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There is a problem with the bluetooth link, how to solve it? Can't connect to bluetooth



How to properly link bluetooth to Car stereo?  The solution for Android bluetooth and Apple bluetooth link is the same.

1. Whether the Bluetooth connection is successful, after turning on the machine and the mobile phone, the device name will appear in the Bluetooth list of the mobile phone, click connect, and the Bluetooth logo will appear on the device

2. Please press the MODE button/or press the power button to switch to AUX mode, then open the phone settings interface, turn on Bluetooth in the Bluetooth function, search for Bluetooth devices, and find the Bluetooth model of the player for pairing; if you need a pairing code, please Enter 0000; if incorrect, try 1234 or 123456 (The MORE).

3. Try another mobile phone; or the mobile phone system problem, delete other bluetooth records and try the link again.

4. There is an 'RST' hole on the front of the machine, poke it with a toothpick. Then try again


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