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Offline map for ESSGOO car stereo radio


Off-line map download package

Here is the link of the Here Wego apk: DOWNLOAD

Please download the maps into U disk,then insert the U disk into the stereo.

After that,please follow the Two instruciton on the video: HERE &+& HERE




For essgoo Android & MP5 car radio stereo:

1. Map of North America (excluding outlying islands and small islands):  DOWNLOAD

2. Map of Europe (including Australia, Russia, etc.): DOWNLOAD


Installation method:

1. Delete the IGO map file in the memory of the machine from the file of the machine, and uninstall the original IGO software icon.

2. Copy the newly downloaded iGO_World folder to the root directory of the machine's memory, and install the IGO.apk inside

Note: Because the file is too large, the download link can only be downloaded through a computer. After that, you can move the file to a U disk or SD/TF card and follow the above steps.



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