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How to change Speed Unit of a car stereo unit, kilometres or mile 0

Most of Android's Car Audio have the same setting method, or similar.

The set path: Setting - Factory - Speed Unit

**Factory mode usually requires a password or code, you can refer to this password book or user manual**


What if the touchscreen of the car stereo doesn't work for ? 0

If the touch screen of the car stereo is not working, you can usually try these two methods.

1. Touch screen calibration, you need to know the model and provide the corresponding operation

2. Press the RST hole on the screen to reset


There is a problem with the bluetooth link, how to solve it? Can't connect to bluetooth 0

How to properly link bluetooth to Car stereo?  The solution for Android bluetooth and Apple bluetooth link is the same.
Four ways to solve the problem perfectly
(Our ESSGOO products are only shipped after quality inspection, so please use it with confidence)

All car stereo installation demonstrations, Car Audio detailed wiring markings 0

The following is a detailed explanation of the wiring of various corresponding Car Stereo/radio/audio/MP3 with remarks. (This includes single-spindle and double-spindle)
Please download according to your own products and plugs.

Detailed explanation of Single Din MP3 cable
Double DIN MP5 wire head wiring diagram 01
Double DIN MP5 wire head wiring diagram 02
Double DIN, Android system thread head detailed 01
Double DIN  Android version thread head detailed 02
Double DIN, Android Stereo thread head detailed 03
Detailed explanation of single Din MP5 cable with screen
Single DIN,  drawing MP5 wire head wiring diagram

How to install car audio 03| Car audio wiring method near you| 0



This method is applicable to all Car Stereo / Car
Audio installations

1:24 - Installation part + Detail display


Rear Camera Wiring Method for Single DIN with Screen MP5 0

Solution( 2 Methods):
1. If use our provided ISO Cable, connect the wire as wire diagram defined. (Easy!!!)

2. If use your car Original iSO Cable, Cut this wire in the position of the Original ISO Cable in your car, then wrapped with insulating tape 。


What is the Stereo Audio Factory Password / Code 0

These passwords are suitable for MP5 and Android systems, you can try them separately

Factory set password / code: 3711, or 1234, or 000000, or 8888, or 1619, or 6556, or 1617, or 0000 


What is The Use of Car Receive factory Password / Code?



How to connect the rearview camera ESSGOO 1

This is a detailed strategy that has never been seen before. Follow it and you will finish the installation of the reversing camera without knowing it.

ESSGOO Android car stereo Super detailed installation and usage instructions 0


Why the canbus or steering weel control can't work Go to set agreement as video show. 0


How to calibrate Essgoo car audio&video screen 0


How to set language in the car in ESSGOO car radio stereo 0