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Car breath tester: lock drunk driving, so that safe travel always online!

Car breath tester: lock drunk driving, so that safe travel always online!

Death caused by drunk driving is one of the main causes of death caused in traffic accidents. At present, the traffic management departments of the world to the investigation of drunk driving mainly rely on the traffic police card, patrol interception can be vehicles or others to report. These methods have problems such as low inspection efficiency and over-reliance on the law enforcement experience of the traffic police, which cannot fully prevent the occurrence of drunk driving.

In order to prevent the occurrence of drunk driving more efficiently and comprehensively, the on-board alcohol detection device has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities and the industry. Commonly used abroad is the alcohol detection and engine interlocking device (alcohol lock), which can realize the function of unable to start the engine when the driver's breath alcohol detection exceeds the standard. At present, the chain devices are rear-installed, widely used in the United States and Europe.

On 6 July 2022, EU Regulation 2019 / 2144 came into force. The regulations, since July 6,2022, automobile manufacturers have the obligation to new car factory certification, must give new models equipped with some specific equipment interface, and in July 2024, all newly registered vehicles will have to use the interface and install related equipment, in order to avoid serious accidents, which includes vehicle alcohol detection device.

In the on-board alcohol detection devices, the alcohol sensor is the key component, usually using the electrochemical principle to measure whether the driver drinks alcohol.

Electrochemical alcohol sensor has high measurement accuracy, good repeatability, good stability, strong anti-interference ability, and its working mode is diffusion type and pump suction type. When measurement, alcohol and oxygen respond to the working electrode and the electrode and release the charge to form a current. The current generated is proportional to the alcohol concentration. The level of the concentration of alcohol can be determined by measuring the current. In terms of the standardization and compliance of the transportation industry, the EU is always at the forefront, and these standards are more or less referred to by other countries. In the future, the on-board alcohol detection device is expected to become the factory standard parts of new cars

operational principle

Before the car starts, the driver must first exhale into the wireless handheld device to trigger the alcohol sensor for detection. The detection data is transmitted to the controller through the A / D converter and determine whether the alcohol concentration meets the standard through calculation. The analysis results are transmitted to the car's electronic control system through wireless signals, and if an excessive alcohol content is detected, the car will take self-locking measures to keep the car unable to start. In the process of driving, the system will also require the driver to retest, so as to prevent drunk drivers from driving.

The equipment uses advanced sensors, can identify non-human external gas, can effectively prevent the driver from using the pump jet to escape detection, with the camera to monitor the driver blowing image, to ensure that the test is the driver himself, to prevent cheating.

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