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The time displayed on the car screen changes automatically, but is incorrect




The time displayed on the screen of the newly installed car unit is wrong, it was adjusted in 'settings', but it was automatically changed in the end, but it was not correct.

It is possible that this is a 'time cannot be saved', and the cause of this is usually a wiring problem.
Troubleshooting method: The red wire of the power supply is connected to the ACC, and the yellow wire is connected to the positive pole. At this time, the time is re-maintained. If the time can be changed normally, and the time is correct. Please check other lines to see if they have been connected incorrectly before.
After connecting to the mobile phone hotspot or WiFi, the Android system will update the time and synchronization time by itself

Related installation videos are available on ESSGOO's YouTube channel.
Also see wiring diagram: click here



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