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How to connect the rearview camera ESSGOO


Before starting the installation, make sure you have basic tools such as electrical tape, scissors, small plastic plates, and sometimes a test pencil.


Although all the plugs provided by ESSGOO are perfectly matched and the buttons are tight, we can wrap their connections with electrical tape just in case to ensure that they will not be broken during the wiring process.


Everything is based on the same principle. Try it first after you buy it. This habit is definitely good.

The reversing camera needs to work when reversing, so it only needs to be activated when reversing. In this case, you need to start the car, engage the reverse gear, and check which of the car’s reversing lights is.


Sometimes you will find this situation, you no longer know which line is the fire line (the fire line is usually red)? At this time, please use a test pen to test; or try all the wires and connect them to the live wires (red) of the reversing camera one by one. There are always surprises in this method.


Some car stereos have a reversing program, and the reversing rear view mode can only be turned on after opening and setting it.

After the test is successful, the work, wiring, and installation will be officially started.

There are generally two ways to hide the 6-meter-long reversing line. The first is the type shown in the picture below, hidden by the doorpost. This method requires a little patience, all the wires need to be stuffed into the sealing strip. Although this method is a bit cumbersome, but the aesthetics are first-rate, and the reversing camera will be perfectly integrated with the car.


The other is simple. Put the reversing line directly under your car mat, just open the floor mat or insert the line along the gap, and then it will be OK. If you are using this method, it is strongly recommended that you wrap all the link positions with electrical tape to ensure that it is waterproof, leak-proof, square pulling, and other daily conditions.


Normal car models can use this method (pictured below); follow the original car line layout to hide the reversing camera wire.


After that, there are two ways to install the camera. The first is to place it at the license plate light as shown in the figure below. There is usually a place to stick the camera there, and with the assistance of the license plate light at night, the rearview effect is better.


The other is suitable for large SUVs and jeeps, such as this Jeep, the suspension system is very high, if the camera is placed in the license plate position, there may be blind spots and incomplete rear vision.


After that, adjust the viewfinder of the camera to a suitable position.


So far, the overall installation process has been completed. Our ESSGOO's reversing cameras are all very good, waterproof, dustproof, and dustproof, and with the assistance of 8 LED lights, reversing at night is also clear.

(ESSGOO Android system car stereo has a reversing program, and it can also adjust the imaging output, which is clearer and more convenient)


Q: What's the RCA Cable Red end function?

The one end connect to the backup light +12V, the another end connect to the Car DVD Player Harness Wire named "Reverse" or "Backup".


Function: When you shift the reverse gear, the backup light turns on, there is +12V power input into the Car DVD Player "Reverse"/ "Backup" wire, and the Car DVD player will detect this +12V signal, then change working mode to "Camera" mode



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  • Anonymous

    If it is because the reversing camera cannot be turned off, it is very likely that the wiring is wrong. You have connected the fire wire (red wire) of the rear view camera to the power cable.
    Generally, the live wire (red wire) of the rearview camera is connected to the red wire of the reversing light, so that when reversing, the reversing light is on, and the rearview camera also works

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