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Car Audio Touchscreen Maintenance

Car Audio Touchscreen Maintenance

 A touchscreen is becoming one of the most popular vehicle radio modifications. Multimedia receivers that support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are an excellent way to communicate safely while driving. When it comes time to clean the interior of your car or truck, keep the following tips in mind to ensure that the display on your car radio looks excellent for years to come.

Touchscreen Radios and Overhead Monitors Cleaning

It's hardly surprising that touchscreen radios will accumulate fingerprints. The majority of us have naturally oily skin. When we touch the plastic screen, we create markings that might make it difficult to read the information on the display in bright sunlight. You may also have to cope with the occasional spill of coffee or sneeze droplets. It is critical to use the right technique and cleaning chemicals to protect the delicate anti-glare coating.

Many of us are accustomed to the robustness and longevity of our smartphones' glass displays. We can wipe them on a shirt or pant leg without fear of causing damage. Your car radio, overhead monitor, or headrest monitor are not nearly as long-lasting. In most cases, the plastic overlay on top of the glass screen in your vehicle has a slightly frosted anti-glare coating. This coating diffuses light and improves visibility of information on the display behind it. To put things into perspective, a sharp fingernail may damage or scuff some of these coverings.

Products for Cleaning Touchscreen Displays

When it comes to cleaning the radio display in your car, the first thing you'll need is a microfiber cloth. If you want to be 100% devoted (like us), choose a cloth that has been used and washed once since the fibers are matted down a little. Furthermore, do not use fabric softener while washing microfiber cloths. It is preferable to use a laundry detergent like Purex Free and Clear or an application-specific solution like Chemical Guys' MicroFiber Wash or P&S Rags to Riches. Tumble dry the garments on low or no heat to avoid melting the fibers. You are accurate if you think we do as much study into vehicle detailing as we do car audio.

Following that, you'll require something to cut through the grease, oils, or coffee. We've had great results using a product called Woosh! Shine on the screen. However, distilled water (free of minerals) is frequently sufficient for day-to-day upkeep. A few drops of vinegar in distilled water can boost its grease-cutting ability. The same is true with a drop of dish soap, such as Dawn. If you're looking for a "screen cleaner," be sure it indicates it's 100% compatible with plastic displays and isn't made exclusively for tablet and smartphone glass screens.

Not the screen, but the cloth!

One of the most important things to remember when cleaning any display, whether it's on your car radio, flat-screen television, computer monitor, or smartphone, is to avoid wetting it. Spray the cloth rather than the display with the cleaner. You don't need anything drenched. There should be no moisture flowing down the screen that might get into the electronics and circuits underneath. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover water or liquid damage. Scratches on the display caused by inappropriate care and maintenance are also not acceptable.

If you're a detailer, avoid using steam on or near the screen. That's a LOT of moisture that might seep into the display and permanently harm it.

Spray the microfiber cloth (ideally outside the vehicle) and softly wipe the screen. To establish contact with a second layer, resistive touchscreens shift somewhat. The display membrane should not be dented, crushed, nicked, or scratched. If there is something tenacious on the screen, reapply the cleanser (on the cloth) and massage gently. Pressure is harmful.

What Not to Put on Car Displays

When cleaning off the screen, never use a paper towel, newspaper, or even a Kleenex. Cotton cloths and waffle-weave clothing should also be avoided, even though they might be useful for washing glass windows. These fabrics' fibers can scratch the screen.

Do not use strong chemicals like alcohol, Windex or other glass cleaners or degreasers, especially those with ammonia. Even lens cleaning wipes for your glasses can be too strong. These products can strip the anti-glare coating off of a screen very quickly. The only way to undo this damage is to have the screen replaced – and that’s a costly component.

Take Care of Your Car Radio

We expect few folks put this much thought into keeping the display on their car radio looking good. Being overly obsessive about even the most minute details is our thing! If fingerprints are on your radio, we hope this guide will help you clean them off quickly and efficiently while ensuring that your radio will continue to function superbly for many years. If you’re considering upgrading the stereo system in your vehicle, drop by a local specialty mobile enhancement retailer to find out about the available options.

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