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What is the Stereo Audio Factory Password / Code



These passwords are suitable for MP5 and Android systems, you can try them separately

Factory set password / code: 3711, or 1234, or 123456, or 000000, or 8888, or 1619, or 6556, or 1617, or 0000 , or 111333


The factory set password of the car Stereo is usually attached to the manual when you buy it. The password of different Auto Head Units is different. If you don't remember or don't know, you can contact ESSGOO by email.



What is The Use of Car Receive factory Password / Code

In fact, there is no special use, but some interesting functions can be changed;
After opening the interface, there will be more options that can be adjusted, such as restoring the factory settings to the factory default state, such as the start interface, standby mode, operation shortcuts, timing reminders and other functions, or clear the saved parameter settings.
Sometimes you can also set the audio and video settings such as voice volume, display resolution, screen sensitivity, voice type, etc. under different applications. At this time, you can also adjust to the settings that meet your personal habits. In addition, the input method, navigation map loading path , Memory card path, map version, operating system version, etc. related to the settings and later upgrades of the navigator's software and hardware systems can also be seen and adjusted in the factory state.



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