast

An in car Bluetooth system that is only commonly used in high-end cars

However, in general, in car Bluetooth hands-free systems often exist in mid to high priced car models. For entry-level consumer models, it is necessary to choose a high-end model or install a separate multimedia system. The price of this original device is really high, and it is obviously not worth spending thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan for a phone call

In terms of operation steps, the smartphone only needs to be connected to the car Bluetooth system through Bluetooth, and no additional operation is required. The entire system will automatically switch to Bluetooth hands-free mode when a call is made. Users can make calls through the microphone in the car, which first lacks a certain degree of privacy. It is suitable for driving alone and at the same time, according to the ability of the microphone in the car to reduce noise during high-speed driving It will be collected into the microphone and affect the call quality.

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