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Do you have concerns regarding the safety of touchscreen displays?

Do you have concerns regarding the safety of touchscreen displays?

Display that may be customized and is informational

In addition to the music and caller information displayed on the screen, many touchscreen receivers allow you to change the backdrop and layout. So you may not only make a personal statement with the style of your dash, but you can also organize the features you use the most.

When you're seeking for the optimum sound, you may easily navigate a receiver's tone settings (when parked). We also provide datalink Maestro interfaces for a variety of automobiles, which can display vehicle diagnostics in your vehicle depending on the receiver you select. In certain automobiles, it may even incorporate temperature controls.

Take some time to make adjustments on your touchscreen receiver before you hit the road.

Concerned about the safety of touchscreen displays?

Customers have expressed concern that touchscreen receivers are a distraction rather than an aid. And, hey, we understand; we're on the road as well. Here are some tips for utilizing them securely (as well as other things you may not have known about):

Before you drive, adjust your screen settings. Some individuals will hit the road and try to alter the settings on the fly after installing and turning on a new receiver (which we perfectly understand). Simply put, no. In reality, most touchscreen stereos will not allow you to view the menus while driving. Before you start your vehicle:

Configure the display to your liking. This contains settings for contrast, backlighting, dimming, and changeable color. Yes, you may reset them later if necessary...while you're parked.

Set the functions you use the most for quick access before you hit the road.Please contact us if you have any issues regarding configuring your receiver. When you buy from crutchfield, you get lifelong tech support, which includes assistance with setting up and figuring out the controls.Examine the owner's handbook. Yes, we are aware...I had to say it.Turn off the monitor. A lively display may pique your interest, but you may turn it off when not required.

Adapter for steering wheel controls

I keep my hands on the wheel when stopping a song or cranking up the level since my OEM steering wheel controls are linked to my touchscreen system.For instance, I set a "Pause" button on my steering wheel controls to easily stop the music without having to look for the screen. It helps me keep my eyes on tight drive-thru lanes.Use voice commands like as Siri and Google Assistant. While chatting to your stereo may seem strange at first, they may actually assist you obtain information on the go without much interruption. Learn more about automobile voice control.

Incorporate a suitable remote control. Many touchscreen receivers are compatible with a portable remote control. It is sometimes included, and sometimes it is optional. For example, once he mastered the arrangement of the remote buttons, my Dad enjoyed using the remote to control his music without having to look at or touch it. This came from someone who wondered, "Why do I need a remote control for my car stereo?"Understand your state's driving rules. It's a good idea to contact your local government to find out what the restrictions are for using smartphones and touchscreen displays.

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