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How Did Carplay Stereos Arise and Develop?

How Did Carplay Stereos Arise and Develop? 3

The touchscreen receiver is one of the most coveted elements in a car. It was formerly considered a luxury gimmick, but with today's automobiles depending more on digital technology, touchscreen receivers have become a necessity. Do you know how the carplay stereo came to be? How did it become a requirement on the road today?

The disadvantages of a self-contained system

Although many models now have a navigation system, most automobile owners prefer to use their mobile phones for navigation while driving because the system that comes with the vehicle does not operate properly, owing to two factors:For starters, the automobile navigation system is inaccurate.Car navigation systems must typically be pre-loaded into a memory card and rarely come with automatic upgrades. If a car owner travels to a recently constructed road or a remote region, depending on the auto navigation system may result in a loss of direction and a lot of difficulties. Some older models simply cannot be upgraded with the original navigation system.

Second, the surgery is inconvenient.In order to save money, automobile dealers often don't put much consideration into the in-car technology. Many folks are disappointed when they receive their automobile!The resolution of the centre touch screen is too low and the response time is slow, as well as the voice recognition function which is inaccurate and too inefficient to record.

The introduction of CarPlay

Think about it for a minute. It would be fantastic if there was something that merged mobile phone capabilities with the in-car system, allowing individuals to use the strong mobile phone software features while also taking advantage of the in-car system's enormous screen. Indeed, Apple was concerned about this issue as early as 2013, when it launched the iOS in the Car (carplay) program, which essentially implies that CarPlay audio is the mapping of the iPhone's phone, messaging, navigation, music, and podcasts to the in-car multimedia console.CarPlay in-car system has been developed from 2013 So far, all you need now is to connect a carplay module between your phone and the in-car multimedia to achieve the same screen.With CarPlay, you don't have to pick up your phone at all, you can use Siri to make or reply to calls, and the same goes for text messages, which can be read by voice and replied to by voice or text.In addition, with CarPlay installed in the car, you can also operate the maps installed on your phone directly on the car screen, either manually or by voice, saving traffic if you use offline maps; and play online music, all of which can be controlled by voice to avoid distractions and accidents while driving.

Choose the best carplay

It uses Linux, and has a large private touchscreen and 2 rear USB inputs and supports different plastic frames. And with carplay, you can answer important calls and messages completely while driving and enjoy a safer, more relaxed driving experience. We are your best car audio manufacturer and supplier, We not only have enough professional design and production capabilities to meet your ODM and OEM orders, but also have stable and advantageous supply chain resources to ensure that each of your car stereo orders has a stable and competitive price.

Who wouldn't want to upgrade their car and enjoy a better driving experience? Contact us now and tell me the type of carplay you want and you will receive details and a quote.

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The benefits of installing a touchscreen stereo in your vehicle

The benefits of installing a touchscreen stereo in your vehicle 0

What is the appeal of touchscreen stereos? This essay will go through the advantages, cool factor, and safety concerns of huge stereo screens.

Why would you install a huge touchscreen stereo in your car? Fantastic looks are a terrific beginning point, but a big screen stereo can provide so much more. You can see all of the information you need at a glance, allowing you to get your eyes back on the road more quickly. You'll also have access to expansion options like as smartphone integration, navigation, and additional cameras.

There are three types of touchscreen receivers:

In-dash receivers that are double-sized (4" tall), the most popular style space-saving, 2"-tall receivers with flip-out screens

the rapidly expanding class of "floating" touchscreen receivers

However, it is all about the screen real estate and what it can display. The wide display and touchscreen controls make it simpler to use the stereo. Let's go over some tips for making the most of your touchscreen receiver.

Excellent, large display and phone support

It's far easier to view a wide screen as your receiver's display than the single-line displays of standard car stereos. You can immediately check what's on TV, who's on the phone, and where you're headed.

Many of these receivers include Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM features, which simulate your smartphone experience right on the receiver's touchscreen display - ideal for keeping your phone out of your hand.

For added security, install a camera (or cameras).

A backup or rear-view camera can assist your touchscreen stereo become a helpful tool for remaining safe when backing up and avoiding accidents. Its wide field of view shows much more of what's behind you than a mirror, including places that your vehicle's body obscures. Many contemporary stereos now include various camera ports, allowing you to integrate factory cameras or add aftermarket cameras for regions such as your side view, all of which are displayed on the touchscreen display.

GPS navigation on the screen

Are we almost there? Touchscreen stereos with GPS navigation provide tremendous convenience and assistance. If you don't want to pay extra for built-in navigation and future map updates, seek for a touchscreen stereo that supports Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Both of these alternatives rely on your smartphone to access navigation programs like Waze and Google Maps. They look fantastic on the huge display of the stereo.

Larger touchscreen displays also allow you to see and alter your sound settings more clearly.

Display that may be customized and is informational

In addition to the music and caller information displayed on the screen, many touchscreen receivers allow you to change the background and layout. So you may not only make a personal statement with the style of your dash, but you can also organize the functions you use the most.

When you're seeking for the optimum sound, you may easily navigate a receiver's tone controls (when parked). We also provide iDatalink Maestro interfaces for a variety of automobiles, which can display vehicle diagnostics in your vehicle depending on the receiver you select. In some automobiles, it may even incorporate climate controls.

Before you hit the road, spend some time adjusting your touchscreen receiver.

Concerned about the safety of touchscreen displays?

Customers have expressed concern that touchscreen receivers are a distraction rather than an aid. And, hey, we understand; we're on the road as well. Here are some tips for utilizing them securely (as well as other things you may not have known about):

Before you drive, adjust your screen settings. Some individuals will hit the road and try to alter the settings on the fly after installing and turning on a new receiver (which we perfectly understand). Simply put, no. In reality, most touchscreen stereos will not allow you to view the menus while driving.

Before you start your vehicle:

Configure the display to your liking. This contains controls for contrast, backlighting, dimming, and changeable color. Yes, you may reset them later if necessary...while you're parked.

Set the functions you use the most for quick access before you hit the road.

Please contact us if you have any issues regarding configuring your receiver. When you buy from Crutchfield, you get lifelong tech support, which includes assistance with setting up and figuring out the controls.

Examine the owner's manual. Yes, we are aware...I had to say it.

Turn off the monitor. A lively display may pique your interest, but you may turn it off when not required.

To turn on and off the touchscreen display on this Kenwood, use the slider.

There is normally a one or two button sequence that can totally and rapidly disable the display. The audio is still operational, so your music will continue to play and navigation apps will continue to direct you. When you touch it, it will instantly switch back on.

Acquaint yourself with the controls. Many people have pointed out that there are no "muscle memory" buttons or knobs on touchscreen receivers that can be touched without looking, which is an excellent point. However, many versions do offer convenient knobs or easily accessible toggle buttons for volume control or other crucial adjustments. Some of the knobs are multi-functional and can be used for more than simply volume.

Gesture Control by JVC

JVC has a function called "Gesture Control" that allows for simple, rapid adjustments that are less distracting.

Some receiver manufacturers provide simple "no-look" controls on the display itself. JVC's "Gesture Control" feature, for example, allows you to swipe the touchscreen display to the right for track ahead, left for track back, and a circular motion to alter the volume - all while keeping your eyes on the road.

Maintain control of the steering wheel. Why not utilize these factory controls with a new receiver if you're already comfortable with them? Steering wheel control (SWC) adapters are available for a wide range of cars and receivers. In many circumstances, you can actually program extra functionalities into your controls that you'd use more frequently.

Adapter for steering wheel controls

I keep my hands on the wheel when pausing a song or turning up the level because my OEM steering wheel controls are linked to my touchscreen stereo.

For instance, I programmed a "Pause" button on my steering wheel controls to easily stop the music without having to look for the screen. It helps me keep my eyes on tight drive-thru lanes.

Use voice controls like as Siri and Google Assistant. While chatting to your stereo may seem strange at first, they may really assist you obtain information on the fly without much interruption. Learn more about automobile voice control.

Incorporate a compatible remote control. Many touchscreen receivers are compatible with a portable remote control. It is sometimes included, and sometimes it is optional. For example, once he mastered the layout of the remote buttons, my Dad enjoyed using the remote to control his stereo without having to look at or touch it. This came from someone who wondered, "Why do I need a remote control for my car stereo?"

Understand your state's driving rules. It's a good idea to contact your local government to find out what the rules are for using smartphones and touchscreen displays. Check read our article on phone safety in the automobile.

It's definitely worth a look.

Whatever you pick, the sophistication of a touchscreen receiver makes it entertaining to use and quite useful. To determine which stereos will fit your vehicle, use our easy vehicle picker tool. And our Advisors are accessible by phone or chat to assist you in selecting the best touchscreen receiver for your needs.


As a brand dedicated to providing smart, economic and easy-to-install auto parts,our goal is to creatively transform and enrich the in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

We strive to answer the demand of driving experience in all aspects,while making the trip more convenient, safer and comfortable by innovative auto products.

In the future, cars will become a mobile living space,ESSGOO will continuously pursue the concept of innovation and excellence,and this has driven us to research and develop higher quality, distinctive and enhanced product series,so as to become the global preferred brand to improve the quality of mobile life."Whether the transform is big or small,it will bring more vitality and energy to life."

Transform, Starts Here!

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Keep your car's factory features when installing a new car audio

Keep your car's factory features when installing a new car audio 0

In this post, we'll show you how to use the iDatalink Maestro to install a new stereo while retaining critical original features. Continue reading for more information.

Upgrading your vehicle's auto radio can be a tricky balance. On the one hand, you could wish to upgrade your audio system and add exciting new capabilities that you don't have currently, such as Apple CarPlay or Android AutoTM.

On the other side, you might not want to give up useful factory features that will be lost if you replace a radio. And if you own a vehicle with a sophisticated "infotainment" system, such as Ford's SYNC®, Chrysler's UConnect, or GM's OnStar, you might be curious in what happens when you change stereos.

Many of your favorite factory features can be saved with the right car radio interface.

The Maestro wire connectors from iDatalink remove some of the guesswork out of installing a new car stereo. By allowing you to connect a new stereo into your factory wiring, you may keep many of the factory features you've grown accustomed to while also expanding your sound system and adding the most up-to-date infotainment options available. By the way, it's probably less expensive than upgrading to a "premium" sound system from a dealer.

iDatalink can provide certain additional features not available in the original arrangement, such as onscreen engine gauges in action.

So, how does the Maestro function?

The Maestro seamlessly transfers data between your vehicle and the radio. Essentially, it speaks the language of your vehicle, allowing a factory system to interact with your new receiver and vice versa.

Voice commands, Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel controls, and even your backup camera will work flawlessly alongside aftermarket features such as an HD RadioTM tuner, Garmin navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. In select vehicles, touchscreen access to information such as tire pressure, battery voltage, check engine codes, and more allows you to remain on top of what's going on with your vehicle.

Three elements are required to make it work:

An iDatalink compliant receiver – many popular brands, including Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, Alpine, and JVC, provide compatible stereos.

You'll be able to enjoy the benefits of an aftermarket touchscreen receiver while keeping many of your favorite factory features.

Remember that new stereos often have superior audio circuitry and options to combine amplifiers to help improve the quality of your music even more, so add this to the list of advantages. And, best of all, if you purchase the Maestro package along with a new receiver, we will give you a substantial discount.

Tips and assistance from a Crutchfield expert on setup

Darren, Crutchfield's Vehicle Integration Buyer and vehicle guru, explains his years of experience installing the Maestro in this video.

Is it possible to feel enthused about wiring?

If you ask Darren, he will unequivocally say "yes!" He clearly enjoys his work, especially when dealing with excellent interface options such as the iDatalink Maestro. Here's what he had to say about it: 

"iDatalink's approach to stereo integration impresses me." It's really solution-oriented. They provide the ability to keep and improve numerous factory features that customers have grown to expect. Onscreen performance meters, climate controls, parking gridlines for backup cameras, and car diagnostics are just a few examples. Crutchfield is the number one iDatalink dealer."

"Basically, you update (also known as "flash") the software in the Maestro RR module." You connect it to your computer's USB port and enter your vehicle details on the iDatalink website. After that, connect the remaining wires for the speakers and electricity and attach the harness into the serial port on a compatible radio. The Maestro seamlessly transfers data between your vehicle and the radio. That is how it may provide the characteristics I stated earlier. That's awesome!"

Darren, you said it perfectly. And things get much better for the Maestro RR2. You can now use Bluetooth to connect the RR2 to your phone and flash the module right on your workstation in a matter of minutes. You can also flash the module after connecting the Maestro RR2 to the car-specific harness and your vehicle's wiring harness – no need to start your vehicle. Furthermore, you won't have to remove the radio from the dash to flash the module underneath it if you wish to make adjustments or update software later. This is a huge time saver!

iDatalink provides useful flashing movies for their modules, such as this one for the Maestro RR2. After flashing your Maestro module, make sure to obtain iDatalink's Installation Guide. This tutorial is vehicle-specific and will show you what to do with each wire.

JR and his stereo system

J.R., a Crutchfield Advisor, trainer, and social media host, was interviewed about the stereo installation in his 2020 Subaru Crosstrek. He was apprehensive that by replacing the radio, he would lose the Subaru-specific features he cherished. J.R. used the iDatalink Maestro RR2 interface module to connect his Sony XAV-9500ES digital multimedia radio to his Crosstrek. The RR2 allowed him to keep the vehicle's settings menu (which other interfaces would have removed), steering wheel audio controls, and backup camera.

The module is being flashed.

J.R. wirelessly flashed the module's software with his smartphone over Bluetooth, sitting on the workbench, with the module powered by a USB cord plugged into an AC outlet. It took approximately five minutes. He stated that he would have been forced to use the factory radio if Sony's interoperability with iDatalink and the ability to retain critical vehicle features had not been available.

Purchase your iDatalink solution.

iDatalink is constantly expanding their programming compatibility with new vehicles and features. They also sell dash kits to go with their interfaces. Simply choose an iDatalink serial port receiver and utilize Crutchfield's vehicle picker to check whether we have an iDatalink solution for you.

If you have any questions regarding installing a new audio to your vehicle, please phone or talk with one of our expert Advisors. They would gladly assist you in selecting the best option for your vehicle.


As a brand dedicated to providing smart, economic and easy-to-install auto parts,our goal is to creatively transform and enrich the in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

We strive to answer the demand of driving experience in all aspects,while making the trip more convenient, safer and comfortable by innovative auto products.

In the future, cars will become a mobile living space,ESSGOO will continuously pursue the concept of innovation and excellence,and this has driven us to research and develop higher quality, distinctive and enhanced product series,so as to become the global preferred brand to improve the quality of mobile life."Whether the transform is big or small,it will bring more vitality and energy to life."

Transform, Starts Here!

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Toyota Highlander Radio Upgrade Stereo Replacement

Toyota Highlander Radio Upgrade Stereo Replacement 0

The factory radio for a Toyota Highlander from the model years 2008 to 2014 is inferior to an aftermarket radio upgrade and Android head unit. The outdated Highlander radio could have issues and is only partially functional. Usually, there is only a radio and a CD player. Some Toyota Highlanders are equipped with an out-of-date factory navigation system. The cost and complexity of updating the navigational charts are also prohibitive.

What then is the improvement for the radio in the Toyota Highlander?

Don't panic; an aftermarket Android head unit may now be installed in place of the Toyota Highlander's stock radio. Many contemporary features are offered by the Highlander radio replacement, which you will like.

First off, the Android head unit for the Toyota Highlander has a sizable 10.1′′ HD crisp screen, enables touch, and is simple to use. You can view movies or HD videos in the car if it has a big HD screen. It's fantastic for navigation system displays as well.

Toyota Highlander Replacement Radio

The Toyota Highlander aftermarket navigation system has built-in navigation and supports Google, Waze, IGo, and Sygic maps, which are the most widely used maps worldwide. We offer the most recent IGo or Sygic maps that have been installed in your nation. In addition, future updates to the maps from DVDGPSNAV will be simple and free.

Second, a music app, USB drive, SD card, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto can all be used to play music on the new Toyota Highlander radio upgrade. You have a lot of possibilities. Lossless music, HD 1080P, and 4K video playback are also supported. For music and movies, you no longer need to purchase or burn CDs. There is also an Apple CarPlay connection option. You may link your Android-powered phone to Android Auto as well.

Apple Carplay in a Toyota Highlander

Upgraded Apple Carplay in the Toyota Highlander

Thirdly, you may connect a Toyota Highlander backup camera with this Toyota Highlander radio replacement in addition to a navigation system and numerous music/video playing. The reverse camera video presentation is supported by the huge screen. Once you shift into reverse, a camera image will automatically appear on the screen.

Highlights of this Toyota Highlander Android head unit's most recent upgrade to the Android 12 operating system are shown below.

Android radio for the Toyota Highlander

Does my car's Toyota Highlander radio fit and function?

Typically, this Toyota highlander radio suits models from the 2008 to 2014 model years, JBL amplifier included. In order to support the factory-installed JBL amplifier on your Toyota Highlander, you will need to use a different power cord with a CAN-BUS decoder. For us to check, you may also email a photo of your car's dashboard.

No modifications to the factory dashboard or cables are required for installation; simply remove the existing radio and then connect the new connectors to the factory ones. Installing this new aftermarket head unit should be simple if the stock Toyota highlander radio can be taken out.

We also have a 10.1" Android head unit that would fit a Toyota Highlander from the 2015–2018 model years; check it out below:

It has the same features and specs as the Toyota Highlander radio replacement for models from 2007 to 2014.

What are the costs and purchasing options?

The price of shipping depends on your nation. Send us your shipping address, and we'll figure out the cost of delivery for you.

Please email us the details of your automobile so we can verify whether our unit suits it. Please provide the specific make, model, and year of your car, as well as the dashboard and whether or not your Highlander has a JBL amplifier.

We will send you an invoice to confirm the order after receiving confirmation of your car's information.

All of our goods are covered by a premium, three-year guarantee. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests, and we will try to assist you.


As a brand dedicated to providing smart, economic and easy-to-install auto parts,

our goal is to creatively transform and enrich the in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

We strive to answer the demand of driving experience in all aspects,

while making the trip more convenient, safer and comfortable by innovative auto products.

In the future, cars will become a mobile living space,

ESSGOO will continuously pursue the concept of innovation and excellence,and this has driven us to research and develop higher quality, distinctive and enhanced product series,

so as to become the global preferred brand to improve the quality of mobile life.

"Whether the transform is big or small,it will bring more vitality and energy to life."

Transform, Starts Here!

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The Best Single Din Car Stereo Double Din Radio

The Best Single Din Car Stereo Double Din Radio 0

The Ultimate Purchase and Installation Guide for the Best Single Din Car Stereo Double Din Radio

Buying and Installing the Best Single Din Car Stereo Double Din Radio

We must be quite excited before we convert the automobile into a car radio, but after we do, we run into several issues that confound us. The terms double din radio and single din, and maybe half din, will be mentioned by the manufacturer or the seller.

List of contents

1) Describe DIN.

2) What are 1.5 din, double din radio, and single din radio, respectively?

3) How do single-din and double-din radios differ from one another?

4) How do we pick the greatest single din automobile stereo?

What should we know before making a purchase?

6) How can I install a 1.5-din double din radio in my car radio?

7) During installation, the best 1.5 din and single din car stereos are chosen.

8) Let's get started installing your car audio. Just follow my instructions carefully.

1) Describe DIN.

The German Institute for Norming is known as DIN since there are numerous car models available. Germany was classified as following din 75490 for standardization in 1984, and the later two standards were promoted to the global standard ISO7736.

2) What do 1.5 Din, single din, and double din radio mean?

178*50 mm, or roughly 7*2 inches, is the reference standard for the radio chassis size of the greatest single din automobile stereo. Select View More.

The size of the stereo chassis with a double din radio is referenced as 180*100 mm, or around 7*4 inches. Select View More.

Half of a double din radio or the height of a single din is known as 1.5 din or half din in the context of automobile audio, which is between the two. With the exception of trucks, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC, single din is rarely used. It has a 7-inch width and a 3-inch height.

These specifications merely provide as a guide for the three-dimensional chassis measurements of various cars. There won't be much of a difference because different models have different installation guidelines.

There is 1.5 DIN car audio in between double din radio and single din car audio (also known as double din radio/1 DIN car audio on the Internet). Of course, this stereo looks the way it does to accommodate older vehicles. Useless.We offer the best selection.

Different DINs Single Din Radio Height Width 2 Inches 7 Inches

Four inches seven inches Double Din Radio

Din-and-a-half, or 1.5 Dinthree and seven inches

The vehicle may be best suited for single din car audio or double din radio, but you should get in touch with us first to make sure. We will give you the best advice on whether your vehicle is best suited for single din car audio or double din radio.

Before creating single din and dual din automobile audio devices, Binize conducted extensive testing and research on many models. There is no need to stress over the type of car audio you should get.

We'll present you with the best option.

For instance: If your host is 4 inches tall, a double din radio will work as a direct replacement. You may also use the best single din car stereo if it comes with the right installation kit, and 1.5 din is the same. You can utilize a 1.5 din host to outfit a host that is 3 inches high with the necessary kit. In some circumstances, you can also use the right instrument kit's complete double din radio in place of the 1.5 din car audio. You can typically only utilize a single din vehicle stereo if your car stereo is 2 inches high.What distinguishes a double din radio from a single din car stereo?

The same best single din and double din radio points apply:

One-touch screen with flexible touch provides a more technologically savvy operating environment. high definition, color display, and compelling visual experience.Running is done quickly.

3-You can freely add your favorite applications through various application alternatives to fulfill our various needs.

4-Integrate with mobile devices, making it simple to connect to your single DIN or dual DIN car audio system using Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and car radio Bluetooth.

5-Perfect compatibility with the vehicle's original features. such as reversing camera functionality and steering wheel controls.

The greatest single din vehicle stereo and double din radio differ in the following ways:

The product comes in several sizes. Double din radios are smaller and take up less room inside the car than single din ones. We can store the wires more easily. Naturally, single DIN car audio offers benefits as well. When not in use, some products offer a folding feature that allows you to store a single DIN car audio within the vehicle for a more elegant and straightforward appearance.

a single din with a car stereo and a floating scree

You often only need to replace a single din car audio if your vehicle has one.

How do we pick the greatest single din automobile stereo?

As technology has developed, an increasing number of automobiles come with car audio systems already installed, yet some still do not have the greatest single din car radio. Certain functions that we rely on heavily cannot be used while driving. Our driving experience is impacted by Bluetooth hands-free calling, navigation, high-definition video, high-quality music, etc.

The top single vehicle stereo with a premium build and a competitive price

Smaller than a double din radio, the greatest single din head unit. The top single din car stereo mainframes have electronic displays even if some double din radios are smaller. The screen rapidly grows and contracts with the push of a button, saving room in the vehicle. It is both more stunning and sci-fi.

Of course, there are a variety of manufacturers that may produce the finest single din car radio, giving consumers a wide range of options. Two of the best single din car audio firms are ALPINE and JVC, both of which have their sights set on functional diversification.

Binize introduces the greatest high-end mono audio host by paying more attention to thorough examination of product quality, function, and budget. The top 10 single din vehicle audio eventually emerged.

Binize 10 Inch Car Stereo Touch Screen 1 Din Single Din Stereo, Best Android System, GPS Support EQ Controls, Bluetooth, Mirrorlink, HD Visual Screen, DVD Player, Handsfree Calling, WIFI Backup Camera, Offline Map/Offline Map

What should we know before making a purchase?

To prevent the loss of specific functionality, we should carefully read your driver and determine whether it is appropriate for your vehicle before purchasing the finest mono audio host. The finest single din host does a variety of tasks. We can disregard these problems. Only the installation size needs to be taken into consideration.

If your car has a double din radio, you have additional options and can also select a single din car audio. Single din car audio can only be replaced by the best single din car stereo. You can use the greatest single din car stereo with the appropriate bracket. It also has another benefit. Installable extras include equalizers, built-in pockets for storing tiny objects, gadgets, and mobile phones, among other things.

Since the components of a single din head unit and a double din radio are identical, you don't need to switch from a double din radio to a single din head unit to understand your concern.

The screen resolution is the most straightforward technique to choose the best single din vehicle radio. The product will have the best brightness and color with a greater resolution. Of course, the processor performs admirably in most situations.

Of course, if you choose Binize, you might not need to purchase these items again; however, before making a purchase, contact customer care. Options include 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, and 10 inch.

How should the dual din car audio be installed in the 1.5 din car-affected slot?

Typically, we just substitute a 1.5 din automobile audio system for a similar size. However, you can still install a dual din head unit provided you manage it properly.

To check the available space, you can take out the barrier that surrounds the radio. I can guarantee that you have enough room to put a dual din head unit if there are partitions or storage bags on or under the old radio. But you must alter what you require.

double din Binize Car Stereo Radio 10.1-inch Touchscreen Double Din with Mirrorlink Car Stereo, Android Auto Connect WIFI, Media Player Bluetooth, GPS, Android System, 1G/2G RAM, Quad-core A7 Processor 1300MHz CPU, 1G/2G RAM iCloud Carplay

You have three options for handling the baffle:

Purchase a customized baffle or instrument panel kit for your car radio that is intended for dual din car audio installations. However, you must confirm that your dashboard is compatible with your new vehicle.

Purchase a baffle made specifically for dual din head units as an OEM part for your vehicle. This ought to be a wise decision. As a result, the new model's baffle or instrument panel cannot be used with the older model.Employ experts to work for you. However, confirm that he has suitable work experience; certain businesses focus on these positions.

During installation, single din and 1.5 din are chosen.

Installing a single din car audio is typically the best option for upgrading a 1.5 din head unit. It is simple to swap out a larger one for a smaller one because one din is an inch thinner than 1.5 din, and you are not permitted to perform more labor.

Installation kits with the proper brackets, gaskets, or storage bags are frequently offered by aftermarket vendors. used as a stopgap.

Despite the fact that a dual din head unit is excellent for video, navigation, and other uses.

Let's get started installing the car radio by using my step-by-step instructions.

Installation errors for in-car head units

The following serious issues could arise when replacing the automobile stereo:

Few automobile radios can be removed from the dashboard without difficulty due to the complicated decorating and dashboard components. Some will cause problems. If you are careless, you can end up breaking your car's delicate cosmetic elements.

Having trouble installing new car audio: You will have to abandon the installation or replace the item if you purchase car audio that is the incorrect size. You'll need a lot of time for this.

wiring ambiguity Despite the fact that the automotive audio wiring uses a highly common wiring color scheme, there may still be instances where it is unclear exactly where a connection should be made. This is something that can easily occur if your radio has previously been replaced.

Managing and adjusting dash kit parts

Let's start by looking at the potential issues that could arise when handling and trimming the dash kit components. The first issue you might run into is this.

You can disregard this issue if your car has few trim components and the center console or instrument panel parts won't get in the way of disassembling the main unit. If the situation is the contrary, you must carefully research your options before switching hosts.

You can look up the center console or dashboard's complete introduction map online in addition to viewing them to better comprehend the difficulties you will soon confront.

You will be able to identify precisely which trim pieces need to be taken off in order to remove the old car audio if you can locate a chart that corresponds to the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Never force or rush anything; instead, take your time and complete each task one at a time.

If something is difficult to remove, make sure to carefully inspect the screws and bolts before something is destroyed. Some trim and dashboard components are bolted and positioned, while others are simply snapped in.

Installation and coordination issues with repairs

Car stereos with incorrect dimensions, original car stereos with strange forms, and decorative pieces that are not properly aligned after installation and are therefore inoperable are all potential issues you can run into.

Finding a device that is the same size and characteristics as the original device is the simplest method to make sure that the car stereo you purchase will suit your vehicle.

For instance, if your original host is dual din, you can typically swap it out for a dual din aftermarket host without any issues.

You need an appropriate automobile multimedia installation kit if you want to swap out your dual din head unit for the greatest single din aftermarket one.

This situation will undoubtedly not be straightforward. You must locate a dashboard kit made especially for your automobile if it has a non-standard car audio. Despite this, the process still essentially involves taking out the old car audio, mounting the dashboard kit, and then inserting the new car stereo into the kit.

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Which car stereo is best for you—a single din or a double din?

Which car stereo is best for you—a single din or a double din? 0

It's critical to be aware that in-dash head units exist in a variety of sizes. You have two options to choose from when it comes to these DIN sizes: single-DIN and double-DIN. Let's examine the differences between the two in more detail.


The acronym "DIN" refers for the German Institute for Standardization, or Deutsches Institut für Normung. This Berlin-based organization creates and upholds countless standard measurements that are used throughout the automotive, engineering, and technological industries.

The word "DIN size," as it is commonly used in North America, refers to the chassis size of a car stereo.

When looking for a car audio, you'll come across two primary DIN sizes:

Single-DIN: A single-DIN automobile stereo measures seven inches in width and two inches in height. A single-DIN model of the Sony head unit is depicted in the article's header image.

Double-DIN: Both the single-DIN and double-DIN vehicle radio models are seven inches wide. However, a double-DIN stereo is twice as tall as a single-DIN unit at four inches. This article's body contains a picture of a double-DIN stereo.


One-DIN head units provide the following benefits and drawbacks:

Installation is comparatively simple for single-DIN units.

They may be a cost-effective yet considerable improvement over a damaged or old-fashioned car audio. They might have features like a Bluetooth audio wireless connection or an auxiliary input connector.

Because single-DIN devices are rather small, there isn't much space for controllers. The shortage of space may make the controls challenging to reach and operate in various situations.

Single-DIN stereos typically lack a touchscreen. Some devices have a fold-out touchscreen, however these are more expensive and scarce.

Let's now examine the benefits and drawbacks of double-DIN stereos:

Stereos with double DINs have extra control space. Due to the additional space, controls on double-DIN machines are frequently more accessible and user-friendly than those on single-DIN units.

Due to their larger size, double-DIN stereos can accommodate touchscreens while single-DIN stereos cannot, unless the touchscreen is a foldout model, as was previously indicated. A touchscreen stereo has a number of noteworthy advantages. Touchscreen stereos typically have displays that are simpler to read and tend to be easier to use than stereos without screens. Furthermore, they provide improved phone integration. A rearview camera, on-screen GPS navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are additional features that certain touchscreen stereos can have. Single-DIN head units rarely come with these functions.

Installing double-DIN stereos is more challenging than installing head units without screens.

The cost of double-DIN units will be higher than that of single-DIN units.

What DIN size is used by my car?

Double DIN versus single DIN? Before investing in a car stereo, you must decide which is best for you.Vehicles that can fit double-DIN head units typically can also fit single-DIN models. The opposite isn't always true, either, as double-DIN stereos don't always fit in vehicles designed for single-DIN systems.

Sometimes, by examining the panel that contains the stereo controls, you may determine which size would be best for your car. You have a single-DIN if the short two-inch one is present. Utilizing an internet lookup tool is the simplest approach to determine whether a unit's DIN size is compatible with your car. You must enter the make, model, and year of your automobile in order for these tools to tell you whether it can accommodate a single-DIN stereo, a double-DIN unit, or both.

A high-quality aftermarket radio can significantly improve your driving experience. You will be able to select the stereo that best suits your needs now that you are aware of the differences between single-DIN and double-DIN head units.

For basic maintenance and repairs, you may rely on one of our 17,000 NAPA AutoCare shops or browse all the vehicle stereos and accessories offered on NAPA Online. Visit your neighborhood NAPA AUTO PARTS store to speak with a qualified professional for more details on single-DIN vs. double-DIN head units.


As a brand dedicated to providing smart, economic and easy-to-install auto parts,

our goal is to creatively transform and enrich the in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

We strive to answer the demand of driving experience in all aspects,

while making the trip more convenient, safer and comfortable by innovative auto products.

In the future, cars will become a mobile living space,

ESSGOO will continuously pursue the concept of innovation and excellence,and this has driven us to research and develop higher quality, distinctive and enhanced product series,

so as to become the global preferred brand to improve the quality of mobile life.

"Whether the transform is big or small,it will bring more vitality and energy to life."

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BMW Head Unit

BMW Head Unit 0

Are you looking to improve the head unit in your BMW? If so, you can get a replacement Android head unit straight from the manufacturer on to replace the factory-installed BMW head unit. If you have never looked for a quality BMW head unit before, it may be difficult to find one for your car that is reasonably priced.

Which BMW head unit is the best?

The highest quality head unit for a BMW should come first. Installing a good Android head unit in your BMW is essential if you drive it every day. It offers you a multi-functional infotainment system in addition to free, up-to-date navigation.

Improved connectivity is one of the key advantages of a BMW Head Unit .You no longer need to rely on your smartphone to stream music, make hands-free calls, use navigation, and use other apps thanks to the built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data connectivity options. This not only improves the experience of driving overall but also lessens distractions and raises road safety.

Additionally, because installation is plug-and-play, there is no need to modify the wiring or the dashboard. Simply remove the factory head unit, install the new wiring harness that is compatible with the old harness, and then install the new BMW head unit into the dash.

In conclusion, anyone who owns a BMW and wants to enhance the technology in their vehicle would be wise to invest in a BMW Android head unit. You'll have a more pleasurable and secure driving experience thanks to increased connectivity, greater sound quality, cutting-edge navigation systems, and customisable settings. The ability of your car's audio and navigation system to work with third-party equipment like backup cameras, dash cameras, and OBD-II adapters can also be improved.

Available BMW head units

Owners can choose not to share some types of data, according to BMW, which also claims not to sell consumer information.

Many people's eyes were opened last week when the Mozilla Foundation demonstrated that practically every modern car is a "privacy nightmare on wheels." The research by Mozilla showed how automakers are allowed to collect a lot of sensitive information about their consumers, including information about their "sexual orientation" and "sexual activity." After learning about Mozilla's research, BMW North America made a recent statement in defense of itself.

BMW NA claims that there are five alleged errors in Mozilla's report that call for explanation. BMW NA emphasized that clients have the option to decline some data collection, nevertheless.

According to BMW NA's statement, "all BMW vehicle interfaces permit consumers to opt in or out of various types of data collection and processing that may happen on their vehicles." BMW customers may, at any time, visit the BMW iDrive screen in their vehicle to choose not to have ANY optional data (emphasis BMW's) collection related to their vehicles.

Opt out is the crucial component here. not a sign-up. In other words, BMW automobiles automatically gather all of the optional data. Customers must go into their Bimmer's iDrive settings and tell the car to cease spying on them rather than allowing the car to spy on them, which is understandable given that many of them fail to properly comprehend contemporary infotainment systems.

What about the other items?

Additionally, BMW drivers have the option to totally disconnect all data transfers from BMW vehicles to BMW services at any time by turning off their eSIM in their cars by contacting BMW and submitting a form. Although it seems like a tedious procedure, there is at least a means to completely stop data collection. However, there is a catch: If you deactivate the car's eSIM to prevent any data transfer to BMW, you also, by extension, deactivate all related services you may have paid for. Customers will willingly enable the eSIM and associated data transmission, according to BMW, "given that eCall and SoS calls would not be possible after the cellular connection to the vehicle is disabled." You can turn everything off, but if you crash and need help from emergency personnel but can't find your phone, you're toast.

The privacy policies of BMW North America do state that the company "does not sell its customers personal information, such as their names, addresses, driving habits, Vehicle Identification Numbers, or other information that is tied to the customers or their vehicles." It does, however, share consumer information with dealerships and business partners, but only to the degree that these parties "request that we do so." According to BMW, behavioral advertising data is gathered for its own products; the company denies sending this information to third parties for their own marketing.

The carmaker further notes that consumers can remove all of their personal data and the data associated with their MyBMW app through an online portal. BMW NA asserts that regardless of state regulations, it will willingly abide by every customer's privacy request. That's excellent news because Mozilla's team stated in its report that it was "pretty sure you can't get your data deleted if you don't live somewhere that right is protected by law".

BMW claims to operate a "permission and consent" program when it comes to insurance data gathering and how quickly or carelessly you may or may not drive. Through the MyBMW app, customers may choose which companies they want to share their data with. According to BMW, any data sharing with insurance firms is entirely at the discretion of the customer.

BMW offers options for customers to refuse certain data harvests and even erase their own data, which is good, but it doesn't address all of the legitimate concerns raised in Mozilla's research. BMW NA, like its competitors, collects a ton of personal information and relies on customers tremendous take steps to prevent it, so data collecting takes place right in front of a lot of owners. And while it's good to know that BMW doesn't give away any personal information to outside parties, such as names, addresses, or VINs, that doesn't necessarily mean your information is totally secure with the business. After all, troves of this material have previously been leaked by automakers.


As a brand dedicated to providing smart, economic and easy-to-install auto parts,

our goal is to creatively transform and enrich the in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

We strive to answer the demand of driving experience in all aspects,

while making the trip more convenient, safer and comfortable by innovative auto products.

In the future, cars will become a mobile living space,

ESSGOO will continuously pursue the concept of innovation and excellence,and this has driven us to research and develop higher quality, distinctive and enhanced product series,

so as to become the global preferred brand to improve the quality of mobile life.

"Whether the transform is big or small,it will bring more vitality and energy to life."

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BMW  Car Audio Setup

BMW Car Audio Setup 0

The original BMW includes five levels of audio setup, ranging from low to high:

  1. The most basic stereo system available (equivalent to the mid-range to entry-level BMW 3 Series and 5 Series)

The audio System is a straightforward audio system and the simplest sound system in the BMW line. Although Alpine's configuration host is of high quality, it lacks a storing capability. These are the speaker placements:

There are two mid-tones in the front sound field, located in the center of the left and right front doors; two bass are present in the front sound field, each under the driver's and passenger's seats; two mid-tones are present in the rear sound field, either on the left and right sides of the BMW rear panel or on the left and right rear doors; and two bass are present in the front sound field.

Sound field speaker up front:

The front door triangle position of all BMW Stereo System systems abroad features separate tweeter units and tweeter molds. However, the BMW 520Li and 523Li also started to deteriorate once they arrived in China, and were only "saved" by two plastic panels, as indicated in the red circle below:

Front Mid Range:

The front mid range consists of two mid range speakers and a 4-inch speaker that is mounted in the middle of the front doors on the left and right. (Mid range speakers are included in every BMW model.)

Two 6.5-inch midbass speakers are located under the front seats. (Those made domestically are replaced by 6.5-inch ones, while those imported are double 8-inch ones.)

Rear sound package: A set of speakers consisting of two 4-inch mid-range speakers and two 2-inch tweeters is mounted on the left and right sides of the BMW rear panel. The tweeter series was deleted, leaving only two mid-range speakers, but the tweeters were shut off, after the Stereo System system was localized.

  1. HiFi System (676), The stereo system from HIFI is comparable to the opulent BMW 3 Series and 5 Series.

According to BMW's audio classification, the HiFi System (Option 676) combination falls into the mid-range group. The main unit is also made by Japan's Alpine OEM, and the front employs a 3-way set of speakers (tweeters, mid-range speakers, and bass speakers). The 535Li main unit does, however, offer the ability to save songs, although other 5 series devices do not at the moment. The speakers of the HiFi System (Option 676) setup are described below:A. Two high pitched speakers in the rear sound field, located in the rear compartment partition; B. Two 4-inch mid tones in the rear sound field, located in the middle of the rear door panel; C. Two 6.5-inch bass speakers under the front seats of the front soundtrack; D. Two high pitched speakers in the front vocal field, located at the triangle position; E. One central speaker on the front dashboard.

  1. The Top HiFi System (Option 667), which comes with the BMW 7 Series, is the most hi-fi stereo system.
  2. Bang & Olufsen audio (available on some BMW F01, F02, F03, F07, F10, F11, F12, F13, F15, F16, and F18 models as an option)

The sound lens technology can automatically change the volume and sound to provide the greatest fidelity and perfect three-dimensional sensory delight. The output of 16 active speakers, with a combined 1200 watts of power, is of the highest caliber. You'll have the impression that you're in a gilded music hall since the high, mid, and low pitches are all placed, like in a band, in the most ideal places.

These are the speaker placements:

Four high-pitched speakers in the rear sound field, one on each side of the rear compartment partition and one on each side of the rear door; e. Four mid tones in the rear sound field, 1 o. Two high notes in the front vocal field, located at the triangle position; b. Two 4-inch mid tones in the front sound field, located in the middle of the front door panel; c. Two 6.5-inch bass speakers under the front seats of the front soundtrack; d.

Bowers&Wilkins (available for the brand-new 7 Series from BMW)

BMW has given consumers a B&W audio system on the brand-new BMW 7 series. You may be familiar with B&W, also known as Baohua Weijian in Chinese. You must be familiar with Pavarotti, Domingo, Adele, or Jacky Cheung if you enjoy listening to music. All of these musical gurus will pick the Abbey Road studio in the UK to record their own records. because the sound effects they can get from this recording studio are excellent and professional. Additionally, Baohua Wei built the monitoring speaker used in this recording studio.

The treble used by Baohua Weijian is composed of diamond treble, which is incredibly expensive and leaves a lasting impression. The baritone incorporates Kevlar, a material used for bulletproof vests that improves its deep tone. Also composed of aeronautical materials is the bass. The newest BMW 7 series sound system is also included with the most accomplished Nautilus soundpipe. There are 16 speakers and 1400W of power in its audio system.

BMW audio modification relates

You may also see from above that BMW is constrained by financial considerations. Even the tweeters from the original car have been eliminated in vehicles sold in the domestic market. The tweeter effect cannot be reflected due to the sound system's inherent absence of tweeters, the limited power of the original car's main engine, and the original speakers' low sensitivity, and the low-frequency effect also suffers from these same flaws and lacks strength. And the location of the sound field is much more disorderly and ambiguous. As a result, there is a severe loss of high-frequency sound, unclear levels, little to no detail, low frequency turbidity, which makes the human voice seem artificial, weak and murky low frequency performance, dispersed sound field positioning, and average low frequency dives. The sound performance is as bland and foggy as plain water, with a very low overall sound resolution.

As a result, many friends, particularly those who own BMW 3 and 5 series vehicles with mid to low setups, have upgraded the audio systems of their vehicles. How therefore can we effectively modify and upgrade? Here is a quick overview:

  1. Install a few additional audio speakers by themselves in accordance with the amount of streamlined speakers;
  2. It is advised to install the Harman Carton L7 audio system if you want better results;
  3. If it improves, include a B&O audio system;

Everyone should be aware that improvements and modifications are best when made gradually. Due to space allotted for the original BMW car, none of these three upgrades and modifications will harm the vehicle.


As a brand dedicated to providing smart, economic and easy-to-install auto parts,

our goal is to creatively transform and enrich the in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

We strive to answer the demand of driving experience in all aspects,

while making the trip more convenient, safer and comfortable by innovative auto products.

In the future, cars will become a mobile living space,

ESSGOO will continuously pursue the concept of innovation and excellence,and this has driven us to research and develop higher quality, distinctive and enhanced product series,

so as to become the global preferred brand to improve the quality of mobile life.

"Whether the transform is big or small,it will bring more vitality and energy to life."

Transform, Starts Here!

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Trends in Car Radio

Trends in Car Radio 0

90% of car customers believe that broadcast radio should be standard in all vehicles.

According to a major survey, more than 80% of customers are less inclined to buy or lease a car without a built-in radio tuner.Broadcast radio is much more popular than any other type of in-car audio. 93% want free radio access to continue.Voice controls and content information are among the most wanted radio features among car customers.Almost all (90%) of the survey respondents say a broadcast radio tuner should be standard equipment in every car, a trend that is consistent across age groups, indicating strong demand among current and future car buyers.

The survey also reveals that the availability of radio has a major impact on consumers’ vehicle purchasing decisions: 82% of potential car buyers say they would be less likely to buy or lease a vehicle that is not equipped with a built-in radio tuner.

A significant majority does not want to pay for radio - 93% believe it is 'essential' that radio stay free to listen to - as it is now via analogue and digital broadcast radio tuners. The relevance of free-to-air radio was emphasized by motorists' concerns about data charges for streaming content: a clear majority (70%) of those who now listen to audio via their mobile device are 'worried' about how much data they are consuming.

Day-to-day consumption of broadcast radio among motorists remains significantly higher than for any other form of audio content. 65% of respondents say they listen to broadcast radio in the car ‘frequently’, versus 23% for online streaming music services and 15% for CDs. Echoing the usage levels, a clear majority (80%) agree with the statement: “radio provides a better listening experience in the car than other types of audio sources.”  Respondents say the primary reason for listening is ‘to get news and information’, cited by 63%, followed by ‘to hear favourite songs’ (42%).

A significant majority does not want to pay for radio - 93% believe it is 'essential' that radio stay free to listen to - as it is now via analogue and digital broadcast radio tuners. The relevance of free-to-air radio was emphasized by motorists' concerns about data charges for streaming content: a clear majority (70%) of those who now listen to audio via their mobile device are 'worried' about how much data they are consuming.

Car buyers were also asked about their most desired added-value in-car radio features. Having an ‘ability to search for radio stations using voice controls’ is the most popular (mentioned by 58% of respondents), followed by ‘provision of information about content’ (54%).

Ongoing radio consumption trends

Broadcast radio use is quite high among today's automobile purchasers, with 89% having listened in the past week and 76% listening at least once per day.

The automobile is still the most popular place to listen to the radio, identified by an average of 89% of respondents, followed by 75% at home and 39% at work.

"This is a major piece of consumer research covering some of the largest automotive markets, yet attitudes about radio among car buyers across all of the countries surveyed were uncannily similar," says Tom Webster, Senior Vice President of Edison Research.

“It’s clear, too, that broadcast radio was singled out specifically as a must-have option. Roughly two-thirds of motorists across all countries surveyed indicated that they ‘would not listen to their favourite radio stations’ if they were only available online. For consumers the availability of free, easy-to-access broadcast radio as standard is an essential part of the in-car entertainment system and looks set to remain so.”

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What Exactly Is a Breath Alcohol Test?

What Exactly Is a Breath Alcohol Test? 0

When you consume alcohol, it enters your stomach and small intestine. It is taken into your blood, which transports it throughout your body, including to your brain and lungs. When you breathe, you expel it.

A breath alcohol test determines the amount of alcohol in the air you exhale. This measurement is used by the gadget to determine the amount of alcohol in your blood. That figure is referred to as your BAC, or blood alcohol concentration.

It may rise as quickly as 15 minutes after drinking. BAC is normally at its peak roughly one hour after drinking.

Are there several types of tests?

Manual or electronic tests are also possible. The majority of cops utilize an electronic gadget the size of a walkie-talkie. When you blow into a mouthpiece, it provides an instant readout. You may be requested to repeat this several times in order for the officer to obtain an average reading. It only takes a minute and doesn't harm.

A balloon and a glass tube filled with yellow crystals are used in the most popular manual test. You blow into the balloon, allowing the air to escape into the tube. Depending on how much alcohol is in your system, the crystal bands in the tube change color from yellow to green.

To read the findings, follow the instructions that came with the instrument. In general, one green band indicates that your BAC is less than 0.05%, which is under the legal limit for driving. Two green bands indicate that your BAC is between 0.05% and 0.10%, while three bands indicate that it is greater than 0.10%.

You can buy either type of test for yourself if you want to make sure you’re safe before you get behind the wheel. The manual ones are less expensive.

Is It Accurate?

Not always. There are a few things that could cause an error in the reading.

If you had a drink 15 minutes before the test, trace amounts of alcohol in your mouth could lead to an inaccurate result. Smoking can also affect results. So can products that contain alcohol, like mouthwash and breath fresheners.

Sometimes the machines need to be recalibrated or have batteries replaced. These possibly could affect the reading.

Some tests have software that needs to be updated occasionally and can cause glitches.

Professional breath alcohol tests, like the ones police officers carry, use fuel cell technology. They’re the most accurate. But no breath test is as accurate as a blood or urine test.

How fast your BAC rises and how long it stays that way depend on several things:

Your weight. The heavier you are, the more water is in your body. The more water, the more the alcohol gets diluted.

Your gender. Alcohol doesn’t affect men and women the same. Men have higher levels of a stomach enzyme that helps break down alcohol, so they process it faster. Women typically have less water and more fat. Hormonal changes in women also can affect the BAC.

How many drinks you had, how strong they were, and how fast you drank them. The more you drink each hour, the faster your BAC rises.

How much you ate. A full belly, especially high-protein foods, will slow the processing of alcohol.

What Do the Results Mean?

If a police officer gives you a breath alcohol test and your BAC is over the legal limit of 0.08%, you may be arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

You also may be asked to provide a blood or urine sample for further testing to determine a more accurate BAC.

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How to Jump Start a Car?

How to Jump Start a Car? 0

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of how to jump start an automobile. Jump starting an automobile is a critical activity that all car owners should be able to perform. It is important to understand how to restart a car in case your car battery fails at any time. This happens to practically every automobile owner at some time in their lives. Depending on how many attempts it takes to start the automobile, this procedure might take anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes. With the right coaching, anyone can do this activity. After completing the process, your battery will be charged and your vehicle will be ready to drive.

Step 1:equipment

Wear equipment gloves (preferably rubber) to protect yourself from electrical shock if you unintentionally contact live cables.

Step 2: Confirming the Problem

Confirm that the problem with the dead automobile is a battery problem and not something else. This may be accomplished by turning on the lights and determining whether or not they are dead.A low or dead battery is indicated by dim lights. In addition, if plugged-in electrical accessories do not function, this may indicate a dead battery.

TIP: Read the owner's handbook before attempting to jump start an automobile. Some vehicles are not designed to be jump-started and may just require a battery replacement.

Step 3: Set Cars in Position

After confirming that the battery is dead, park the dead and live car hood to hood with about a 2-3 foot gap in between them.

Next, make sure both cars are turned off and open up hoods to both of the vehicles.

TIP: Can also park side by side if area only allows for this type of configuration.

Step 4: Check Batteries

After opening both hoods, identify and inspect both battery terminals for corrosion. If the terminals are corroded or dirty, it may be difficult to starting the automobile. If the terminals are rusty or rusted, use the cloth to clean them.

After you've checked the terminals, you'll be ready to connect the jumper wires.

WARNING: Wear gloves in the automobile to protect yourself from electrical shock and other potential risks. While cleaning terminals, be sure the car is turned off.

TIP: In the next stages, make sure you connect wires in the right sequence.

Step 5: Hook Up Jumper Cables

You are now ready to connect the cords. When connecting wires as stated in the next stages, make sure you do it in the right order.

To begin, connect the positive jumper cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery.

Connect the positive jumper cable to the positive terminal on the live battery.

TIP: The red jumper cable is the positive jumper cable. On a battery, the positive terminal is generally denoted by something red. If there is no red indicator, there is normally a plus symbol next to it.

Step 6: Hook Up Jumper Cables

The black jumper cable is the negative jumper cable. It is frequently more difficult to locate on a car battery since it is generally smaller than the positive terminal. It may be identified by a - symbol on the automobile battery.

Finally, connect the negative jumper cable to a grounded piece of metal on the dead automobile.

Do not connect to a painted or filthy piece of metal. If you attach wires to these, the connections may not be good enough to obtain a jump. There is generally a decent piece of metal towards the front of the hood to connect this cable to.


Never connect a negative jumper cable to the negative terminal of a dead battery. This is due of safety concerns. There is a potential that a spark will be formed while attaching the last clamp. You want this spark to happen as far away from the battery as possible to avoid the battery exploding.

Step 7: Start Up Car With Live Battery

Start Up Car With Live Battery

After cables are properly attached, start up the working car.

Let working car sit and run for about 5 mins.

TIP: It is okay to rev the engine in the live car around every 30 seconds. This will help produce a few extra volts, but is not essential in getting the other car to start. You will still have enough volts from the live battery to start the dead battery without revving the engine. If you do decide to rev engine make sure to not race the engine by keeping your foot on the pedal the whole time.

Step 8: Start Up Car With Dead Battery

After 5 minutes has passed try to start up dead car.

TIP: If dead car does not start up it is most likely do to a bad connection. If this occurs shut off both vehicles and try to reconnect cables in order listed above. If you are removing all the cables make sure to do so in reverse order of how you applied them.

Step 9: Remove Cables

Once dead car turns on it is okay to remove jumper cables. Remove jumper cables in reverse order of how they were applied.

First, remove cable from ground metal on car with dead battery.

Then, remove cable from negative terminal on car with live battery.

Third, remove cable from positive terminal on car with live battery.

Lastly, remove cable from positive terminal on car with dead battery.

WARNING: Do not touch metal claws of cables together while a cable is still connected to a battery. This could result in electrical shock. (This is why rubber gloves are preferred.)

Step 10: Let Dead Battery Recharge

Drive the car around for 20-30 minutes once the wires have been removed. This allows the alternator to charge the battery. If a car with a dead battery is switched off immediately after a successful jump, it will most likely not start again and you will have to repeat the operation.

Your vehicle has now been successfully jump-started. The most difficult aspect of the procedure is ensuring that the connections are solid. If it does not start the first time, re-adjust your connections and try again. Also, for a proper connection, make sure the terminals are clean. Overall, this is a simple activity that you should never have to pay someone else to complete.

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Toyota Head Units

Toyota Head Units 0

Aftermarket Toyota head units are Android infotainment systems that provide more sophisticated features and options than factory-installed head units, such as a bigger touch screen, additional connectivity options, and cutting-edge technology to improve your driving experience.

The Benefits of an Aftermarket Toyota Head Unit

Modern technology: Aftermarket Toyota Android head unit is more technologically advanced than factory-installed device, which may not have been updated in several years. It has additional capabilities such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allow you to access your phone's applications and functionalities through your car's infotainment system.

Improved navigation:

If your Toyota's original navigation system is outdated or does not provide the level of detail or accuracy you require, an aftermarket Toyota head unit can provide better and more up-to-date navigation features, such as real-time traffic and weather updates, as well as more detailed maps like igo, sygic, waze, and google maps.

Better aesthetics:

It also enhances the appearance and feel of your Toyota's interior, as many devices come with adjustable options for screen backgrounds, button colors, and other design features. This may offer your Toyota vehicle a more customized and trendy appearance.

Improved usability: The Toyota Android head unit has a more user-friendly interface than the factory-installed one, making it easier to access and manage your vehicle's music and entertainment system.

Aftermarket Toyota head units may be supplemented with extra components such as amplifiers, subwoofers, and other audio equipment to build a personalized sound system that suits your individual needs and tastes.

Overall, an aftermarket Toyota Android head unit offers a variety of benefits, depending on the type and features you select. It is critical to conduct research and select a unit that is compatible with your Toyota model and year, as well as one that suits your individual demands and preferences.

About the Car Audio unit for For Toyota Camry 2006 - 2011

  1. We have a professional technical team to provide free technical services.
  2. All products have passed strict quality tests before leaving the factory to ensure high quality.
  3. Before ordering, the buyer can leave a message to Customer Service and confirm whether the frame or cable is suitable. Make sure no buyer is wasting time providing customers with the best shopping experience.

Notice of Toyota head unit:

Please check the size and adapter before buying. If you have any questions, you can take a picture of your car dashboard and send it to us.

Rear Camera(Included)

Automatically switch to reverse image when the car is in reverse gear, it could work as a parking assistance.

DSP (Digital Sound Field Processing)

Digital sound processor with 16 Equalizer adjustments for better music. It's not only a sound, but it's a high-quality stereo system.

Steering Wheel Control

Support Car Steering Wheel Control: quickly switch your songs/ volumes/ calls with your SWC Function.

Important Note Before Buying

When choosing an aftermarket Toyota head unit, it’s important to ensure that it is compatible with your specific Toyota model and year, and that it is installed by a qualified technician to ensure proper functionality and compatibility with your vehicle’s other systems.

You can contact us to get a compatible Android head unit for your Toyota model, and we can help you to install it.

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