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All car stereo installation demonstrations, Car Audio detailed wiring markings




In ESSGOO products, the wiring and installation of car stereo or Car Player are very simple, basically plug and play. Our products have been independently researched according to 90% of the models on the market, to ensure that our products are easy to install and easy to use, and improve the driving experience, making your car look younger.

The following is a detailed explanation of the wiring of various corresponding Car Stereo/radio/audio/MP3 with remarks. (This includes single-spindle and double-spindle)
Please download according to your own products and plugs.

Detailed explanation of Single Din MP3 cable
Double DIN MP5 wire head wiring diagram 01
Double DIN MP5 wire head wiring diagram 02
Double DIN, Android system thread head detailed 01
Double DIN  Android version thread head detailed 02
Double DIN, Android Stereo thread head detailed 03
Detailed explanation of single Din MP5 cable with screen
Single DIN,  drawing MP5 wire head wiring diagram



The Manual For MP3, Wins And Android Audio Head Unit- ESSGOO Car Stereo




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