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Why Would You Need To Reset Your Radio Code in a Honda?

Why Would You Need To Reset Your Radio Code in a Honda?

The radio in your car is one of the items you utilize the most when driving. Not only does your radio keep you entertained while driving, but it also functions as the hub of your Honda infotainment system. It can access your music as well as your navigation, communications, and car settings.

The radio in your new or old Honda works normally, but in some circumstances, you may need to reset the radio code. You can sometimes reset the radio codes on your own, but other times you must take it to a dealer. If you need help with your Honda radio, the knowledgeable team at Rydell Honda of Grand Forks is available to assist you.

How to Reset Honda Radio Codes Honda Odessey 2022 Interior Photo with Radio and Internal Console

If your Honda has been without electricity for a lengthy period of time, you may need to reset your radio code. If you change your car's battery, disconnect the battery wire, let the battery die entirely, or have an alternator problem, you may lose power. In some instances, your radio may lose its reference voltage for an extended period of time, necessitating a reset.

This problem might arise regardless of the Honda model you drive. If your Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, Odyssey, or Pilot loses reference voltage, the radio code may need to be reset.

How to Reset a Honda's Radio Code

Sometimes resetting your radio is a simple task. To begin, switch on the radio and push the power button for two seconds. This easy technique will usually allow the radio to recall its default settings and function correctly. You do not need to input your radio code if this is the case. This, however, does not work in every scenario.

If you need to reset your Honda radio code, you must first get the radio codes from your local Honda dealer or the Honda website. You will need the radio serial number and your vehicle identifying number (VIN) to acquire the codes to reset your radio.

If you have a newer model radio as part of an infotainment system with GPS incorporated, you must take your car to your nearest Honda dealer to have it reset.

How to Find Your Honda Radio's Serial Number

Follow these simple procedures to acquire the serial number of your Honda's radio. Make sure you have a pen and paper nearby to write down the serial number of your radio, or you may use your mobile device's Notes function:

Turn the ignition on (ON or AUX), but do not start the engine.

Turn off the radio so that the screen is blank and does not display CODE or ERR.

Press and hold the one (1) and six (6) buttons on your radio with one hand at the same time.

Turn on the radio using your free hand (while holding down the one and six radio buttons).

On earlier models, you should notice an eight-digit serial number or two shorter serial numbers separated by a dash.

Release the radio buttons and either write down or input the serial number into your mobile device.

How to Get Your Honda Radio's Radio Code

The first step in resetting your Honda's radio code is to obtain it from either the Honda website or your local dealer by presenting them with your vehicle's VIN. Your 17-digit VIN can be found on the driver's side pillar post, the driver's side dashboard near the windshield, your insurance card, or your vehicle registration card. Then, through your dealer or the Honda website, receive the five-digit radio code. In all circumstances, you will need the radio serial number in addition to your VIN number. This process should be simple and free.

Entering the Radio Code

Return to your car once you have obtained the five-digit radio code from your Honda dealer or the Honda website. To reset your radio code, do the following steps:

Turn the ignition switch to ON or AUX but do not start the engine.

Switch on the radio. The term CODE should be shown on the radio.

After entering the five-digit code, the radio should return to regular operation.

Turn off the car and detach the black connection from your battery for one to three minutes if the radio displays ERR instead of CODE. This will restart the system. Reconnect the cable and proceed as before.

If you are still unable to reset your radio or if these processes are unsettling, contact your local Honda dealer, where an expert team of professionals will assist you in resetting the radio code in your car.

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