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Toyota Tundra Carplay radio installation.

Toyota Tundra Carplay radio installation.

Do you want a smart screen for your ancient automobile but don't want to pay a lot of money? Allow me to demonstrate how to prepare it at home. Less money, but an incredible experience.

We should first prepare the tools for removal and installation. These are the tools I used for disassembly; please prepare according to your needs.

Step 1: Take out the panel.

Pry up the key panel and the cigarette lighter panel beneath the original car with tools, then unplug everything at the rear of the panel.

Step 2: Discard the old screen.

Continue to unscrew the four screws holding the original car's screen host in place. It has two inside and two outside. If you are not careful with the interior, it will fall. Remove the original screen and reconnect all of the cords on the back.

Step 3: Plug in the power cord

Now we attach the new radio's power wire to the original car's connector.

Connect the GPS wire to the rear of the car radio and connect to canbus. Connect the quad-G antenna, USB cable, video input cable, and RCA cable after that.

Step 4: Take out and replace the cigarette lighter panel.

We removed the cigarette lighter panel from the original car's key panel and put it on our new product.

Step 5: Install the new radio.

Now attach the new product button cable, as well as the power cord CAN plug and black power source to the new radio, connect the radio antenna, and reconnect the wire of the cigarette lighter panel.

Now that the air conditioner isn't operating, let's configure the Canbus. To begin, input the factory settings.

We locate the brand of the agreement box and pick it based on your model year after locating the campus settings.

Then go to car settings, OIL Settings, and choose your vehicle.

There is no longer any issue with air conditioning after a good installation!

These buttons are fully functional, and the steering wheel buttons are now functional as well.

It features a black and white mold that you can flip between simply pressing the light.

Remember to support the door.

Help local and internet music functions.

Supports video playback and radio playback.

Support for adjusting the tone to your liking.

Google search is supported.

Map navigation is supported.

Carplay and Android Auto are supported.

You can also utilize the voice Assistant function, make calls, listen to music, use map navigation, and access other mobile app apps.

Don't pass up this opportunity! Excellent enhancement to your driving experience!

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