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A Buyer's Guide to Large-Screen Receivers

A Buyer's Guide to Large-Screen Receivers

Many automobile stereos now include touchscreen screens the size of tablets. There are various advantages to having a huge touchscreen on your dashboard, including a cleaner aesthetic, quicker source selection, and improved screen visibility while driving. If you're thinking about upgrading your vehicle audio and want a bigger touchscreen display, here's a fast guide to large screen receivers.

Will a large-screen receiver fit in my vehicle?

Fortunately, numerous large-screen vehicle stereos will fit into dash apertures that previously could not handle touchscreen receivers. First, determine your DIN-size, or the size of your stereo's structural structure.Most automobiles have either single-DIN or double-DIN stock stereos, and depending on the make and model, will take one or both sizes. It may be beneficial to utilize a vehicle selection tool to determine what works best with your vehicle.Single-DIN and double-DIN stereos are relatively similar in terms of fundamental functionality such as sound controls and power. Previously, the main distinction came into play while searching for touchscreen receivers because the majority of them were double-DIN. There are now various single-DIN touchscreen choices available, allowing you to use all of the functionality of a large screen receiver regardless of your car's DIN-size.

Is a floating touchscreen display suitable for my requirements?

Because most big touchscreen receivers appear to "float" in front of your dash, you should consider the configuration of the air vents and controls surrounding your radio. Because every dashboard is different, make sure you know how much space you have to install a huge touchscreen without making your driving experience difficult or restricting cabin flow. Several receivers are adjustable, allowing you to vary the angle, height, and depth of the display during installation to properly match your dash.It should be noted that after everything is linked, it may be difficult to modify, so consider the arrangement while it is being installed. Before installing your radio, print out the fit guide and test it in the car. Download the fit guidelines for Jensen radios from the respective product pages.

What are the advantages of a large-screen receiver?

As previously said, having a touchscreen vehicle stereo has several advantages, beginning with accessibility and visibility. A larger, more colorful display will be easier to view while driving and will allow for faster access to source selection from the screen.Touchscreen receivers also have improved integrations, such as backup camera inputs, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, which allow you to utilize your favorite phone apps straight on your dashboard. A touchscreen multimedia receiver will simply have more functionality than a standard Bluetooth head unit.

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