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The car stereo audio is Too slow or Become slow




If the response of the car audio system interface is too slow, or it becomes slow after a long period of use, this type of solution is divided into two cases.

1. If the product is just bought, brand new Car Stereo or call Car Audio.
This situation is normal, because the system is brand new and not running, so the system needs some time to start all over again, this process will affect the overall operating experience, please understand.

In particular, Car Stereo with Android system is generally slow when it is turned on for the first time. The reason is the same as that of most electronic products of the Android system, which is a feature of the Android system. But after running the entire Car Stereo for many times, you will obviously find that the overall operating experience will become better and the speed will be very fast; especially the ESSGOO Car Stereo with more than 2G of memory, the speed is the same as that of a mobile phone.

2. The second case is that the Car Stereo has been used for a long time, and the ESSGOO product at this time has become slower.

This is also normal. At this time, try to poke the RES hole with a toothpick/small needle (the RES hole is usually on the front of the Car Stereo Audio). This resets and restores the
In addition, Android system products can also choose to clear the cache and uninstall some less commonly used APPs.

Both of the above situations can be resolved quickly with reset, and a toothpick/small needle pokes the RES hole



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