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The Development History and Advantages of Bluetooth Head Unit


In the early cars, there was no such thing as a screen. If people wanted to relax and entertain in the car, they could choose to listen to FM radio and play tapes or CDs.

In the 90s of the last world, with the increasing demand for entertainment, people are no longer satisfied with the simple way of entertainment inside the car, hoping to have more abundant electronic equipment available.

At that time, the central control screen launched was still very crude, and neither the liquid crystal display nor the touch screen technology was mature. If a screen with a low resolution is forcibly equipped, it means that the display effect is mediocre, and many physical buttons will be added, and the numerous buttons make it very inconvenient for users to use. The negative feedback from the market also limits the promotion of central control by car companies. screen moves.

Ten years later, the first node of the central control screen appeared. In 2001, the BMW 7 Series took the lead in using a “large and high-resolution” LCD screen, and simplified its physical buttons. Its “iDrive"”,the system allows the driver to easily realize blind operation on the control panel. This also means that the central control large screen has become an important way for the car-machine system and human-computer interaction for the first time, and it has also written a strong stroke for the future development of the smart cockpit .

The position of BMW's central control display also established the positioning of the central control display of other subsequent models, which is above all instrument panels and next to the front windshield. Such a layout is more conducive to the safety of the driver. While looking at the screen, there is no need to lower your head, and your eyes will not leave the road ahead.

The emergence of the central display screen has also historically made road blindness and road idiots a thing of the past, because the screen can finally be used for navigation. No more holding a map and pulling over to analyze where you are and where you are going. Especially after 2006, the United States opened up the Global Positioning System (GPS), even if the people of other countries can easily call its data, it has accelerated the popularity of car navigation and car central display screens.

In recent years, with the development of intelligent cars and the reduction of cost, some entry-level cars have begun to appear the touch screen host, and the touch screen host of higher-priced cars has been upgraded to a certain extent, such as Mercedes-Benz MBUX system and BMW iDrive 7.0 system. These systems are already very smart because of AI. You can even use voice control to control some operations. The importance of such brands as Tesla and Nio is higher, because most of the control (including the software upgrade of the car) must rely on the car. Thus we can see the importance of the engine to the modern car.

Even if it is not a luxury brand, some brands of cars such as Honda and Mazda are actually very dependent on the machine. Taking Mazda as an example, Mazda's vehicle settings (such as advanced active safety equipment) must rely on the MZD Connect system to set , and Honda’s air-conditioning control panel is directly integrated into the touch-screen main unit. It can be seen that the car machine is very important to the current car. In addition to the current rampant smartphones, the car machine of the vehicle also volunteers for mirroring functions (such as Mirror Link, Android and Apple Carplay, etc.), have brought a lot of convenience to car owners who need to navigate or use other mobile phone functions.

With the development of society, cars have entered ordinary people's families, and joint venture cars have become our priority for good quality and other reasons. Still, we face some fly in the ointment. For example, the navigation is not standard or performance is not good, reinstall the large screen navigation and worry about decorative style damage and other problems, such pain points were born the original car screen upgrade products. The principle of upgrading the original car screen is: the use of the original model of the original configuration of the central control screen, without changing the original car style and decoration under the premise of integrating the original host for other audio and video signal input restrictions. Add reversing video and navigation video input to the original car stereo, and lift the lock screen function at the same time. With the upgrade box and other core components, to achieve navigation and other functions, thus improving the use of the original screen. A multi-media system with integrated functions such as GPS navigation, DVD playback, digital mobile TV, and reversing video system will be available to car owners. The audio needs to maintain high quality requirements, and need to do the lossless installation, so Bluetooth in the lossless installation of audio transmission plays an irreplaceable role.

The earliest classic car Bluetooth modules are Qualcomm BC3,BC4, BC5,BC8. However, no one needs to choose the old version except the previous one. The reason is that the Bluetooth version is relatively low, the chip is discontinued and the cost performance is not high. At this stage, more CSR modules are used Qualcomm CSR3003 and 3007, etc. However, due to chip shortage and relatively high price, customers are more cautious.

At present, more and more cars are equipped with large central control screens , starting from the earliest new-style luxury cars such as Tesla, and now domestically-produced cars such as Roewe, Zotye, and Trumpchi have followed the mainstream. It looks really tall with the large central control screen, but do you know what are the advantages?

Let's first take a look at the advantages of the large screen in the car stereo head unit:

The operation is simple and clear, and the visual effect is good

The comparison between the car's large central control screen and traditional mechanical buttons is like the difference between Nokia and Iphone. The traditional mechanical button screen not only requires a lot of space, but also takes a lot of effort to design the layout. It is troublesome to find the buttons, which makes it difficult to get started and complicated to operate. However, the use of LCD touch screen can achieve good interface visual effect, simple and clear operation, and is very user-friendly.

Realize Internet of Vehicles

Another advantage of the large screen in the car's central control is that it can be interconnected with current smartphones, and the current Internet giants have also launched their own interconnection systems. The most popular ones are nothing more than AndroId auto, Carplay, Carlife and Mirrorlink. In addition, it can also realize the function of controlling all the controllers of the vehicle through the vehicle central control screen, which can open the door for the subsequent realization of user personalized design and adjustment.

Realize intelligent human-computer interaction

Equipped with a central control screen, it can realize intelligent human-computer interaction, such as Apple's Siri, Microsoft Contana, Google Now, Baidu Dumi, etc. It's just that the human-computer interaction technology is immature at present, and the recognition degree is low. The biggest disadvantage is that there is no intelligent learning function, but I believe that it will not take long for the technology to make a breakthrough.

Strong sense of technology and high market enthusiasm

Finally, it is also the biggest advantage of the large central control screen, which is the "artifact of b installation". The super-large touch screen of the same model as Tesla often makes car owners feel gold on their faces, full of sense of technology. The advantages mentioned above, in fact, most car owners will not use more than 20% of the functions normally, and some car owners will not seriously learn how to operate this touch screen at all. And this last point is the real reason why these car owners choose touch screens.

Why does the shape of the car bluetooth head unit have landscape screen and portrait screen?

With the development of electronic products, the center screen of cars has changed a lot. As a technological embodiment of current vehicles, vehicle central control screen has evolved rapidly in recent years. Central control screen appears in the field of vision and is being popularized to more cars. It is impossible to deny that the large screen in the car is being popularized to more and more models, covering a range of tens of thousands to millions of prices, and for the screen layout, each manufacturer has different treatment for the position of the central screen, carefully to look at it, you will find that some cars with vertical screen, some cars with horizontal screen.

The different forms of screen layout are related to the design and layout of the vehicle, the central control large-screen interaction system and other problems. Firstly, in terms of vehicle design, the interior design of the vehicle and the material procurement suppliers of the vehicle are mainly considered. For automobiles, the materials used in interior decoration are basically from different suppliers. Each auto company also needs to design the center control screen based on many factors. Simply speaking, it is related to the cost budget generated during the design of its own products, and the cost control is relatively strict, so it is obviously not the choice of maximizing the benefits of the auto company to put a lot of costs into optimizing the interaction.

The second is the major car enterprises to give the central control screen different functions, the central control screen size continues to improve, the function continues to enrich the case; Layout is also different, horizontal screen advantage is higher visual sense, in the vast majority of the time, people driving the visual focus is mostly located outside the car, and is level. The advantage of portrait is that it's more of a technical feeling and it's a psychological and visual effect. Second, larger screens are more scalable, can display more content, and have more customization capabilities.

In short, for users, the choice of the car center control screen is only to determine the basic functions of the car.

Now and In the future, it will definitely be an irreversible trend for electric vehicles to have larger and more screens. From another point of view, multi-screen fusion is actually a relief from the integration of all center console functions in one center control screen in the past. After all, such as driving information and personalized options for drivers, due to many driving safety factors and laws and regulations, and high reliability requirements, it is more convenient for drivers to watch the display on the LCD instrument while driving, while the central control screen is still in the form of It is more reasonable and humanized to display entertainment and other driving comfort information for drivers and passengers.

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